Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

    Digital marketing is becoming more and more dynamic with the technological advancements and the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Today, most companies are using the latest IT tools to boost performance and incorporate the technology in their daily activities. 

    The end of the year is the appropriate time to see which digital marketing trends we will see in 2022. In order to have a clear idea of your long-term plan, here are some of the latest and most dynamic trends you need to keep an eye on that could help your business tremendously and help you with your digital business strategy.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence makes its way up the ladder when it comes to Technology and the Internet of Things. Entertainment, banking, retail, healthcare are all using AI in their functioning. AI helps businesses improve ranking and predict customer behavior, so it can become quite insightful in customizing marketing content for different sections. As the marketing world is changing fast, marketers should embrace Artificial Intelligence in 2020 since it can change the way digital marketing is and change the perception of the digital world.


    We are becoming more aware of the way communication has evolved over the years. Chatbots are a great way of communication when you are out of the office and your customers still get the chance to reach out to you. They are sort of a virtual assistant that you will wish to have forever! It works in a similar way to Artificial Intelligence – when a topic or a question is asked by the customer, the chatbot looks for the most common and logical answers and presents them to the customer. The chatbots use the if/then logic and then offer a particular answer to a question that is being asked.

    Conversational and Mobile-friendly Marketing

    While we are in the chatbot area, let’s talk about conversational marketing and how it has impacted the business and the digital business strategy. We remember the formal process between a customer and a sales representative where the communication was usually done via phone, in the store, or via email or forms in recent years. Today, we have the opportunity to chat with customers through instant messaging apps.

    Another point to remember is the mobile-friendly content. Businesses need to create their content in a way to be mobile-friendly and optimized. An example would be an email marketing notification that is sent to a customer, to have the same properties and suitable size, both on desktop and mobile.                   

    Multichannel Marketing

    Businesses are aware of the different marketing channels that can be used via communication with their customers. Besides the use of an email, website form, or cold-calling, you might not have a huge effect on your target customers. Instead, using WhatsApp groups, blogs, webinars, social media accounts, and in some cases even Youtube channels, can be a great boost of visibility.

    Voice-Activated Tools

    We all love the scenes in the movies where the actor says “Siri, show me the best cafe nearby”. For that purpose, we have Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant that can be activated by your voice and can search for a list of options based on your query. Even though we are far from science fiction technology, we are definitely going in the right direction!

    Omni-channel Marketing

    Since we discussed multichannel marketing earlier, we can say a word or two about this marketing trend that needs to be taken into consideration the following year. The omnichannel has the customer at the center and focuses on the needs of the customer. It tends to provide personalized messages for a unique and seamless experience. This will allow the customer to access the information easily and have no interruption in the customer experience

    Platforms like Group FiO’s IMP can help in the migration process of multi-channel marketing to omnichannel. This way, the channel will provide consistent marketing and will have all of the channels working synchronously. 

    Audio-Visual Content

    Another digital marketing trend that will take the top of the ladder is audio-visual content. 93% of digital marketers say that video is a crucial component in their marketing strategy. Instagram and Facebook stories create that urgency for the person to view them as soon as possible as they tend to disappear in 24 hours. And with the new trend of Tik Tok videos going viral on such short notice, a lot of brands and businesses got the chance to become more visible to the general audience.

    Our Final Thoughts

    Whether it comes to influencer marketing, SEO trends, automation, chatbots, or video content, business owners need to be up-to-date, informed, and educated about the latest trends and technologies or at least have an agency or marketing person to help them out. Investing in proper marketing is as essential as having a backup internet provider to avoid internet blackout during work. Set yourself for success and generate more brand awareness by boosting your ROI and reaching the target audience online via the most suitable tools. Be hungry to create cohesive experiences and bring innovation to your business processes.

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