10 Career Options That Will Make You Stand Out From The Rest

    Choosing your career path is perhaps one of the most crucial decisions of your life. It sets the course for your future and defines how you spend the rest of your life. In earlier times, the opportunities were limited, and people preferred to play it safe.

    However, times have changed and how. The current generations do not shy away from taking risks and have many lucrative possibilities to explore. You may take time to establish yourself in these professions, but there is no looking back once you do.

    So, if you are someone who would prefer doing something out of the box, consider these 10 offbeat career options with amazing potential for growth and success.

    1. Graphic Designer

    The internet, for all intents and purposes, has become the primary source of information for people. As such, there is a growing demand for people who can make it more compelling. This is where graphic designers can make an impact.

    If you have a creative bend of mind and think you can communicate well through imagery, colour and form, you can explore this career option. Graphic designers have great demand, and you can create a niche once you learn the right software.

    2. Photographer

    In this age, no business can thrive unless it has a consistent social media presence. Whether it is a restaurant, interior design firm or a skincare company, photographs are at the core of their online marketing campaign.

    Due to this, photographers have immense possibilities in today’s market. You may have to start small, but once you establish your name, there will be no dearth of projects.

    Weddings, maternity and baby shoots are other areas where you can create your niche. With more disposable income, individuals have started spending a significant amount on such shoots.

    3. Content Writer

    The internet is omnipresent, and it is nothing without content. It is the reason there is a high demand for writers who can adapt to the changing environment and create interesting content.

    If you have a flair for writing and can express your thoughts clearly in coherent sentences, content writing is a fantastic career option where you can share your two cents with the world.

    The best part is that you can freelance and decide your own hours of work. For permanent jobs in content writing, be sure to check out job portals such as You can also pursue online courses if you are looking for guidance in writing.

    4. Art Instructor

    By confining people to their homes, the ongoing pandemic has prompted them to revisit their old-school hobbies like reading and painting, triggering a surge in online art classes.

    At a time when people are grappling to come to terms with stressful lives, art can help them break the monotony of their routine lives.

    If you are good at it or have an art degree under your belt, consider opening your own studio. You can continue to put your artistic skills to use by exploring product design, taking commissions, or illustrating for newspapers and magazines.

    5. Organic Farming

    In India, we do not perceive agriculture as a lucrative career option. However, several organic farmers are breaking this perception. They have left their high-paying corporate jobs to be with nature to take a plunge into agriculture.

    There is a rising demand for organic fruits and vegetables. Customers are ready to pay a premium for it. With quality produce and resourcefulness, you can create your own loyal customer base.

    6. Chef

    The business of hospitality and restaurants is flourishing, and home delivery has made it all the more profitable. Restaurants see significant footfall on weekdays also. Moreover, Indians have warmed up to the idea of trying out new cuisines.

    There is a high demand for qualified chefs who can manage huge kitchens and deliver eye-pleasing and delicious food. You can consider it if you like trying out new dishes in your kitchen.

    7. Psychologist

    We live in stressful times where even children are not spared from mental illnesses. Luckily, there is increased awareness about the impact of school and work-related pressures on mental well-being, and people are opening up to the idea of seeking help.

    Thus, clinical and school psychologists and counselors see more and more people coming to them for therapy. If you are an empathetic person with strong communication skills, this profession can give you inner satisfaction from helping others.

    8. Stock Market Professional

    Do you have a penchant for the markets and track the movement of stocks regularly? If yes, you can consider taking this up professionally. The job will involve suggesting investment tips to the clients.

    It is advisable to pursue a professional course that will apprise you of the associated risks and ways of lowering them. Since the stock market is cyclical in nature, you will come across regular ups and downs in this profession.

    9. Real Estate Agent

    Gone are the days when properties were sold through newspaper ads. Now, people prefer taking the services of real estate agents who can help them arrange a good deal. It is a profession that can get you good commissions on your sales.

    If you feel you have it in you to be passionate about real estate and finding the right properties for your clients, you can give it a shot.

    10. Personal Trainer

    In today’s time, there is a focus on health and fitness like never before. People do not mind shelling out a few thousands every month to train with professionals who can keep them in top shape.

    Therefore, personal trainers in gyms, yoga and dance trainers have a huge demand in the market. However, it requires enthusiasm and commitment.

    If you house a passion for health and fitness and can commit yourself to be available for your clients, you should definitely explore this career path. Once you finish the required training, you can find ample jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, and other metro cities.

    In Summary

    Choosing or changing a career path is not something that you can do overnight. To ensure that it is the right decision, it is advisable to take up something you are passionate about.

    You can try several online tools to assess yourself and choose the right career. Be it your interests, personality, aptitude, or emotional intelligence; you can get unbiased information about yourself to pick the right career.

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