The Curse of Oak Island Release Date, Details and Secrets Indulged (All uncovered Secrets Inside)

    Lagina brothers are set to restart their quest to find treasure buried somewhere in the Money Pit in Oak Island off the shores of Nova Scotia. The Curse of Oak Island has managed to grab millions of viewers per episode.

    With much of popularity that this TV show enjoys the makers are set to air The Curse of Oak Island Season 5. The Lagina brothers have been on a quest to find treasure since the first episode of the season 1; however, till now they have not found any.

    So, hopes are high with the Season 5 with the premiere that is scheduled for November 7, according to an update by History TV. The Lagina brothers have been tirelessly working season after season and now they are all set to surprise the viewers in Season 5.                                                                                 Curse of oak island

    All Uncovered Secrets Insides of The Curse of Oak Island

    One of the reasons that have captivated the viewers is the curse that looks over the show. According to the curse, the seven people must die before the treasure could be discovered.

    So far, six people have succumbed to death with one remaining, who may die in the Season 5 in the quest. The story of the TV show is based on historical facts that reveal that hundreds of people have actually lost their lives in the search of the treasure in the past.

    Although the story has been successful to keep the viewers engaged, the show makers are finding it tough to please the sponsors.  The History Channel may need a new sponsor to keep the show-up and running.

    The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 And The 200-year-old Treasure

    The show is based on an unsolved mystery that is more than 200 years old. Season by season the Lagina brothers have used the latest technology to uncover the treasure but have failed to find anything.

    Their failure has further disappointed the viewers. With disappointment looming over the show episode after episode and season after season it is tough to say whether the viewer will be excited to watch the Season 5.

    The viewers may have to ask themselves whether it is worth watching any empty Season.

    The Curse of Oak Island Season 5: What are the Rumours and Facts?

    The mystery that looms over the show is not fictitious. It is a true mystery story. According to a code deciphered in 1860, the treasure land has 2 million pounds buried 40 feet below.

    Various excavation teams and companies have taken up digging at the place on various spots but have not yet been able to find. The Lagina brothers were inspired by the code and therefore took the digging project which was later turned into a reality show.

    The brothers have been on the look for treasure ever since the first episode of the show that was telecasted in 2014. There are various theories suggesting what could be the treasure all about. According to some theories, the treasure could be lost jewels of Mario Antoinette, the last Queen of France before the French Revolution.

    Whether the story is real or hoax can be revealed only after watching the season 5 which is expected to be the last season of the show. However, producers believe that the show can have as many as 10 seasons in total.

    Remarkable Discovery Expected In The Curse of Oak Island Season 5

    According to reports, remarkable discovery may take place in the Season 5. The session would be the first session to have some kind of discoveries in the quest.

    Now, the question is what will be discovered?

    Will Lagina brothers be able to find the 200-year old treasure? Or it is something else?

    We will have to wait for the Season 5 to get all the answers. In short, the upcoming The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 does promise a lot of adventure, mystery, and huge possibilities of a new discovery.


    The great news is that the show is back and ready to be telecasted in November. The fans of The Curse of Oak Island will get to enrich their fantasy with new digging projects and treasure hunts with Lagina brothers.

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