Top 10 Hacking Books to Learn Hacking Smartly in 2020

    Hacking has been on-trend nowadays. With the help of hacking, the unclassified data can be easily accessed. The hacking tricks are mostly used for illegal means, but sometimes these tricks can also be used for positive purposes. There are many hacking books available online where you can hack something with simple processes.

    List of the ten hacking books

    Here, we bring you the list of top 10 hacking books where you can learn hacking quickly and apply the simple tricks. Have a look at them below:

    #1. Hackers high school 13 complete hacking e-book

    This comes out indeed to be one of the best hacking books for the beginners. They can quickly go through the different processes and tricks and learn all the nooks and corners of the hacking world. Very soon, a beginner can become an advanced hacker after reading this book.

    Hackers high school 13 complete hacking e-book

    #2. Hacking into a computer system

    You can amazingly hack a computer system after going through this book. With the perfect tricks, you can quickly get to know what others are doing on their system. You will become a professional of this, and definitely, it is fun to read this type of hacking books.

    Hacking into computer system

    #3. Computer Hacking

    Another best sort of hacking books is computer hacking. With smart and straightforward techniques, you can hack any body’s system with the help of this book. You will get to know the basic concepts through this book, and then you can quickly become an expert level hacker.

    Computer Hacking

    #4. Hacking secret revealed

    List of top 10 hacking books has one more fantastic name and, i.e. Hacking secret revealed. Here, you can learn all the secrets of hacking and various tricks. You can get to know how to hack Wi-Fi passwords and other account passwords like g-mail, Facebook etc. If you want to become a smart hacker, then put your little efforts and be the best.

    Hacking secret revealed

    #5. Reverse engineering (the real hacking)

    This is also one of the first hacking books which are a complete composition of all the essential tips related to hacking. Many users have already provided fantastic reviews of this book as it has helped them a lot to become perfect hackers.

    The book consists of many hacking tools which can be directly used over the software. The reverse engineering tips explained in the book make it what it is.

    Reverse engineering (the real hacking)

    #6. Hack any website, complete any web app hacking

    Hacking a website is itself a huge thing and a fantastic art as well. This book explains all the methods that can be used to hack a website. Step by step guide is available from the book, which lets you learn this tough task quickly. In short, it is a simple book yet a fantastic way to make you a smart and expert hacker.

    Hack any website, complete any web app hacking

    #7. 501 website hacking secrets: hacking books

    This is among the top hacking books of the time. If you are a beginner, then 501 website hacking secrets is just for you. Inside this, you will get a total of 501 ways to get the website hacked. Every method is a proven secret to hack any website.

    With the best simple techniques entertained within the book, you can learn hacking more quickly.

    501 website hacking secrets: hacking books

    #8. OWASP hacking tutorial and web app protection

    Another book available for you to learn website hacking is OWASP hacking tutorial. Different sites can be easily hacked after going through this type of hacking books. Also, you will get to know some special techniques to protect the website with a high level of security.

    OWASP hacking tutorial and web app protection

    #9.  Internet security technology and hacking

    It is a superb category of hacking books where you will find every way to hack the Wi-Fi. Along with this, you will also get to know how to create different passwords and change passwords.

    By this way, only you will be able to use that Wi-Fi, and you can prevent its further usage. If you are a beginner, do not think twice and go for this option immediately. You will learn fast and become an expert hacker soon.

    Internet security technology and hacking

    #10. Facebook hacking E-book

    Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms and daily a lot of communications take place on it. If you are an advanced level hacker, you have got a fantastic opportunity to hack someone’s Facebook account.

    Yes, with the help of this e-book, you can hack Facebook and get to know if any suspicious activities are going on. So, download the book today and see if something wrong is going on anywhere.

    Facebook hacking E-book

    Hacking is a tough subject, but yet it can be made very simpler. You just need to go through above hacking books and very soon you will also be called an expert hacker and in short a smarter brain.

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