10 Stores Like Lulus Every Online Shopper Should know

    Lulus is a shop that sells women’s clothing and accessories spread across 60 countries across the globe. Because of their wide variety of items, they sell everything from casual dresses like t-shirts and jeans to formal dresses like floor-length gowns.

    Several other clothing stores exist that sell similar items, but what makes Lulus different is their frequent sales. Almost every item in this store is on sale at some point, and when it’s on sale, the prices are cut with a great deal.

    But if you are tired of scrolling the shopping catalog of lulus and wondering if there are any other stores like lulus? Then worry not, there are tons of lulu alternatives, and we will be listing down a handful of them for you.

    10 Sites Like Lulus for Shopping Online

    There are available stores like Lulus which you can find online. Now we will discuss them in detailed form as given below:-

    1. Nasty Gal

    A great alternative to lulus is Nasty Gal. They are not only an online store, but they also have offline stores in the US, UK, and Australia, with their physical location in Los Angeles.

    It was established by Sophia Amoruso, who started the business initially at eBay then later opened her own online shop after she noticed that there were no authentic fashion items available for purchase.

    Because of the availability of items in this store, you can buy almost anything your eyes want to see. Their wide range of products includes women’s dresses, tops, cardigans, etc., just like lulus. The main difference between these two stores is that nasty gal has a well-developed online reputation as compared to Lulus.

    You will find this site a little bit expensive but quality lovers will find it worthy. Girls, who really like to be in trend, will follow this site definitely. It keeps you updated about their new fashion trends. You can visit them by following the link.

     Nasty Gal

    2. Foreover21

    There can be no more perfect store like lulus than forever 21. Forever 21 is a clothing and accessories retailer that offers a wide range of items from women’s dresses, tops to even jewelry and shoes at their stores worldwide.

    This store has been around since 1984, so they have been long-lasting as compared to Lulus, which is relatively new. They offer items at prices that are cut down by more than half of the original price. If you love shopping, then this is a place to be, as almost all their products are on sale most of the time.

    They have stores in both offline and online formats, but those who love shopping from home can go ahead and visit their official website here.

    But if you prefer purchasing only what you need, they also support Click & Collect, which means you can purchase your items online, but they will be delivered to whatever store near the location convenient for you.

    3. Shopbop

    As far as fashion is considered, Shopbop has been in this business since the year 1999 and is fully dedicated to offering their customers amazing products. They sell clothes, shoes, etc. for men and women at affordable prices, and appear to be a perfect store like lulus.

    One of the most interesting facts about shopbop is that they work directly with designers and brands like lulus. Their main distribution center is in New Jersey, the USA, and their headquarters are located in New York City.

    They also have warehouses all over the US, making it convenient for them to send their products anywhere.

    The fantastic thing about shopbop is that they also offer free shipping on all orders, which comes up to $250 or more.


    4. Dress lily

    If you are looking for products predominantly made of high-quality fabrics, then dress lily is the best option. They have a wide range of items that include tops, bottoms, dresses, purses, jewelry, just like clothes.

    They are an online store that could not have been possible without the help of their fantastic team members, who work with passion and dedication.

    The best thing about dress lily is that they have found a way to help you look good by offering products that are cheap and affordable at the same time.

    They have achieved this because they manufacture their products by themselves and work directly with the designers, which means you get a unique product every time.

    Their wide range of items from women’s clothing is a real treat for your eyes. But most importantly, they have a beautiful team of customer service agents who are always ready to help you in any way they can. Without any second thought, this is truly one of the best stores like lulus.

    Dress lily

    5. 2020AVE

    The fifth store like lulus on our list is 2020AVE. This store offers numerous kinds of women’s clothing and accessories at affordable prices as compared to lulus.

    They stock up their items in such a way that you can easily find what you are looking for.

    They offer clothes, shoes, and accessories for women, but the best part is that they also have an active blog which means that you can consider this website as your personal magazine or journal to get fashion ideas.

    Their support team is quick to reply and they offer free shipping on purchases which is more than $189.


    6. Tobi

    Listing stores like lulus and mentioning tobi? Not possible! This store is 100% dedicated to offering their customers amazing products that you can find in tops, dresses, jeans, etc.

    They have a wide range of items to offer and their main purpose is to make sure that you end up getting your desired product which you can wear with pride.

    Their prime location, i.e., the US, will ensure that you get your product within 2-3 days because of their quick processing time.

    They also have a vast inventory, making it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Best of all, they offer free shipping for a cart total of $50.


    7. Dorothy Perkins

    Dorothy Perkins is one of the finest online stores which you can find on the internet. They are known for having a lot of products in stock and for processing orders quickly as well.

    Their main headquarter is located in London, UK and their US branch is situated in the state of California. They offer different kinds of dresses and clothes and their inventory is always available for you to choose from.

    Their website is easy to navigate and it takes no time at all before you get your product because of their quick processing time.

    Their customer support team is always online, making it more convenient for those who are too busy to get their orders processed.

    They do not charge shipping charges on items less than $75, which means you can save money by placing your order with them. They also offer loyalty programs and discounts to their loyal customers.

    Dorothy Perkins

    8. Missguided

    Next on the list of stores like lulus is missguided. They have a lot of customers because their main website has been around for over 8 years now, and they offer the latest trends in the men’s as well as women’s clothing industry.

    They also offer free shipping on orders that are more than £40 or $50, which means you can shop with them easily.

    The main headquarter of this company is located in London, UK, and they have their US branch situated in San Francisco. They offer cotton tops along with shirts, jeans, leggings, shorts, dresses, etc., to name a few.

    Their customer service assistance team is available 24/7, which makes it easier for customers who are too busy during the day to get in touch with them. They also offer free returns and refunds on products which you will not like.


    9. ModCloth

    Another great alternative to lulus is ModCloth. This store has a large inventory of dresses, tops, jeans, etc., in different designs and patterns so that you can get your desired product without any hassle at all.

    They offer clothes for women who are looking to explore the latest trends in the fashion industry. They have a fantastic customer support team that works 24/7 so that you can get in touch with them whenever you are experiencing any issues.

    Their prime location is in San Francisco, California, but they also have their UK branch located in London. They offer free shipping to the US as well as European countries. All you need to do is spend at least £75 or $75, and you can expect to get your product delivered within a couple of days.

    10. ASOS

    Last but not least, we have ASOS. This store is one of the best stores like lulus because it offers a wide variety of products to choose from and their customer support team is always ready to help you with any query that you might have.

    They offer the latest trends in different categories, such as tops, dresses, skater skirts, etc., so that you can find your desired product in a jiffy.

    Their website is straightforward to navigate, and even a beginner can become a pro within no time at all.

    Their customer service team is available 24/7 so that when you need help with your order, you can get it immediately.

    They also offer loyalty programs where they give free products to loyal customers after every purchase.

    When you order from them, they offer free shipping and free returns within 28 days of your purchase, so if you are not satisfied with the product that you have received, then feel free to send it back and get a full refund.

    lulus alternative


    So these are some of the alternatives of lulus. So if you decide to shop from these sites, be sure that they do not disappoint! You can find clothes of all types and colors on any of these sites.

    Moreover, customer support is brilliant, and any inconvenience you face while shopping will be instantly looked upon.

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