10 Best Android Learning Apps for Kids

    Best Educational Apps is the latest keyword which we are searching for.

    Mobile phones having Android feature is the most important invention of the technology. There are many apps which are used for various purposes like for fun, education, romance, etc. but there are some best android learning apps through which we can learn can enhance our skills by learning these courses.

    So today we will discuss 10 best android learning apps which are as follows.

    Top 10 best educational apps (Android)

    #1. Solo Learn

    SoloLearn is the one of the best app where you can learn programming and some more programming languages like Java, C++and Python also. In this app, every programming language has its own app and is completely free of cost. It also supports web languages like HTML and some more languages.

    Solo Learn

    #2. Udemy

    It is actually course oriented app focuses on skill based learning. It means that it will always focus on enhancing your skills like how to speak in public, 3D modeling, or Coding. It will also allow you to watch the courses with video examples.

    You can get this app for free as well as for paid version with some newly added features from Google Play Store. This app provides courses in different subjects like Photography, Data Science, and Entrepreneurship and many other courses which can enhance your skills.

    Udemy ; best educational apps

    #3. Coursera

    This is one of the best education apps which provide you variety of courses with a wide range of topics. It is actually like a school app which is very useful for school goers.  It has more than 1000 courses on different subjects like Maths, Science and other subjects also.

    The content of courses includes reading assignments, lectures, and visual content also. This app is a mixture of old and new methods of school learning. This app is available in free as well as in-app purchases means you have to pay for some courses.

    best educational apps

    #4. Khan Academy

    This app is a teaching app where you can teach various subjects like math, science, physics and many other subjects. Khan Academy offers you approximately 10,000 videos of different lessons and courses. You will get an opportunity you learn and discover new concepts.

    khan academy

    #5. TED : One of the Best Educational Apps

    TED app is a not profit organization which provides you counseling videos which will motivate you in the field of education. This app provides you videos for every old and new course. It has videos from the world’s best counselors and motivators.

    You can also bookmark the videos which can be watched later on. Videos can be watched later and can be added to offline mode when you have low mobile data. You can get it free at Google Play Store.


    #6. Duolingo

    This app is useful for those who want to learn a language and recomended as one of the best educational apps . It provides you 20 languages for native English speakers. It has different ways through which you can learn difficult languages No ads will disturb you in the middle of your learning. Both kids and adults can learn from this app.

    This app also organizes quiz to test how much have you learned from them. It also tracks your daily performance so that one can improve his/her skills. You can get this app from free and within app purchases.


    #7. VoLT

    VoLT stands for Vocabulary Learning Techniques which means you can install this app to improve your English Vocabulary skills. VoLT has some unique techniques which will help you in learning difficult English words. It provides you different learning methods like “Learn from memory key”, “Learn from gif”, and “Learn from video”.  Install this app for free and enjoy learning all the new words and improves your vocabulary.

    #8. Photomath

    This app has been proved good for those daily deals with algebra and mathematical problems. It provides you smart calculator which helps in solving mathematical problems.

    Provides you step-by-step guidelines with colorful explanations so that one can remember and practices equations. Handwriting recognition is also offered here in this app. It also has Photomath + version which can be available at in-app purchases.

    #9. Lynda

    Actually this app looks like Udacity, Udemy and Coursera but it is a little bit different because it teaches how to use code and design while creating a website. This app is quite expensive it can cost you $25 per month but it is really a very effective app.

    It also shows how to record music for production and MS Office skills. This app is very good those who want to make a good and effective website. You can also chrome at the videos with your TV.

    #10. Amazon Kindle

    It is also one of the most important learning apps which consist of different types of e-books, self-help books, reference guides and much more. You can also get these books for free of cost and can do shopping of the books of your choice.

    It has a built-in dictionary which can look up for the words for their meaning. You can customize your reading by adjusting font sizes, brightness and background colors.

    So these were 10 best Android learning apps which you can use in the learning process of your children as well as for growing adults which can create their interest in learning and discover new inventions and ideas. These best educational apps can guide you in a better way and helps in learning new things. So just download these apps on your Android devices and discover your new way of learning through these apps.

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