5 Best Custom Magento Development Services in 2021

    For a flexible platform with solid customization options like Magento, you need to master some development skills to build and maintain your Magento branded store. Without any technical training, it would not be easy or convenient for regular users to do this independently. 

    Since the platform requires you to take care of your hosting, install, configure and configure everything before setting up a Magento repository, you may need a helping hand with technically tricky tasks. In this case, the perfect solution for you as a store owner is to use Magento development services from a reputable provider. Here is a list of the top-rated, affordable and reliable Magento development service companies to consider:

    1. Magneto IT Solutions
    2. ADVOX Studio
    3. Pixafy
    4. Hire Magento Geeks
    5. Contus
    • Magneto IT solutions

    At Magneto IT, you can find trained Magento developers with over eight years of experience developing professional Magento stores of high quality and efficiency. Its hourly rates range from $ 25 to $ 49. They have an experienced team of Magento-certified developers who have successfully developed and established over 250 digital stores to date. 

    Magneto IT Solutions is dedicated to offering a comprehensive set of Magento services, including development, maintenance, customization, and support.

    • ADVOX Studio

    The company is based in Poznan, Poland. Advox has specialized in Magento for over five years. Their hourly rates range from $ 25 to $ 50. They have a strong team of professionals with many years of experience. His team has completed over one hundred projects and over two hundred modules. 

    With around 20 developers on board, the company embraces a range of opportunities to leverage its Magento store: standard e-commerce platforms, B2B and multilingual stores, sophisticated markets and custom modules, and complex integration with third-party applications. The company has already launched several Magento 2 stores. Advox also offers Magento-centric design, UX guidance, and code audits.

    • Pixafy

    Based in New York, Pixafy provides e-commerce solution experts specializing in B2B and B2C implementation. They provide digital transformation and channel customization to grow your e-commerce business. They provide services at an hourly rate around $ 50. They won the Innovation Award in 2014. They have a staff of software developers, UI developers, designers, marketers, and system architects who are highly qualified and experienced, to ensure digital transformation and channel customization across all aspects of electronic commerce.

    • Hire Magento Geeks

    MagentoGeeks Development Company is a company that provides seamless eCommerce design development and conversion services to clients all over the world. They have an hourly rate between 25 and 49 USD. Its team comprises more than a hundred professionals who have completed more than three thousand projects to date. The platform allows customers to turn PSD designs into Magento storefronts, launch new stores with precise Magento customization or build entire online businesses from scratch and hire your Magento developers to work for you as ordered.

    • Contus

    Contus is a digital transformation company founded in 2008. The company offers a wide range of development services, including Magento development. They have an hourly rate between 25 and 49 USD. Their team comprises over fifty certified Magento developers who have completed over a hundred custom Magento projects.

    Contus has combined a strong platform experience to provide clients with ideal solutions of impeccable quality to make them highly proficient. They have been providing the Magento solution since 2009 and have delivered over 100 successful projects, completed over 40 plugins, and created over 30 themes.

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