5 Best Headphone Amp under $100 for Excellent Sound

    Do you love to hear music without any distracting noise? You need a headphone amplifier or amp that plays excellent sound. There are many headphone amp available in the market that can be classified or categorized under prices and brands.

    Branded headphone amps are often expensive and the reason is quite obvious and doesn’t require any explanation. Due to high costing of branded items a misconception is often carried by the buyer of things that costs a lot are actually good and worth of money. The truth, however, is completely different.

    Costly things are not really excelling. For example, there is certain best headphone amp under 100 dollars. You won’t agree with me if you see them to yourself. As stated above there is a misconception among all the buyers who think buying goods or services at higher cost will get them the best of the best product or service.

    If really like to hear music and had spent hundreds of dollars already in buying speakers, woofer, and headphones. Here is your chance to try something new that is cheap in cost but best in quality.

    List of best headphone amp under 100 dollars

    #1. FiiO E6 Portable Headphone amp

    FiiO is a well-known name in the market for its devices that just make any music sound excellent, varied selling price and features. Almost everyone desires to have FiiO. It’s FiiO E6 is a modified replica of FiiO E5 headphone amp. The E6 has been modified in a manner to make the headphone amp attractive when compared with the E5. The E6 can be considered the best budget headphone amp.


    Here is a list of features that make FiiO E6 a better headphone amp:

    #1. Attractive Body: The FiiO E6 is small in size and light in weight. The amp is protected by a glossy black plastic that tremendously adds to the beauty of the amp.

    #2. Input and Output: The FiiO E6 accessories include a USB cable, two audio cables and two back clips. Ports for USB, headphone output, and line input are more are also located on the device.

    #3. Built-in Battery: The amp comes with a built-in lithium battery. The battery is rechargeable and requires to be recharged before using the amp for the first time.

    #4. Easy navigation: The amp has all the buttons located on the sides for easy navigation.

    #5. Intermediate device: The amp can work like an intermediate device between headphone and smartphone for the amazing sound experience.

    #2. Behringer HA400 4-Channel Stereo Headphone amp

    I have come across music lovers who love to get the studio appeal with their headphones and music consoles. Behringer HA400 4-Channel Stereo Headphone amp is one best cheap headphone amp that is available under the price tag of 100 dollars and offers amazing music and sound experience.


    Here are some of the features that make Behringer HA400 4-Chabbel Stereo a great amp to play music:

    #1. 4 amplifier sections: The amp Behringer HA400 comes with four amplifier section that allows its users to connect four headphones to the amp at a time.

    #2. Inbuilt Adapter: The HA400 comes is runs on a 12V adapter that comes with it. This means the amp doesn’t require batteries to run.

    #3. High Audio Quality: The amp comes with the highest audio quality. It can be connected with all type of headphones.

    #4. Ultra Compact: The headphone is ultra-compact and takes up small space on your desk.

    #3. FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone amp

    As stated above, FiiO is one of the most preferred brands in headphone amp category.


    Placed below 100 dollars, FiiO E10K is one of the best budget headphone amp that has an improved DAC chip, greater audio quality, and reduced silence intervals.

    Here are some features of an amp that make it a must to buy amp:

    #1. Portable and Sturdy: The amp is compact and can be carried to any place with ease. It has strong built that makes it durable.

    #2. Advanced amp: The headphone amp has advanced opamp which has been upgraded from AD8397 to LMH6643. It also has buffer design that ensures enhanced transient response and driving power.

    #3. Lower Noise Floor: The circuits of the amp ensures lower noise floor.

    #4. Creative E1 Portable Headphone Amp

    This slim and sleep amp looks just like FiiO E6 from its body and offers a great sound quality at a very reasonable rate. The device weighs just 25g.

    It so portable and convenient to carry that it can be clipped to one’s clothes and carried. A headphone connected to the amp get an equal portion of music to play through the amp’s two different op-amp circuits. The amp, when connected with PC, can provide superior sound quality. The device is compatible with audio up to 44.1Khz/24bit.

    Here are some features of E1 that make it better than the rest:

    #1. Equalizer: The E1 headphone amp comes with an equalizer that enables the user to improve the sound or use one’s own creativity for a better sound experience. You can enhance the bass and more through the equalizer.

    #2. Hands-free calling: Using the E1 headphone amp one can receive calls just by pressing the multi-function button attached to the amp.

    #3. Battery Powered: The E1 amp runs on battery. This means its battery required to be recharged from time to time.

    #5. FiiO A3 Headphone Amplifier

    Looking for the best cheap headphone amp under the price tag of 100 dollars, do consider FiiO A3. The amp is portable and provides a great punch of music and sound experience to its users.

    The amp comes with a toggle button that allows one to switch between low and high gains on one’s headphone. The shape of the amp is somewhat similar to the hip flask. The volume knob on the amp can be operated with a simple flow of fingers around it.

    The best part of the amp is that it magnifies the volume and enhances the overall experience of the listener. The FiiO A3 has been designed to eliminate electromagnetic interference.


    Here are some features of FiiO A3 that make it worth buying:

    #1. Cheap cost: Just like its peers mentioned in the list the amp is one of the best budget headphone amp. It is priced fewer than 100 dollars.

    #2. Compatibility: The A3 headphone amp is compatible with 16 to 150 Ohms headphones.

    #3. Superior Sound Quality: The amp headphone has offers superior sound quality through OPA1642 pre amp and AD8397 amp section.

    #4. Attractive Looks: The A3 looks attractive. It is sleek in design and is easy to carry

    #5. Hours Power Backup: The FiiO A3 runs on a battery that has a power backup of 16 hours.

    So, above are some of the best headphone amps under 100 dollars of the price tag. These headphones are worth trying and can be bought online through authentic retailers. The availability of these headphones supports the fact that quality and price has nothing to do together.

    What appears to be expensive doesn’t seriously have to be and what appears to be good doesn’t necessarily has to be. There is no escape from buying and trying. You can read about the headphones online and get more information on each headphone.

    Visiting the website of each headphone manufacturer can further help you decide and make a choice. Taking the advice of your friends can also help.

    Here is a quick guide on buying best headphone amp:

    1. Test the product before you buy it.
    2. Cross check different prices to get the best deal.
    3. Look for reviews and feedbacks left by any on the internet on the product that you are considering to buy.
    4. Don’t be distracted by the looks as each device has a different appeal. Your device might not be attractive, but if it gives too great sound quality what else do you want. After all, you are buying a headphone amp not getting married to someone.

    These are a few of things that you should consider buying.The aforementioned headphone amps are the great pick for any and can get one to a great sound experience. Using the headphone amp you can not only hear music but also receive calls.

    In short, the headphone amps are multi-task devices for people who love to be active throughout the day. Using the aforementioned headphone amps you can create your own studio and enjoy great sound all the time.

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