FoneMonitor: The Best Spy Software to Monitor and Track any Device

    FoneMonitor is basically a tool to spy phones or devices in order to track the activities of your target. It is a widely used phone monitoring solution to legitimately monitor your employee’s phone or to watch over and protect your kids.

    Track, Monitor or hack devices with Fonemonitor

    Features of FoneMonitor

    • Remotely read texts, and views call history.
    • Tracks GPS location
    • Views browsing history
    • Monitors Social Media activities
    • Watches over multimedia

    Why FoneMonitor?

    Speaking about why we need FoneMonitor or say, why does a person need to spy on any phone, or a track phone, or hack any phone or on the specific monitor any phone? In general, such things come into picture when someone needs things to be kept confidential (in case of employees) or when the parents want their kids to be confined to their limits or control, and keep a watch over them.

    Organizations do track mobile phones and monitor the employee’s devices to ensure that their confidential matter is not leaked or just to know that the employee is not cheating on them.

    Kids these days consider smartphones to be an extra organ. So, it is important for the parents to hack phones, watch or track the activities of their kids in order to ensure that their kids are not getting off the track.

    Compatibility with FoneMonitor

    FoneMonitor is compatible with different browsers on any device, both Android and iOS devices, but slightly varying in their setup.

    FoneMonitor for Android

    Designed for tracking the activities, FoneMonitor is installed and hid on the target Android device and can view the data of the target devices on the hacker’s own smartphone or tablet, after they are logged in.

    It tracks remotely and securely from your smartphones, tablets, and computers, and gives you complete information about the usage of the victim’s device.

    Login into Fonemonitor

    FoneMonitor for iPhone

    FoneMonitor is also compatible with iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and any other iOS device. So, track all the activities of your kids and employees without jailbreaking or installing any spying Apps.

    It allows tracking text messages on iPhone and even the images and videos too. Set up is quite easy and can be done from anywhere, anytime.

    Commons factors of FoneMonitor for Android and iOS

    How to get started?

    • Sign up for iOS/register for Android.
    • Confirm iCloud account for the iOS device, but in case of Android, FoneMonitor needs to get installed on the target phone.
    • And, that’s it!
    • Start monitoring the target device.

    Create an account

    What can you access or monitor?

    Since FoneMonitor needs to get installed on the target device for Android, the access to the data slightly varies for Android devices from the iOS devices.

    Track calls and know last location

    In Both Android and iOS

    • You can view all sent and received phone calls and text messages.

    Track Calls and Messages

    • Allows access to social media activities and accounts such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat etc., and also to other installed Apps.

    Track WhatsApp

    • Gives access to the browsing history including the web address logs.

    Track browser history

    • Let’s you view the gallery, photos, and videos

    Track Gallery, images and videos

    • Tracks internet usage history and other Apps activities.

    Monitor Apps

    • Monitoring memos, events and reminders etc., is also accessible

    Only in Android

    • Record calls secretly and checks contacts.
    • Track the GPS.

    Track GPS

    • Keylogger, where you can record the input on the device as an encrypted file.

    Keylogger options

    Under the Hood

    • 100 % secure ensuring virus and plugin free.
    • Price superiority
    • 24 hours technical support vial live chats or emails.
    • Requires no jailbreaking or installing of other applications on the device (for iOS).
    • No Root required hides in the target device (for Android).

    FoneMonitor’s Subscription Plans

    FoneMonitor is a paid tool and has different subscription plans for both Android and iOS devices while providing a lot of choices to choose from for the Android devices.

    For Android

    FoneMonitor provides two editions namely Premium and Ultimate, each with three subscription plans (monthly, quarterly and Yearly).

    Premium Edition – Monthly ($29.99), Quarterly ($39.99), Yearly ($89.99).

    Ultimate Edition – Monthly ($39.99), Quarterly (49.99), Yearly ($99.99).

    For iOS

    For the iOS devices, there is only one premium edition with a monthly subscription plan that costs around $39.99.

    Word to the wise

    This monitoring App is advertised only to favor the legal spying and parental control, to help them watch over and track the activities of their concerned ones (kids or employees only under serious circumstances).

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    But, this may also seem like an easier way for the young blood to spy on their partner’s activities, which is completely immoral and not recommended at all. It is highly suggested to get your concerns revealed to your partner before you spy their phone, hack or monitor it, to avoid any issues later on.

    Usage of this excellent App only for legal purposes is recommended.

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