Top 20 Best Paid Apps : Must have Android Apps

    Best Paid Android Apps : Google Play offers many Android Apps that are free for use, these apps are apps has become a part of your life. Most of the Android user uses apps that are available for free download but these apps have limited features.

    There are many paid apps available on Google play store that are paid. These paid apps have pretty interesting features and use as compared to free apps.

    One must use these Best Paid Android Apps because these apps get updated regularly, contain no ads, get developer supports on bugs, provides better security and privacy. These are the reasons which will compel you to buy paid apps from the Google.

    Best Paid Android Apps : Must have Paid Android

    Here you can check List of the top 20 best paid Android apps :

    #1 Mine craft Pocket Edition

    This is the game app which is quite addicted and is the best among all. This game is quite classy and u will not find any game better than this. This game is developed by one of the top developer MOJANG.

    This game is about placing blocks and going on an adventure. One can do amazing things like building homes and castles, crafting weapons and much more creative things you can explore alone or with your friends.

    [appbox googleplay com.mojang.minecraftpe]

    #2 Nova launcher prime

    Nova launcher paid version is quite better than the free version. If you are not having paid version then get it immediately. Paid Nova Launcher Prime will make your life so easy by bringing Gestures, custom icon swipes, ability to hide apps and more scroll effects.

    [appbox googleplay]

    #3 Weather Timeline

    Weather time line by Sam Ruston is the best looking Apps on Android. It is an amazing app for the weather with a variety of widget options and sources. In this app, the bar has been set as high with weather timeline as compare to any other weather app on Google Play.

    [appbox googleplay]

    #4 IA writer : Must have Paid Android App

    This is one of the best and well-known tests editing App. This app was firstly available for IOS but now on demand, it’s available for Android also. They made an app for Android earlier this year.

    If you enjoy writing on your android devices than this app is best for you. There is quick action bar above the keyboard. Only con is the interface is not that consistent.

    [appbox googleplay net.ia.iawriter]

    #5 Tasker

    This app(Best Paid Android Apps) will help you to schedule tasks on your android device. It will allow you to access over 28 system settings dialogs. You can also design your own screen overlays. It will do tasks like loops, variables and more. You can schedule your alarms, Wi-Fi using this tasker. It also has may trigger like App, Time, Day, Location, Event, Timer and much more.

    [appbox googleplay]

    #6 Fenix

    Fenix is the best app twitter app on the platform. This app has a dark background theme which makes it look great with highlight customization of colors. Fenix supports multiple twitter features and is the most powerful app for the twitter. This app is free from all ads and laggy scrolling.

    [appbox googleplay]

    #7 Sleep as android unlock

    This is a smart alarm clock android app with sleep cycle tracking. Sleep android unlock will wake you gently in the morning.  This app tracks the sleep cycle with a smart wake up. It also has a sleep graph history. This best paid apps for android has natural sound of birds, sea, and storm for alarm alert.

    [appbox googleplay com.urbandroid.sleep.full.key]

    #8 Light flow

    This top paid android app will allow you to customize notification light color according to your choice. It supports more than 600 notification styles in it. One can easily customize their notification light according to their choice of colors.

    This app will also control the sound, vibration, sleep time and much more such tasks can be performed with help of this app.

    [appbox googleplay com.urbandroid.sleep.full.key]

    #9 Paper camera

    This best paid android apps is same like instar-gram as this app will provide different paper effects on your pictures. This app will allow you to see the world through the different lens by offering real time cartoon and painting effects on your camera feed. You can also take pictures or record videos of your favorite cartoon character and can apply to your existing photos.

    [appbox googleplay com.dama.papercamera]

    #10 Zoo per widget Pro

    This app is classy, extremely customizable and battery friendly, which will allow you to do a task yourself without any limits. You can easily create your own customize widget for any anything.

    It also includes simple sample templates and fonts that can be used without any downloading. You can also build your own style templates, fonts with any color, shapes, and positions easily without any functional limits.

    [appbox googleplay org.zooper.zwpro]

    #11 Power ramp full version

    This is the best music app on Android. This is a paid app however you can get this app free for 15 days trail, but after the trail, you have to pay for this app. this app has unique equalizer system which will make you feel out of the world while listing music.

    Once paid you will get all the updates for free as long as you have them unlocked. This is the best-dedicated music player app available for Android.

    [appbox googleplay com.maxmpz.audioplayer.unlock]

    #12 Pocket Casts

    This app is for those who love the podcast. This is the best pod cast app which will let users toggle between video and audio podcasts easily. This app will allow you to build a queue from your favorite shows.

    This app will cut silence from the episodes in order to save your time. You can also increase the volume according to your own choice. You can easily skip intro of episodes, can skip intervals and also can jump through episodes.

    [appbox googleplay]

    #13 Cam scanner

    This app is available for free but with limited features only but paid version wills brings higher quality interface with help of which you can scan, can remove water mark and also can remove water marks. In pro version of the cam, scanner user can edit OCR result too. Cam scanner digitize document very quickly. You can also set a password for the documents that are confidential.

    [appbox googleplay com.intsig.lic.camscanner]

    #14 Password manager SafeInCloud

    This app will allow the user to keep their logins, passwords and other private info safe and secure in an encrypted data base. With help of cloud account, you can easily synchronize data with your pc, tablet, or any other phone.

    This app has strong encryption i.e. 256 –bit Advanced Encryption standard. It also has features like finger print login for Android devices.

    [appbox googleplay com.intsig.camscanner]

    #15 SKRWT

    This app is for those who love editing pictures. SKRWT will help you to craft your device photos to enhance pictures quality. All this editing is done in just a few steps. This app is especially for those who like sophisticated photography and likes to edit them more to enhance pictures beauty.

    [appbox googleplay accky.kreved.skrwt.skrwt]

    #16 com

    This app will help you to learn the words in funny ways. This app is help full for those who want to enhance their vocabulary. The sophisticated algorithms will help you to learn vocabulary very effectively.

    You can also compare your answers with other answers given million people. This app has almost 120,000 questions that will teach about 12,000 words. So if you want to enhance your vocal then you must go for this app.

    [appbox googleplay]

    #17 Swift key

    If you want a best key board for your android phone then this the best app keyboard. This app types faster with A.I.-powered predictions. You can simply swipe to type with Swift Key.

    This app has almost 80 + colors, designs, and themes that will make the attractive interface between users and device. You can also sketch a particular word in this keyboard.


    #18 Foxfire KEY

    Fox FI Key is the best android app that will allow you to change your mobile device into a mobile hot spot. This app will allow you to share the internet with your computer or any other internet accessed device through USB, Wi-Fi Hot Spot or Bluetooth. Once paid for the pro version, there will be no rooting required.

    [appbox googleplay com.foxfi.key]

    #19 MX Player Pro

    This is an ad free Pro version that supports almost all the formats of videos. This app brings many features as compared to any other app on the Google play store. MX Player Pro version will allow you to bring the gestures, multi –code decoding and much more.

    [appbox googleplay]

    #20 Solid Explorer : Best Paid Android Apps

    This the best utility app that is used for managing files. Managing files are really important, so it’s better to use a paid app like Solid Explorer which will prevent your data from getting infected. This app will save your data from various spam wares. This app has a beautiful interface and also supports multiple windows, root explorer, indexed search and way more.

    [appbox googleplay pl.solidexplorer.unlocker]

    So above were the top 20 best paid android apps. These apps are paid but they are worth buying .you can check the best-paid app that you want for your device.

    Paid apps are mostly used by IOS users but these top 20 apps will for Android are worth buying and will really help you in your daily life. So chose the best among them and do tell us which is your best-paid app that you would like to buy.

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