Everything you need to know about a WYSIWYG HTML Editor

    Writing documents, especially legal agreements, can be a lengthy and complex process. Fortunately, there are online tools that will help you write texts collaboratively, add feedback in real-time, comment, review, and even chat with other authors. These amazing, modern web applications are called web editors. Read more to learn about real-time collaborative tools that boost productivity and creativity and find out where to search for a Rich Text Editor.

    What is a WYSIWYG Editor?

    Web editor is a real-time collaborative text editor online. It is a very effective way to write and edit documents with multiple authors online.

    Where to find WYSIWYG HTML Editors?

    Rich text editors for web pages can be found online. WYSIWYG web editor written in JavaScript such as CKEditor 5 is available online for free (for small, Open Source projects) and in the subscription plans. It has a friendly user interface and a simple API.

    Why to choose a website editor?

    Easily create documents online as a single author or collaborate with multiple authors. Get full control over your text document. Track changes in the document, see comments, chat with other authors, compare versions of the document. Choose a code editor with a good UX interface, to make sure it will be easy for you to use. A great example of a user-friendly rich text editor is CKEditor 5. There is a free version of this WYSIWYG editor available for small projects, however, if you need special features, go for a subscription plan.

    The best premium features of the CKEditor web editor:

    1. Collaborative editing in real-time
    2. Check spelling and grammar
    3. Track changes
    4. Check accessibility
    5. Revise past versions of the document
    6. Export file to PDF and Word
    7. Add pagination
    8. Add comments
    9. Add and track feedback in a comments-only mode

    About a CKEditor WYSIWYG HTML editor

    CKEditor is a one of the best HTML editor with great UX and amazing features by CKSource, a company trusted by the biggest companies on the market. Save time, energy and nerves and choose a stable, intuitive and customizable online text editor such as CKEditor. Thanks to its expressive API documentation, developers can easily write their own extensions. Go to the page: and learn more about the cool functionalities of this amazing, well-designed JavaScript editor and if you want, test it for free. Ask for a 30-day WYSIWYG HTML editor trial. Your collaborative text writing will become easier than ever! Join more than 30 000 happy customers of CKEditor.

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