Grand Summoners Tier List: Complete List

    The Grand Summoners Tier List is a compilation of the best units in the game, ranked according to their overall strength. This list is updated regularly, so be sure to check back often for the latest updates.

    Whether you’re just starting out in Grand Summoners or you’re a seasoned veteran, this list will help you choose the right unit for your team. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top tiers!

    About Grand Summoners Tier List

    It is an action role-playing game (ARPG) for mobile devices (iOS & Android) where players summon mighty heroes to fight in dynamic 3D dungeons against hordes of enemies.

    The game is currently available in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan; but has plans to expand into the Western market with future English language releases.

    Currently, this game has reached over 6 million downloads in Japan alone. Even though all of the game’s content is currently only available in Japanese, it still garners a large following of players who test their might on various tier lists to find out who are the strongest characters in Grand Summoners that should be sought after for PvP or team-based purposes.

    In this article, we will share the top-ranking units in the game and what makes them so special. We will also provide a brief overview of each character’s kit and then follow up.

    How will Grand Summoners Tier List Help you?

    The Grand Summoners Tier List is meant as a guide for players as to what units they should be investing in and aiming for.

    Since the game is still very new and the content is constantly changing (new characters, new special event bosses), we will be updating this list regularly so that it stays accurate. We will try to update as much as possible for any changes made in the future.

    The Grand Summoners tier list can help players decide which units to focus on leveling first by putting a focus on which units are the strongest in terms of stats and skills. It can also help players decide which units to focus on upgrading their weapons for.

    Although, we do recommend that you follow your own preferences when it comes to deciding what characters to aim for and what special events to participate in (for instance: We don’t consider “Scenario Event” or “Guild Event” units when we create our tier list).

    While the characters that appear in these events may be powerful, they are not always available for summoning. We also try to limit gacha-dependant units as much as possible during our tier list rankings, but there are just some of them that are just too strong to leave out.

    In conclusion, the Grand Summoners Tier List is meant as a guide for all players of the game no matter what level they are, but it can also help new players to learn about some of the more advanced mechanics or only help.

    How to level up in Grand Summoners?

    As I said above, there are many mechanics in Grand Summoners that create a unique gaming experience. Your units can be leveled up by acquiring new weapons, by leveling their skill (affection), or simply by leveling up your unit itself through gacha summons.

    Each of these methods serves a different purpose and I will briefly touch on them below:

    Acquiring new weapons for each unit has the chance to increase your unit’s max health, attack, armor, accuracy; as well as add new passives and actives to your already existing skill sets.

    Leveling your units skill (affection) will unlock new passives that can boost the stats on your heroes or increase certain skills cooldown rates, etc.

    Finally, leveling up through gacha summons has a chance of increasing the current star rating of the unit which will increase all of its stats.

    Grand Summoners Tier List

    SS level

    • Berwick.
    • Thetris.
    • Vox.
    • Mako.

    Level S +

    • Cestina.
    • Norn.
    • Rimiry.
    • Asirpa.
    • Priestess.
    • Dark Fen.

    Level S

    • Sword Berwick.
    • Fen.
    • Rosette.
    • Weaver.
    • Dark Celia.

    Level S

    • Kurama.
    • Melty.
    • Yusuke.
    • Sonije.
    • Ashe.
    • Rem.
    • Shuri.

    When should I summon in Grand Summoners?

    Summoning is a mechanic in Grand Summoner which allows you to acquire new units with various skills and different star ratings. There are many types of summons such as Rare Summons, Legendary Summons, Gacha Summons, and the “Black Ticket Summon”

    When playing an RPG game it is always recommended that players focus on leveling up their unit or units by using experience gained from combat before summoning new ones for various reasons.

    Summoning will drain your resources which are not easily obtainable throughout normal gameplay so saving them can allow you to take part in harder quests with strong units.

    In Grand Summoners, when you summon your units they will be placed in the middle of your formation which is customary for many other mobile RPG games.

    You also have the option to switch them with a different unit should you choose to do so. So you can always summon for a particular unit or to replace a weak unit should you choose to do so.

    Summoning is also the only way to obtain certain units (such as Gacha Units, Scenario Event Units, etc.) so it is important to acquire different kinds of summons through events or your monthly “free” gacha summon. This way, you will always have a steady flow of units to play around with.

    What are some tips for Grand Summoners?

    There are a few different tips that we would like to share with you below:

    Build a variety of units

    Having a variety of units will allow you to customize your formations in order to counter specific scenarios.

    Gathering equipment

    Gathering the right amount of equipment for your Grand Summoners can make or break a battle. Gear plays an important role in this game and neglecting them can cost you the win and even worse: cost you an entire raid. Try to ensure that you have a balanced amount of equipment so that your Grand Summoners can maximize their potential.

    Don’t neglect your abilities

    Abilities play a very important role in Grand Summoner and they draw from the same pool as gear do.

    Having the proper equipment on your units will greatly increase the damage output of your abilities and vice versa. Without the proper amount of abilities, you will not be able to complete certain raid stages and may even fail them.

    Focus on 1 specific hero

    Focusing on one specific unit will allow you to understand how it works and how best to make use of its skills.

    Not only that but since there are many characters in the game; having a single character that you can upgrade and awaken will go a long way.

    Use your support characters

    Support characters have the capability of giving buffs to specific units within range so it is very important that you utilize them as often as possible.

    In addition, they also have high attack values which will help push through tough stages even when your formation heavily lacks damage.

    Utilize your formations

    Formations in Grand Summoners are one of the most important aspects of the game. Having the best formation possible is key to clearing difficult stages and constantly getting high rewards.

    When forming your lineup for raiding, always make sure that you form your units in a way that will maximize their role on the battlefield and maximize their potential and not just build them like a wall.

    Stop and think before acting

    Not every unit is great at every stage of the game so it is very important that you stop and analyze which units will give you the best chance to win.

    In addition, don’t forget to check possible counters for different kinds of bosses in order to make the most out of your attacks.

    Grinding is important

    Although it may sound quite boring, grinding can help you level up units quickly to their maximum level in order to unlock new skills and abilities.

    This will allow you to clear through stages much faster so it is definitely something worth considering.

    Level 5 and up

    Unless you’re trying to obtain a particular character or summon, it is generally best if you focus on leveling units that are level 5 and up because the experience curve jumps exponentially as they increase their levels.

    This is very important because it allows you to maximize your character’s potential and increase their damage output in raids.

    Grand Summoners is a game of patience and time

    It will take some time to get used to the game and even more time before you can competently clear most of its harder stages. Do not get discouraged because failing a stage multiple times does not necessarily mean that you are bad at the game.

    It is more than likely because they are challenging stages requiring a different strategy in order to succeed. Always remember that your success in Grand Summoners will require effort, patience, and time.


    Grand Summoners is a game that requires skill, time, patience, and effort in order to reach the top. It’s not only about tapping furiously or getting the best gear for your units, it’s about knowing how to do both of those things effectively. If you want to succeed in Grand Summoners, this Grand Summoners Tier List will help you out.


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