LambdaTest Review – A Must Have Tool for Every Web Developer

    Web developers and web app developers often require a tool to test their applications on multiple browsers, multiple resolutions to find out the bugs and fix them. One such cross browser testing tool is LambdaTest, which is used by a lot of web developers already.

    Moreover, it also offers Selenium automation scripts across Android, iOS, Desktop and you can do a lot more with selenium automation such as testing PDF files, getting text off an element, geolocation testing and more.

    In this article, we will be covering a lot more about LambdaTest such as features, pricing and uses. So basically, this is a review of LambdaTest and a must-read for web developers.

    What is LambdaTest?

    LambdaTest is a testing tool for web developers helping them to test their websites and software testing and work on the bugs by resolving them. It is totally based on cloud technology and simplifies the developers work by cross-testing the web apps on multiple browsers and resolutions at once.

    Some of its best features which makes it a must-have tool is:

    • Live browser testing
    • Cross browser support
    • Resolution testing

    Apart from this, users can also generate full-page screenshots of their web pages across multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems.

    Users can also compare various image layouts and design differences among them with the help of visual layout testing and store bug logs in Jira, Asana, Trello, and slack. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

    A little on Selenium Automation Testing

    Selenium automation is basically an open-source tool which can automate the web browsers providing an interface where you can easily test scripts in various programming languages like Java, NodeJS, PHP, python and more.

    It can be used in automating testing across various web browsers and supports the majorly used browsers like chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari and more.

    With Lambdatest, you can increase the testing speed with selenium test automation and test your webpages or web apps on 2000+ desktops and mobile browsers. The whole process is safe and secure.

    This helps in increasing the mobile browser coverage by running your Appium and Selenium automation test scripts across multiple Android and iOS-based web browsers. Lambdatest makes it easier to develop and test your apps on browsers quickly.

    In the next section of the article, we will be learning more about the features of LambdaTest.

    Features of LambdaTest

    With dozens of features that helps the developers to make their product best when it launches on the internet, LambdaTest is conformingly an essential tool for developers. Here are some key features of it:

    1. Cross-Browser Compatibility

    One of the critical features of lambdatest is to test the compatibility of webpages and web app on multiple browsers, resolutions and operating systems.

    2. Live Interaction

    You can perform live interactive multi-browser testing on the browser of your choice. You can also choose the operating system, browser version and resolution for in-depth testing of your web app/site.

    Take Screenshots: For taking screenshots of your webpages and web apps on browsers, you do not have to do it separately for each combination, this makes taking screenshots easier.

    3. One-click testing

    LambdaTest is simple to use; you can test your website and web application on 2000+ web browsers for Desktop and mobile in just one click. Moreover, you can also test how your site/app performs on different resolutions in different browsers. The secure shell tunnel helps in testing the responsiveness of the locally hosted sites.

    4. Geo location testing

    Some websites have a different appearance in different locations. With LambdaTest, you can test your web app and website among 27 other countries on 2000+ web browsers for testing geolocation and geo-targeting.

    5. Custom Devices

    Another fantastic feature of LambdaTest is that you can create custom devices and test your site’s responsiveness with LT browser. User can test the responsiveness of the website simultaneously on mobile and Desktop and look out for bugs.

    6. Track Bugs

    With LambdaTest inbuilt issue tracker you don’t have to use any third-party bug hunter tool. The inbuilt bug hunter tool lets you find bugs and track them. In this way, you get a complete track over the bugs.

    What makes LambdaTest a Must-have tool?

    Cross-browser compatibility is crucial for modern websites as the population are huge, and there are various types of devices available in the world. A web developer has to keep in mind about the responsiveness of the web site or the web application on different browsers, resolutions and operating systems.

    Moreover, some websites even have a different interface for a specific country; in such cases, it becomes difficult to find out the final design of the website on every type of devices. In such cases, LambdaTest is a must-have a tool as it helps the developer to test the responsiveness of its website and app on multiple devices, screen resolution, and browsers.

    Wrapping Up

    After searching on the internet for almost half an hour and reading the reviews on ProductHunt and other forums, I couldn’t find any cons of LambdaTest, there were a lot of pros though, but I covered them already in the features section so decided not to add a section of pros and cons.

    So, with that being said, that was all you need to know about LambdaTest before purchasing the premium version of it. Oh, did I forget to mention that it has a lifetime free plan as well?

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