15 Best CineTux Alternatives That Work in 2021

    Watching movies online for free is something everyone loves to do. But websites that provide this free content are always at risk. CineTux is a well-known website for watching free movies, but just a few days back it got locked out and had to change its domain.

    Furthermore, it is quite common for Cinetux and sites like this to face copyright infringement for its illegal contents. Therefore knowing a few alternatives can really come in handy. Now, these popular alternatives too might be blocked from country to country due to copyright infringements. We suggest using these platforms at your own risk and responsibility.

    With that said today we brought you a list of 15 Best CineTux Alternatives That Work in 2021, so that you never run out of websites and keep on binge-watching. So without any further adieu, let’s dive in.

    Is it safe to use CineTux?

    We suggest using VPN all the time while you are downloading or even streaming online. Malicious viruses are always a threat when you are surfing this kind of website.

    Are the alternatives free of cost?

    Yes, absolutely.

    15 Best CineTux Alternatives That Work in 2021

    1. Torrentz2


    Starting off our list, we have Torrentz2. This website previously used to be torrentz, and it used to be a go-to website for all binge-watchers. But in 2016 it got closed due to serious copyright violations, and then this new site emerged as a replacement for the previous.

    Being a great alternative to CineTux, Torrentz2 not only provides you with movies but also TV series and games. Given these points, the torrentz2 website consists of a platform for torrent transfer between sender and receiver, now this must be connected during the period in which the torrent is downloaded.

    We suggest using a VPN while downloading content as it becomes very risky without it. Furthermore, it should be noted, viruses and malware are potent risks while downloading.

    2. Divxtotal

    Next on the list, we have Divxtotal. A fan favourite among users, it is very much functional in 2021. And is the one that exists and is not blocked by the law.
    Nonetheless, Divxtotal allows downloading of movies in torrent format. Where through the BitTorrent protocol users can download content, and each resource is sent through a seedbed that contains users connected in a P2P network.

    Apart from this, the Divxtotal platform offers various genres and categories like documentaries, series, humorous, reality, big screen, TV, big screen, and many other things which might excite binge-watchers. One of the biggest demerits of this website is the security problem for your PC but this risk is quite nominal, provided the content you are getting.

    3. Gnula


    A very interesting take on a website like CineTux. Gnula is basically a set of platforms from where you can download movies and other content. Each of the Gnula sites offers movies, TV series, pre-recorded newscasts, and many more. Along with these, users can register them for totally free.

    A few of the busiest sites on the Gnula platforms are as follows.

    • This is an updated version of Gnula and its result of other sites getting blocked due to copyright infringement.
    • Its the second busiest website on Gnula platform, with users downloading content on a daily basis
    • The third website for Gnula, it is the home of the Latin and Spanish movies, subtitled in English and more languages.
    • It is an Android application to download Gnula movies.

    There are a lot of varieties in Gnula platforms, but we are not sure how long they will last. The most common reason being copyright infringement which can be found on almost all of the sites. Lastly, the entire resource is in Spanish, might not be great for you but can be for some exclusive users.

    4. VidCorn


    Just like CineTux, VidCorn is a popular website and can be considered a good alternative. The URL of VidCorn website is divided into two: and and it is absolutely free to access. Besides that, the website is still active in 2021, although with a different domain than the original.

    The User Interface in VidCorn provides you with catalogues for browsing different movies, TV series, or even some anime movies. But as with every other website on the list, VidCorn contains a lot of movies that violate copyright infringement. Thus making it illegal in every possible way.

    With all that said, you do not need any mandatory registration to provide the download of its content.

    5. YTS


    Probably the most famous website on the list, and an ideal alternative to CineTux. YTS is next on the list. The website is constantly updated and is very easy to use. Movies from all around the world and in different resolutions and languages.

    Furthermore, YTS allows you to download content through uTorrent. Thus making the operation simple and effective for anyone. Nonetheless, YTS has its own disadvantages like containing huge loads of advertisements and malicious viruses which can affect your system.

    The website is active on 2021 within this link, but just like other illegal websites, it might just change its domain anytime soon.

    6. SerieZ


    Then we have SerieZ. Though it is fairly new and lacks in movie content. The website backs it up with its immense variety in TV series, documentaries, soap operas, etc. Furthermore, the User Interface is clean and up to the point, making your surfing experience a great one than others.

    For the most part, the website is valid in 2021 but nothing can be said for the long run. Since many of its content was taken down due to copyright infringement, it has become a prime target for the law for blocking.

    Lastly, like every other website on the list, SerieZ is also illegal, and using a VPN is strongly advised.

    7. Yesmovies


    The newest website on the list, Yesmovies is a cool platform to watch videos online. One of the biggest selling points of this website is its fresh arrival of new content. And not only that, the User Interface is designed in such a manner, that it remembers content recommendations and most downloaded content, making life easier for new users.

    The navigation process is intuitive and categorizes content into genres and subgenres. Furthermore, users have to register on the website before they can download any content out of it.

    By and large, Yesmovies is gaining a lot of fans and it won’t be long for it to be a fan favourite.

    8. MejorTorrent

    Next on the list, we have MejorTorrent. This website is widely accepted as an alternative to CineTux and its website allows you to compare the videos in the catalogue. Given that, the most important feature of MejorTorrent is the set of platforms that allow users to access a varied amount of content from all three platforms.

    MejorTorrent has two main platforms, Mejortorrentt and mejortorrent 1

    • Mejortorrentt: This is the primary platform that is still active in 2021. And you can use it to download Movies, Games, Tv series and many more.
    • mejortorrent 1: This is an alternate platform, but you can find the same stuff above here also.

    In essence that, both platforms but can get blocked anytime due to infringement issues. And also users must be extra cautious while downloading from this site, to avoid virus attacks on your system.

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    9. MovieTube


    If variety is what you are looking for, MovieTube is the best option. Packing both Hollywood and Bollywood movies, MovieTube’s collection is large and diverse. One of the most striking features of this website is the choice of resolution picks it gives to its customers while watching online.

    Furthermore, the website is absolutely free to use and it also lets you download movies from the list of available tiles on the website. Given these points, most of the users use it for streaming web series and TV shows online in really good quality. Thus making it a great alternative to CineTux.

    10. Onion Play


    Onion Play is a popular website among our users for many reasons. First of all, the quantity of content you get over here is endless. Plus the quality of streams you get out of this website is simply the best. Let’s say you are low on data, you get to choose between the resolutions of the stream, saving you some data.

    In addition to this, you get download options in MKV or MP4, thus letting you have a choice between formats for your own greater good. All these qualities, make Onion Play a great alternative for CineTux.

    11. 123EuroPix


    Next on the list, we have 123EuroPix. This particular website has one of the best User Interface of the others on the list. Also, it is the home to classic movies from all eras. In addition to this, there is also a community forum for those who want to get registered and have a good time.

    Regarding content, the updates are done on a daily basis so that you never run out of movies or TV series to watch. Moreover, being the quality is of supreme level. It is one of the best alternatives for CineTux.

    12. 5movies


    Then we have 5movies. With a simplistic approach towards User Interface and web design. 5moviespad updates its vast library of movies and TV series on a regular basis, keeping its content fresh. Along with that, the homepage of 5movies features the most viewed and popular content of the month, helping you to make a smart choice while binge-watching.

    With a great number of TV shows and documentaries, and a large vault of movies. 5movies can quench anyone’s thirst for content. Lastly, there is no need for registration to watch movies on 5movies.

    13. Movies4k

    Next on our list, we have Movies4k. Unlike other website having their own collection and database. Movies4k works on movie scraping model, here you can find some of the rarest and oldest Movies and TV shows. If a movie is too hard to find, have a look at this website. The homepage of this website is well maintained and it always offers high-resolution options for the contents it shows.

    As good as it gets, the website’s search is well intuitive and even displays IMDb ratings and summary of movies. Making it an ideal alternative to CineTux.

    14. Archive Movies

    Archive Movies
    Archive Movies

    If there is any website where you can get the rarest of the movies, Archive Movies would be the one to look for. Though the User Interface is not very new or simple, it makes it up with its gigantic collection of movies.

    Furthermore, the quality of the video is always HD and you will get almost any movies that have ever been released anywhere in the world. Lastly, these website has been around for years, so no real worries on Archive Movies getting blocked anytime soon.

    15. Vidics

    Winding up the list, we have the fan-favorite Vidics. If the list was based on popularity, Vidics would win it all day, every day. Probably the best alternative to CineTux for watching online movies and TV shows, Vidics have a huge user base. With a simple yet effective User Interface, Vidics always shows its most viewed films on the homepage. And keeps a dedicated section towards the list of upcoming movies.

    Furthermore, the website needs DivX or Flash Player for streaming online. And comparatively, has a huge arsenal of content to binge on. Though we suggest using a VPN while surfing down this website at all times, it is worth checking it once.

    Final Thoughts

    So here is the list of 15 Best CineTux Alternatives That Work in 2021. We hope the list provides you with enough alternatives to binge on. With that said we have many more articles on other topics which might interest you so do check them. Till then peace.

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