20 Best Sites Like LosMovies for Watching Movies Online

    Binge-watching movies are one of the most enjoyable times, you can enjoy yourself or with your dear ones. Talking about movie sites, LosMovies has been a go-to for many users across the world.

    Binge watchers love this site, but for the past year. It has been known to shut down due to legal concerns. In addition to that, the ban or shutdown stays for a long time, which in turn frustrates us a lot.

    In short, we love LosMovies but keeping a track of alternatives, might be a smart idea over here. Today in this article we are going to talk about 20 Best Sites Like LosMovies for Watching Movies Online. These websites are also well received by the audience and can be a great alternative to LosMovies. So without any further adieu, let us dive in.

    Is online movie streaming considered illegal?

    In simple words, if you haven’t taken a subscription to OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Probably the binge-watching you are doing is illegal.

    Do you need a VPN for streaming?

    Absolutely, if you want to watch movies online absolutely free. We have a few articles on the best VPN services, and here is why you should use it.

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    20 Best Sites Like LosMovies for Watching Movies Online

    1. PutLocker

    Starting off our list, we have PutLocker. Equipped with a huge arsenal of movies for streaming, PutLocker’s content is always available on the highest quality. Content can be searched using an advanced filter system in the search bar like IMDb ratings and many more.

    Furthermore, PutLocker also got a dedicated section for Japanese Anime, Asian dramas, and world cartoons. Now this feature alone makes this website very unique from others. Although we always urge you to watch movies with the best resolutions, PutLocker provides Cam quality if you can not wait.

    2. 123movies


    Next on the list, we have 123movies. A free website that holds one of the biggest collections of content, 123movies will never cease to amaze you. Besides that, the user interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. And it helps you to choose from content all across the net. In addition to that, 123movies houses a lot of world cinema and TV series, which are very hard to find.

    Multi-awarded series is very easy to find here. And because of its UI, the suggestion list you get is also attractive. Furthermore, you can download movies and TV shows to watch later, but all of this good stuff comes with a cost of ads.

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    3. Gomovies


    A great movie website in its own accord, Gomovies is next on the list. One of the best features of this website is its homepage. Aesthetically different from others, the homepage displays tabs like most-watched, latest releases, most popular, and many more. We really recommend Gomovies to anyone new to binge-watching.

    Apart from this, the user interface is optimized in such a manner, that whenever you hover over the content. Its IMDb rating and synopsis pop out in an instant. Now, these features make life a lot easier, if you are picky about your content. Lastly, like every other website on this list, Gomovies offers a wide arrange of movies and series.

    4. MovieNinja

    Then we have, MovieNinja. If content quality and resolution are what you look for, MovieNinja might just be for you. Binge watchers always crave great quality content, along with properly synced subs, and this is what MovieNinja delivers. Furthermore, the website also allows you to download movies and watch them later.

    Given these points, MovieNinja has very few pop-ups and ads, making it watchable for a long time without any distractions. By and large, the site has some good features and keeps itself updated timely. All these make it a great alternative to LosMovies.

    5. SnagFilms


    Moving on with the list, we have SnagFilms. This website houses some of the rarest and independent movies out there for watchers. The catalogue it contains can attract many users, who are more into indie content. It must be said though, SnagFilms is filled with ads. This ad will bother you a lot but you are getting content for free, sort of curse and a boon served together.

    Another thing that must be kept in mind is the lack of maintenance of UI. Here in SnagFilms, you have to search your desired content thoroughly, and that can be agonizing. Conversely, SnagFilms can be used both on the web and on smartphones, making it very convenient and accessible nowadays.

    6. MoviesJoy

    Next on the list, we have the crowd favourite, MoviesJoy. Probably the holder of the best user interface on the list, this website offers a sharp and clean homepage all the way. Based upon mostly US movies, you will get everything starting from classic to trending American movies. Furthermore, the search bar is huge and is well intuitive by design. With all the requisite features of a content streaming website, the developers do a good job of maintaining their database.

    Speaking of flaws, MoviesJoy like many others has got ad issues, but comparatively lower and it works on both PC and your smartphone. Gaining the website huge advantages in gaining, smartphone binge-watchers.

    7. Afdah


    Quite a unique website among others, we have Afdah. This website is as popular as losMovies and is a wonderful site to stream online. One can find almost any movie or TV series, including old and rarest one. Moreover, the content is so well optimized that they provide a relevant description, IMDb rating, poster, and some more info for you to make an educated choice.

    As has been noted, Afdah gets most of its traffic from mobile users. This happens as the website is well-coded to run on both PC and Mobile. Lastly, Afdah’s user interface adds the final flourish to all of its well-oiled features.

    8. Flixtor

    Though it’s a website, Flixtor works more as a search engine for movies. In simpler words, the website scours the internet for the particular content you requested for. This working model makes Flixtor possesses an unlimited number of movies and TV series for dishing out. Furthermore, the website’s homepage is well designed and intuitive.

    Subsequently, the quality of the content is also maintained to standards. Ad problem prevails in Flixtor as well, but this is something common in all streaming websites. And with no doubt in mind, can be a great alternative to LosMovies.

    9. Pubfilm

    If you are into Indian films, look no further than Pubfilm. This website is an ideal choice for Bollywood, South Indian movies, and many more. The user interface is quite friendly and fun to use, and the filter system is quite brilliant. Furthermore, the quality of the live stream and offline download is top-notch along with options for subs in multiple languages.

    Let’s say, you don’t have time to invest in movies, you can get some of the best TV series and cartoons here. But all things said, one of the best features of Pubfilm is its no ads system. Users can watch content without any annoying ads popping up. A very good alternative for LosMovies, if you are into Asian movies, especially Indian ones.

    10. Movies4k

    Next on our list, we have Movies4k. Unlike other website having their own collection and database. Movies4k works on movie scraping model, here you can find some of the rarest and oldest Movies and TV shows. If a movie is too hard to find, have a look at this website. The homepage of this website is well maintained and it always offers high-resolution options for the contents it shows.

    As good as it gets, the website’s search is well intuitive and even displays IMDb ratings and summary of movies. Lastly, has got ad issues, but not to the content of irritation.

    11. Bmovies

    Goes with a simple name but trust me, it ain’t that simple. Bmovies is an ideal option for those who prefer elegance. Based on the concept of being simple but effective, the homepage is supremely intuitive by nature. From trending movies to old classics, Bmovies houses a huge collection of movies and TV shows which you can binge upon.

    Furthermore, the search feature brings suggestions based on your surfing pattern and watch records. Now this feature alone makes you stick on this website for a long time. Thus increasing session time. By and large, this can be a great alternative to LosMovies, for those who want to keep it simple.

    12. Popcornflix

    On number 12th, we have Popcornflix. The name might be cheesy but the quality of the website and the vault of content it houses is amazing. Popcornflix gained its popularity in recent times, all thanks to its homepage. In simpler words, the homepage is super intuitive and suggests content based on your researches.

    On a positive note, Popcornflix puts efforts into minimizing ad popping, making your session time enjoyable. These small little things and efforts made Popcornflix, popular among users and also a great alternative.

    13. Azmovie

    As the name suggests comically, Azmovie has got A to Z movies. Apart from having a huge collection of Movies and TV shows, the quality in terms of resolution is commendable. But if we are to speak about the selling point feature of the site, it will be its especial contents from Netflix, Amazon Prime and other paid OTT platforms. Moreover, the weekly updates in content make it a very special website.

    All things considered, Azmovie is a new-age movie streaming site. And one of its winning features has to be its super intuitive search box. Making it a fan favourite alternative to LosMovies.

    14. Rainerland

    A big name in the business as LosMovies, we have RainierLand. Generally speaking, you don’t have to create an account or sign up to start watching movies here. It is as easy as it gets, and moreover. This website has a huge collection of classics, starting from new content to extremely rare movie collections. Furthermore, just like some websites on the list, RainierLand delivers quality audio and video in terms of resolution.

    It should be noted, the website is well optimized with tabs for most viewed, best rated, latest releases, and many more. You can also search for a particular movie by using filtration in the taskbar.

    15. Primewire


    Sort off a perfect alternative to LosMovies, we have PrimeWire. Unlike other websites, beautiful take on User Interface. PrimeWire’s user interface lacks attractiveness and intuition but it counters it with its top-notch video and audio quality of content. Any user who has used PrimeWire in the past will vouch for this statement. And to date, it provides the best quality technicals on any content it owns.

    In addition to that, PrimeWire lets you create a playlist of your own, and share it with your friends and family. In other words, PrimeWire compensates for its weak designs with its strong content and other features. If you were to take our opinion, Primewire can be an ideal alternative to LosMovies only if you take out the website look factor from the equation.


    A relatively new website in the business, came in 2017. The vault it houses contains everything from Hollywood, Bollywood Movies to Asian and even Anime. Due to its strength in variety, Binge watchers from all genres tune in to Furthermore, the website operates on a hosting model. It has been noted in the past, hosting models holds more than any content and movies than any website builder in existence.

    Though, the hosting model has shown its problem in the past. The best thing about this website is if links get broken another takes its place.

    17. Megashare


    Coming closer to the end, the next website on the list is Megashare. A major league player in terms of popularity, Megashare’s user interface is a simple and very straightforward design. What it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for its wide array of Movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Alternatively, you will find some of the rarest World TV series which cannot be found on any other websites.

    Moreover, the website houses one of the best search bars and filters in the business. These search engines are said to work across multiple filters to get the content you type on them. By and large, Megashare is a worthy alternative to LosMovies.

    18. FMovies

    Next on the list, we have FMovies. This website has undoubtedly the best User Interface on the list. The search bar lets you have a detailed search mode using filters like genre, country, alphabetical order, and many more. Uniquely, the one feature which sells FMovies most is its video player. You can assign keyboard shortcuts and some basic minimal, like F for Fullscreen and Space for Pause.

    Lastly, FMovies just like LosMovies is updated on a daily basis so that fresh movies and TV series can flood the market. Making it an ideal alternative for LosMovies to stream online content.

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    19. Xmovies8


    Just like, XMovies8 is a fan favourite among users. This website defines itself with a state-of-art user interface and all handy features. XMovies8 provides with you a description of movies and TV shows, which you are about to see. Furthermore, there are no annoying ads popping up on this website and consistent quality of video and audio across the contents.

    If we are to give our opinion about XMovies8, the user interface is super user-friendly and too good for any binge-watchers. One last thing to add up with all these great features is the good quality of content resolution, the website provides.

    20. Solarmovie

    Winding up the list, the last website on the list is Solarmovie. In our opinion, the most ideal alternative for LosMovies. Solarmovie provides a whole package for online streaming of movies and TV shows for free. Starting from trending movies to classic rare movies, everything is available here and even in great resolutions.

    Furthermore, the user interface is decent and is equipped with a variety of filters for advanced search. And Lastly, the best thing about this website is the minimal ad policy. Something every online watcher craves for.

    Final Thoughts

    So here is the list of 20 Best Sites Like LosMovies for Watching Movies Online. As its a no-brainer that all of these websites are illegal. We urge you to if possible buy or rent movies or at least subscribe to an OTT platform. All things considered, using a VPN might be a very good idea. Let us know how you found this article. And we have many more articles on other topics, which might interest you so please check them.

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