10 Best Golf Apps for Android

    Gaming is no longer limited to desktops or laptops; mobile gaming is the new on-the-go trend growing like wildfire. Hence, Golf Apps are also growing like anything.

    Any and every sport that you have either played or even watched is being replicated into a game that is compatible with your smartphones.

    The same goes for Golfing too !! Lets read about Golf first :

    Golf is a club-and-ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible. Read about it on Wikipedia here.

    Coming back to the topic now, the user interface that these games have been developed with will certainly make you feel the intensity similar to playing the real game.

    Today, we will discuss some of the best golf Apps for Android and you could pick and choose from this list to play your favourite golf game.

    You may or may not know the rules of the game, but don’t worry, you are given an option to learn the game while you play.

    So, here is our top 10 list for the best golf GPS App for Android.

    Best Golf Apps for Android

    1. 18 Birdies: Best Free Option among all Golf Apps

    One of the best free golf GPS App for Android, 18 Birdies is a newly introduced App that has made its way to the top 10 list of best golf Apps for Android due to its exclusive features like GPS range finder, digital scorecard, side games, stats and round history and more.

    18 Birdies

    With a unique rewards program in the game, you can win amazing prizes while you complete different levels and quests in the game.

    You could stay connected with the gold community and others who play this game through their Social Feed.

    2. Golf GPS

    With more than 4 million registered users, Golf GPS by SwingXSwing is the most accurate and another best Android golf game available on the App Store.

    There is no trial version available for this App and it is free of cost with full features available for you to explore and have fun with.

    Golf GPS

    Some of the exclusive features to look forward to being GPS Rangefinder, digital scorecard, on-the-course gaming, personalized account and compatibility with Android watches too.

    With a real feel and intensity from the game, you could experience a nail-biting pressure while playing this game online or with your friends.

    3. Hole19

    Hole19 is one the best golf GPS App for Android due to its customer attractive features like GPS Rangefinder, Golf Statistics Tracking, Plan and book your Round, Distance Tracker, Enhanced performance Statistics, Auto-change Hole, Improved map resolution, highlights and more.


    This game is compatible with all Android 5+ versions of smartphones and any wearable devices.

    With more than 40,000 golf courses from across the globe being loaded in the game to provide accurate GPS distance and scoring for you, this game is termed as one of the best golf GPS App for Android.

    You can improve your golf play experience with this App.

    4. Zepp Golf

    With a simple yet attractive interface, Zepp is another best Android golf game.

    A few reasons that made Zepp be a part of this list are its simple yet elegant user interface, bigger font numbers visible for users of all ages, recording high definition videos of your gameplay which is fun to share with your social group and more.

    Zepp Golf

    Another fun feature of this game is the 3D format video comparison of your playing style with that of professional golfers.

    There is a smart coach training system within the game that helps amateurs to learn the game in no time.

    This training system makes way for the game to be on the list of Best Golf Apps for Android.

    5. mScorecard: Editor’s choice among Golf Apps

    One of the very few best free golf GPS App for Android which offers the most accurate stats, scorecard and GPS tracking, mScorecard instantly calculates scores, handicaps, Stableford points, advanced round statistics and distances for up to 5 players.


    With options to store full game history, track strokes and putts, GPS distance views, round and stats analysis, sharing your scorecard on social media, mScorecard has all it all covered to provide the ultimate golf gaming experience.

    All of these features together make this game another best Android golf game.

    6. The Masters Golf Tournament

    This App is the official Masters Golf Tournament App, which updates the most recent and real-time live coverage of matches.

    This is more of a Sports streaming App than the game itself due to its exclusive viewing features.

    The Masters Golf Tournament

    It still does make to the list of Best Golf Apps for Android due to its features like excellent user experience and elegant interface, compatible with all Android devices wearable inclusive, live radio coverage for any Masters Tournament and more.

    The live videos are limited to the United States; however, other countries can stream the videos later.

    7. Skydroid

    Next, on the list of best golf GPS App for Android is Skydroid, which is a onetime payment and download golf App.

    Skydroid has all the exclusive features that we have discussed so far with other Apps that include GPS tracking, water traps, bunkers, trees and target points which provide a real-time experience for the perfect gameplay.


    It has free course downloads, shot tracking and few other fun features for you to explore.

    With more than 30,000 courses, the onetime pay and play for this App are certainly worth it.

    There is also a subscription cost for this App, so you don’t have to worry about constant spending to keep playing.

    8. V1 Golf

    Yet another best free golf GPS App for Android is the V1 Golf.

    This App is for those people who would like to see the professional golfers and for this, you will need to register to use the App with proper credentials to access all the features.

    V1 Golf

    There are two versions of this game, free and paid one.

    Both have all the same features except for a few features that are available only for paid users.

    Both versions have features to record videos, download model videos, store your own swings and play online.

    9. Golfshot

    Golfshot is a well-known and one of the best golf Apps for Android that is more suitable for tablets due to its user interface and gameplay.

    The interface is big and bright which might not look so good on the smartphones.


    With augmented GPS location and 3D aerial flyovers for each hole, Golfshot supports more than 40,000 golf courses from all over the globe.

    You also have an option to share your scorecard with all your friends and social media, which makes it the best Android golf game and a favourite among a lot of people too.

    10. Uart Golf: Best among all Golf Apps

    A simple App to capture, analyze and improve your golf swing, Uart is last on our list f best free golf GPS App for Android and is a great lesson service which features high-resolution swing recording.

    Uart Golf

    You have an option to import your swings and play them frame by frame for a thorough analysis.

    Some of the valiant features are good bulletin board, simple and intuitive video controls and download free videos from the App.

    Final Thoughts

    So, these are some of the best Golf Apps for Android that stand out from a wide range of golf relations Apps supported by all Android devices.

    We have chosen these 10 best Apps from a wide range of some of the best Android golf game available for you to pick and choose from.

    Share us your experience in the comments section below and for more guides like this, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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