Check out Connected Car Market Size, Share & Trends of 2019

    The term connected cars are no longer limited to traditional Bluetooth connectivity. It is rapidly scaling up and the evolution has taken a major part of the automotive market. The market revenue is estimated to reach $153.60 billion by 2022.

    Studies predict that the connected cars market is scaling up with the CAGR of 33.38% during the period 2015-2022. The connected car market share has been ever increasing because it had something new to offer each time. Now is the time to have a sneak peek into the future and understand trends in the connected car market for 2019

    #1. Driverless cars:

    The initial years of driverless cars had a lot of shortcomings; one of the major one being – on road security. With the evolving sensitivity of the systems installed, it is now possible to have cars that accurately detect the vehicles on road – making them a lot more secure than how they were earlier. The system is made even more efficient by bringing in V2V connectivity.

    With vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity in place, the on-road vehicles can interact with each other to become more prominent as automakers allow drivers to inform each other about dangerous road conditions or available parking.

    #2. CaaS

    Cars-as-a-Service is a concept that is being introduced by several companies. A company owning a feat of cars can start this service wherein all the cars are connected to a central hub.

    An individual who is need of a car can book or schedule their journey from a user portal. The person can walk to the pickup point, unlock the car with a digitally secure pin to the destination and securely pay in the end.

    #3. Cloud-based Driver Profile

    The driver can create their profile on a cloud-based platform. It is a source where all drivers can sign in. The platform stores data all the personalized data like driver preferences language according to your driver, seat temperature, infotainment screen layout, favorite GPS destinations, or payment card information.

    On signing in, the car’s dashboard will transform into the settings as customized by the driver.

    #4. Vehicle Healthcare

    Automotive connected cars have predictive maintenance system that keeps a check on the vehicle health. It means that the vehicle’s health, performance, and reliability can be monitored.

    With vehicle healthcare and fleet services in place, the rate at which unexpected breakdowns have been occurring have largely reduced.

    #5. Personal Assistant

    The introduction of Personal Assistant has added a personal touch to the connected car system.

    It is an artificial intelligence and AI-powered system that responds to the drivers’ voice or gestures commands. It is an addition in the connected car solution that processes users instructions.

    #6. Parental Control

    The parent can monitor the car’s movement, speed and area where the car is parked or moving with this feature. It can be taken as a subscription service that offers features like geotargeting, geofencing etc.

    The past year had been a phase of research and development and this year is a promising one. The pace of research, development and implementations makes the coming years even more progressive. With rigorous effort the development, are set to skyrocket in terms of the viability of the solution.

    HARMAN Connected Services and AT&T is a name that has always been characterized as the trendsetter in the connected car sector. The company has invariably powered automakers to delivery end to end customized solutions as per the needs of the companies.

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