10 Best Alternatives and Sites Like NarutoSpot to Watch Anime

    Talking about Anime, NarutoSpot is undisputedly the best site out there. With anime has a huge fan base all across the globe. NarutoSpot maintains the supply and demand chain of movies, short clips, web series, and many more. In addition to that, NarutoSpot is equipped with one of the best interfaces in the business. Plus, it acts smart by providing you suggestions according to your watch session. Together with all these, users can stream content online without facing any lag issues.

    However, with ever-rising completion and an increase in the number of Binge-watchers. Several new websites have surfaced in recent years and they are giving NarutoSpot, a run for their money.

    Again, as a user, these completions only benefit us and with that said. Today we brought you a list of 10 Best Alternatives and Sites Like Narutospot to Watch Anime.

    So without any further ado, let us dive in.

    About NarutoSpot

    Now NarutoSpot is the most famous website, providing anime content forever. Due to its enormous database almost any Anime movie, TV series, or show can be found here. In particular, the site is named after the famous Anime character Naruto, and to date, it holds every episode of it. If we talk about functionality, NarutoSpot’s user interface is a simple but friendly one. And with many other features, NarutoSpot has been in the game for the last 2 decades.

    10 Best Alternatives and Sites Like NarutoSpot to Watch Anime

    Before starting the list, I would recommend you to use a VPN service while browsing this website. The main reason behind this is many countries have blocked access to sites like these which mainly show streams from torrents. For further information, you can check out our article on why you really need a VPN service.

    1. 9Anime


    Starting off our list, we have 9Anime. This website offers some of the best features which makes it a very popular choice among anime fans. Along with a very attractive user interface, it also provides top-quality streaming without any lags or buffering.

    Furthermore, 9Anime offers a wide array of anime series, dubbed in English. One of the prime factors of its success and the reason behind a loyal fan base.

    2. Animefreak

    Then we have the perfect doppelganger to NarutoSpot. This website is secure and very easy to run. We all know how annoying ads can be, Animefreak in that case reduces it to a minimal level. Thus providing a great viewing experience.

    Moreover, the homepage optimizes in a manner that suggests you the latest anime moves and show, all according to your taste. Lastly, the streaming service is also worth mentioning as it is known to deliver without disappointment.

    3. AnimePlanet


    Next on the list, we have AnimePlanet. Not to be confused with Animal Planet, this website has a similar user interface to that of NarutoSpot. Its user database provides you with access to a huge collection of probably more than 45,000 shows and series. Above that features like English Subs and some more are also available.

    Being absolutely free, it also lets users build their own archive of favourite Anime TV shows and series. And also allows you to watch them anytime anywhere in the future. A great alternative to NarutoSpot, let’s look at the next website on the list.

    4. Crunchyroll

    Moving on, Crunchyroll is a very popular website among Anime binge-watchers. Much like other websites, Crunchyroll has a huge arsenal of anime movies, shows, and series in its arsenal. But apart from this, it offers you features like listening to Japanese music and also some old and rare anime shows, for you to watch.

    Crunchyroll comes in both free and paid alternatives. But as with every premium option, the perks are more. The paid version offers you the director’s cut and alternate ending episodes of famous anime shows. A great alternative to Narutospot, Crunchyroll is very eye-catching.

    5. Chia-Anime


    Chia Anime

    Then we have, Chia-Anime. If you are concerned with watching Anime for free, look no further than Chia-Anime. This website has gained popularity based on providing quality anime videos and content absolutely free.

    Very popular in the Asian continent. Chia-Anime offers you to use its legendary offline feature. By using this you would be able to download TB’s of anime movies and shows and store them on your device. Or even watch it later, at your convenience.

    6. KissAnime

    A great user interface, and a very efficient library. KissAnime gives its users one of the best experiences in surfing without any difficulties. Furthermore, the video player runs very smoothly while streams without any lags. A competent alternative is available for NarutoSpot.

    KissAnime records a whopping 40 million users on its website every day. A special feature this website offers is you can watch or download any content ranging from 240p to 1080p. Hence, opening up all the space-related options. And as usual, the paid option comes with a lot of perks than free.

    7. AnimeHeroes

    Next on the list, we have AnimeHeroes. Home to all the Anime superheroes, this website’s interface is very similar to NarutoSpot. Compatible with most smartphones, this website keeps in mind the comfort of its users. Furthermore, AnimeHeroes is totally free from continuous recurring ads, which ruins the watching experience.

    In addition to that, AnimeHeroes’s content is usually 720p and 1080p, ensuring and urging you to watch the best. Lastly, many users have voted AnimeHeroes as the best alternative to Narutospot.

    8. DarkAnime

    Dark Anime

    Dark Anime offers high-quality content and that too in English dubbing, thus gaining a mass of non-native fans around the globe. In addition to that, you can easily find the content you are looking for, all thanks to its massive collection of anime movies, shows, and many more.

    As famous as its navigation system is, this website also lets you stream anime videos from dark anime servers in HD quality.

    9. AnimeLab

    Moving closer to the end, next up we have AnimeLab. A great alternative to NarutoSpot, this website is as old as NarutoSpot itself. Not to mention, AnimeLab has a similar user interface to NarutoSpot. And it has got one of the biggest collections of anime movies and other content.

    AnimeLab can be accessed by either making an account or through Goggle or Facebook. One of the eye-catching features is the supreme quality streaming options for the videos without any annoying ads. Along with it, you also get an option for offline downloads, making it one of the most popular websites among users.

    10. AnimeUltima

    The last alternative on the list, AnimeUltima is known for having an organized and clean user interface. Just like a few others on the list, AnimeUltima is also quite popular among anime fans for its no or minimum ads policy. The website also allows you to stream in HD quality with subs, which is quite brilliant if you ask me.

    Furthermore, AnimeUltima updates itself every second, thus resolving bug conflicts.

    Final Thoughts

    So this is the list of 10 best alternatives and Sites Like NarutoSpot to Watch Anime. All of these websites are tried and tested. And as an Anime Fan, sticking to one website is never a good idea. Furthermore, some websites on the list are NarutoSpot alike, some are a bit different but they all provide the same value. We have many more articles on other topics, which might interest you. So be sure to check them out.

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