FIFA 23: Revolutionizing Virtual Football for Mass Enjoyment

    The history of the FIFA franchise is a clear example of how you can break into a niche, set a new quality standard, and not lower the bar for almost 30 years. We will tell how the series has changed over the years and what it has become today.

    The game appeared for the first time back in 1993 and then was a representative of the arcade type. The players did not have the opportunities that we have now. Today, games have excellent graphics, high-quality sound, a minimum number of bugs, and the possibility of professional assistance for those players who find it difficult to upgrade their accounts on their own. There are special boosting companies where you can buy fut coins and improve your game. Coins in FIFA 23 are an important part of the game – without them, you will not be able to take your favorite players to your team.

    FIFA International Soccer

    The first game in the series loudly declared itself from the threshold. FIFA International Soccer was markedly different from its competitors. And primarily due to breakthrough graphics, especially the isometric camera. In 1993, this was a novelty – before, football was usually shown only from above. Then it was a real breakthrough in detailing.

    The change in perspective allowed the developers to show what football is like. The result was incredible sales – 500 thousand copies of the game were sold in a month. For a game on a modest budget, this was a success that needed to be built on. FIFA always had enormous sales.

    FIFA 95-2001

    It is impossible to make every new part of a sports simulator revolutionary. So after big hits or major changes, the studio always took a break to make adjustments to the settings, eliminate weaknesses, and see how the audience perceives the new part.

    FIFA 95 is a classic example of this approach. After the powerful debut of FIFA International Soccer, the creators began to work on the bugs. The game engine remained the same, but the developers made changes to the game, and in particular, many bugs were fixed.

    Real football players have appeared in FIFA 96. The authors added customization settings and moved the names, positions, ratings, and transfer fees of the participants.

    In FIFA 98, the developers have added a very high-quality sound by collaborating with many famous musicians. They added songs from the top positions of the music charts to the soundtracks. Also, the developers updated the graphics and the engine, improved the stadiums where the matches are held, and again fixed bugs and improved the mechanics of the game, making it more technical and realistic.

    In 2001, the creators of the game again updated the graphics engine. This had a positive effect on the appearance of the players – the equipment and faces of the players became more detailed. And even then the game was simply incredibly popular and significantly outperformed its competitors.

    FIFA Football 2003-2009

    This year there was another breakthrough for developers – they stopped using the outdated DirectX 7, and introduced new game mechanics, which included improved ball physics and improved artificial intelligence. Moreover, it was in this part that the Champions League returned with the participation of 18 of the best teams in Europe.

    In 2009, the creators of FIFA actively analyzed the work of competitors and introduced more and more new mechanics. Gradually, the game moved away from its arcade roots towards deeper and more elaborate gameplay. The developers have redesigned the system of collisions and the game of goalkeepers. The developers have also improved the responsiveness of the controls. The weather during the match began to have a significant impact on the game of football players. But the main thing that brought FIFA 09 is the Ultimate Team mode.

    To this day, this mode is the most popular in the game, and thanks to it, millions of people around the world play FIFA 23. And the idea was simple – you can buy cards of famous football players and assemble a dream team from your favorite sportsmen. Hence the multimillion-dollar profits, and the attention of hundreds of thousands of players, bloggers, cyber sportsmen, and professional football players. The latter even believe that the ratings in the game affect their real transfer value.

    FIFA 10-17

    Since 2010, a golden period has begun for the company. They made many changes, changed engines, and improved entire gameplay systems. FIFA 12 and FIFA 15 stood out noticeably from the rest. FIFA 17 also had a lot of changes. Models of football players evolved and turned more and more similar to real players. Developers improved game mechanics to make the game more realistic. The headliner was The Journey story mode, in which the developers focused on sports drama.

    FIFA 20-22

    In 2020, tactical diversity has appeared in the game, and success has ceased to depend on the strength of the players. This was most noticeable in the Ultimate Team mode, in which players compete against each other with insane lineups. All the same, FUT is usually scolded for a donation, which was initially not the most pleasant. However, over time, the authors found a balance and were able to make the mode friendly for absolutely all categories of players.

    The game has a yard football mode with its own separate feints and rewards and an improved career. The latter received not only an updated interface. The mode, which eventually lost popularity, finally began to acquire long-forgotten functionality. By FIFA 22, it completely changed.

    FIFA 23

    In FIFA 23, the world game is even better with HyperMotion2 technology – the result is an even more realistic simulation. Given the development of women’s football in world sports, the developers have added women’s football teams. In FIFA 23, the pace of matches has been slowed down – the players are now more inert and ponderous. Developers have improved artificial intelligence. Various events take place in the game, which is best followed on the official website.

    FIFA has gone from a small SEGA Mega Drive game to a huge franchise that today rivals Coca-Cola, Netflix, Disney, and other major brands for influence and audience attention. And although many hardcore gamers have many questions about the development of the series, the authors continue to improve the product. The development of technologies and the increase in the capacity of platforms only contribute to this.

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