Chicago Auto Show occurs in February

    Chicago is rapidly growing and making incredible discoveries as it constructs buildings that reach the heavens. They developed the zipper and the ferris wheel here, put the first vacuum cleaner together, and started the first McDonald’s franchise. Travelers from all over the world are drawn to the city on the shore of Lake Michigan by its vivacious vitality. Also, Chicago is renowned among drivers for hosting new automobile displays. Fans of various auto shows claim that Chicago Auto Show has been around since the appearance of the first passenger car. This Auto Show is the largest event in North America today, ranking third in size and grandeur after the New York and Los Angeles shows. Auto Show 2023 is taking place in Chicago in February.

    As always, motorists from all over America will be very interested in visiting this event. This year at the exhibition you can see a lot of new products in the automotive business and favorites of the American public: SUVs, pickups and various crossovers.

    Among them is the updated Chevrolet Trailblazer, which is no longer a harsh frame SUV, but a completely standard compact crossover with a monocoque body. In America, this is the most affordable car in the Chevrolet range.

    Jeep is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Wrangler Rubicon this year, and this is the reason for the release of a special version of the SUV. The Wrangler Rubicon 20th Anniversary Edition differs from the standard variant of the Wrangler Rubicon with a redesigned grille, decor, reinforced bumpers, increased ground clearance and 17-inch wheels with beadlocks and mud tires. Many people are confused by the power and dimensions of this car and they do not dare to buy. And in vain, because its patency is simply unlimited. If you also doubt whether to buy such a car, then you can use the car rental service. Car hire is very common all over the world: car hire in Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Chicago, New York and so on. You can find any car from the most classic models to premium class cars. If you rent a Wrangler Rubicon and drive it around the city for even an hour, you will definitely want to get yourself this powerful car.

    Also in Chicago this year debuted an updated seven-seat Volkswagen Atlas crossover paired with a five-seat Atlas Cross Sport. The crossovers have changed bumpers and headlights with a luminous strip between them (for all trim levels except the base one), and the radiator grille has become larger. The rear lights of the cars are connected by a red LED strip, there are new design wheels with a diameter of 18 to 21 inches.

    As well as many other models.

    A little history of the exhibition

    The first auto show of the future international event took place in 1901. The last week of March was marked by the display of 36 brands of cars and more than 100 types of vehicles, including bicycles and motorcycles. Founder Samuel Miles – offered American taxpayers not only vehicles. Agricultural transport trucks, tractors, etc. also became a popular product of the exhibition. Unlike European automobile esplanades, the Chicago showroom did not stop its activities, even during the years of the Great Depression and during the Second World War.  For more than 100 times it has been opened for fans and connoisseurs of the automotive industry. According to the latest data, the show annually gathers up to one and a half million people, including investors and importers from other countries.

    Looking at the old-time overview shots, it becomes clear that the organizers had a lot of imagination to make the show memorable and attractive and to encourage visitors to come next time.

    For example, the fairground was surrounded by a 20-foot-wide wooden track. Any car that interested the buyer could be tested for speed and driving performance. Nowadays, the idea has received technical support – now the track is shown on the LCD display of the corresponding car participating in the testing.

    Nowadays, in addition to a calm track, the organizers have created artificial conditions close to natural for crossovers and jeeps, like an obstacle course. Anyone can test themselves, increase adrenaline and make a decision to purchase. By the way, a similar test was created for the children of visitors. Naturally, on a smaller scale and with copies of the vehicle.

    To create an appropriate atmosphere at these shows, a large number of eminent movie and music stars are invited. Stars entertain guests, sign autographs, and behind the scenes participate in the advertising of a particular car brand.

    Do not miss the chance to plunge into this atmosphere and get acquainted with the latest in the automotive business. Visit the Chicago Auto Show.

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