10 Best Computer Speakers Under $200 (Updated 2020)

    Computer Speakers under $200: From watching movies to playing games we always need good speakers. While doing the configuration of our computer we always forgot about the important part that is speakers.

    Whether we are using a laptop or a computer we need a good pair of the speaker to use along with them.

    Speakers can turn your computer into a functional home theatre whenever you want to watch movies. But finding a good pair of speakers that met your all needs is not easy tasks because there is numerous numbers of speaker configurations are available in the market.

    So in this article, we have listed the best 10 computer speakers under $200

    Top 10 Best Computer Speakers under $200

    #1. Harman Kardon sound sticks III 2.1

    These are beautifully designed speakers that look like some chemistry equipment than computer speakers.

    These are the best looking speakers that will enhance your modern house looks. Not only looks these speakers are also best in all measures.

    It has four sound sticks which includes one –inch full range transducers per channel which is powered by the 10-watt amplifier.

    A 6-inch low-frequency transducer is also available with a 20-watt amp for a room-filling response of bass. By all measure, this is the best speaker.

    Harman Kardon sound sticks III 2.1


    #2. Cyber Acoustics

    you might not have heard about these speakers but these are the best Computer Speakers under $200. It’s 2.1 three-piece system speakers that include the 5.25 inch of the subwoofer and 2*2 inch satellite speaker drivers.

    It comes with a separate control panel that has an on and off buttons and also has a 3.5 mm jack for headphones. It’s magnetic shield speakers will give you a clear and open sound experience.

    Cyber Acoustics


    #3. Logitech Z623

    Logitech is well-known brand and has most popular desktop speakers. The Logitech speakers come with a sleek design with the powerful subwoofer that helps to boost any music, movie sounds.

    Logitech Z623 evokes the best cinema sound and is THX certified. This 2.1 speaker comes with 200-watt speaker systems which have features like on-speaker controls, RCA and 3.5 mm inputs which will allow you to connect up to three audio devices at a time.

    These are mid-range speakers so they are not meant for recording studio etc. But these speakers will deliver high quality for any desktop computer.

    Logitech Z623

    Price:- 119$

    #4. Altec Lansing VS4621

    when you think of building computer speakers then Altec Lansing name came in the mind first because of its popularity.

    They are the build the best 2.1 speakers with a stylish look which can turn anyone’s head around.

    These speakers come with two horns like satellite speakers with a 6.5 inch of bass driver that is enough to shake your whole room. This best speaker that comes in this budget.

    Altec Lansing VS4621 : Computer Speakers under $200

    Price:- 69$

    #5. Logitech z553

    This speaker comes with a unique design that you might not have seen before. Logitech z553 is quite unique in its look and are also one of the best 2.1 computer system speaker.

    It a satellite speaker that comes with a gun head look like the speaker with a subwoofer that has unique cylindrical shapes. These speakers come with orange wires that give them funky look.

    A control pad is also present there to control the volume and bass. Logitech z553 comes with the sound output of 10E each and 20W of subwoofer output. You can use these speakers with a computer as well as with your TV also.

    Logitech z553

    Price:- 199$

    #6. Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse

    Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse comes with a very attractive and unique design that makes it out of the world design.

    As per digital trends Edifier e25, Luna Eclipse speakers looks like as they came straight from the spaceship. the Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse come with Bluetooth connectivity that allows connecting your device wirelessly.

    It comes with 19 mm silk dome tweeter and bass driver and of 3 inches of bass drivers at the front. These speakers will not only give you a good sound experience also its unique design will make you drool over them.

    Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse

    Price:- 184$

    #7. Definitive Technology Incline

    Definitive Technology Incline comes with very simple design with a metallic black body. These speakers come with 2.0 configurations and come along with a cable, USB cable and Aux cable.

    They can be easily inclined on either side of your computer without taking much space. These speakers come with just two buttons on the right side, one for volume and other is the power button.

    If you are looking for speakers that not only give you a good sound but also you want simple classy looking speakers then Definitive Technology Incline is the best option.

    Definitive Technology Incline

    Price: – 200$

    #8. Polk Audio Hampden AM6510-A

    These speakers come in a unique retro style with supreme sound quality. Polk Audio comes with their new unique designs along with headphones and more. Polk Audio is the best premium looking speakers that come under 200$.

    These speakers come with 4.5 inches bass driver at the front side with the 1-inch tweeter that is capable of producing exact sound even at high volume. It comes with total the output of 28W that is more than enough.

    If you are looking for speakers that not only gives you an amazing sound quality but also enhance your style statement then these are these best to choose among.

    Polk Audio Hampden AM6510-A : Computer Speakers under $200

    Price: – 200$

    #9. Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II

    Creative Gigaworks T40 Series are amazing speakers to buy in this range. It’s a big speaker set which doesn’t take lots of space and also cost is quite less as compared to its quality.

    They look quite heavy with a height of 12.3 inches, depth of 5.6 inches but quite small when it comes to width size they are only 3.5 inches wide that’s why they will not cover more space on your desktop.

    These speakers come with a special audio technology known as BassXPort that will enhance the low-frequency response.

    The audio jack an aux in port is available on the front side of speakers so it’s really easy to connect them with your smart phones. So these are the best speakers that will not only save your computer space but also gives you a wonderful full sound quality.

    Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II

    Price: – 99.99 $

    #10. ELEGIANT USB Powered Sound Bar Speakers

    These speakers are for those who don’t want to go for traditional clunky speakers. The ELEGIANT sound bar is USB speakers that have a low profile that works with USB for plug and play.

    You can easily use them with laptops, TVs, and smartphones for 360-degree stereo sound. It has a small led light located on speakers that signal that they are on while the USB and headphone are connected to it.

    The sound qualities of these are quite good as compared to build in speakers of your computer device.

    ELEGIANT USB Powered Sound Bar Speakers

    Price: – 30.99 $

    If you are looking for the Computer Speakers under $200 then you are at right place. We have listed top 10 speakers after a lot of research. These will give you a complete package of style, music, and price. We hope you have enjoyed what you read.

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