10 Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps for Android

    Bitcoin wallet apps for Android: An unknown person in 2009 using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto created something that has now become a new form of Digital Currency, The BITCOIN. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is currently used for the transaction without the need of bank. Means, there is no processing fee or any other transaction fee, and this all can be done without even giving your real identity. So, you can say that a Bitcoin is a form of payment system.

    How Does the Bitcoin System Works?

    You all will have heard about the Bitcoin if you are in the sector of investing. But for those who don’t know how does the Bitcoin system works, here is a short version of its process. The primary transaction process of Bitcoin is simple. You first have to download the Bitcoin wallet on your device like mobile or computer. This will then generate your bitcoin address which is used for the transaction, and you can create more address later if you want and use it for the trade between your friends and work.

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    Easy isn’t it, but there is something important to remember that Bitcoin addresses should be used only once.

    Well, here I bring you the ten most popular and highly used Bitcoin Android Apps.

    10 best Bitcoin apps for Android

    #1. Bitcoin Wallet by Coinbase

    [appbox googleplay]

    The Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet is among the most secure cryptocurrency wallet. This wallet not just let you store stores Bitcoin but also Ethereum and Litcoin. Coinbase is used mostly for the buying and selling of cryptocurrency. This app feature enables you to connect your account with Paypal for selling and buying. This app is free and can be easily availed in the Play Store and is among the Editor’s Choice. 

    #2. Bitcoin Checker

    [appbox googleplay com.mobnetic.coinguardian&hl=en]

    Bitcoin Checker is the most popular cryptocurrency app used by a majority of the population. This keeps you updated with the latest price info of all the cryptocurrency. This app features a simple design that is well suited considering all the information it provides. Doesn’t matter which cryptocurrency you are looking for this app has info about them all. It is available in the Play Store for free.

    #3. Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg

    [appbox googleplay]

    Here is another Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg. This wallet is swiftly gaining more and more users around the globe because of its three S, Simple, Seamless, Secure. This digital wallet has step-by-step multiple layers of the security system. Its advanced two-factor Authentication System along with a 12 phase password recovery system lets you be in full control of the app. It modest design simplify your experience of the app.

    #4. Blackfolio

    [appbox googleplay com.blockfolio.blockfolio&hl=en]

    Blockfolio covers a cryptocurrency of more than 500 all around the global. This app lets you view the portfolio and detailed information about all the Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and many more. It also provides you with a push notification of your favourite Coins. This app has a News Feed section that captures global coverage of all cryptocurrency. Blockfolio has a classic UI design with modern equipment that Supports more than 30 Exchanges over the worldwide.

    #5. Bitcoin Ticker Widget

    [appbox googleplay com.blockfolio.blockfolio&hl=en]

    If you are a fan of the widget, then this is the cryptocurrency app for you. The Ticker Widget keep you updated with every movement of the cryptocurrency market. This app is handy for the people who want to know the exchange rate right from their mobile home screen.  This app supports a considerable amount of cryptocurrency all over the world. It widget features help you track more than one currency at a time. The app the features widget simple to understand for people.

    #6. Bitcoin Price IQ

    [appbox googleplay com.handyapps.bitcoinpriceiq&hl=en]

    Bitcoin Price IQ is real-time price tracking app that is steadily becoming popular among the people. It real-time tracking extracts the on-going price of cryptocurrency for the favorite exchanges all around the world. Currently, it supports 165 cryptocurrencies worldwide, so now with this app, you don’t have to worry about your locale to see the worth of your currency. This app features a historical chart representing the trends in your favorite currency price. It also gives you a high and low alert of your coins. This a good app for those who want the minute to minute update.

    #7. Bitcoin Paranoid

    [appbox googleplay br.eti.fml.satoshi&hl=en]

    This app of Bitcoin released by paranoid is equipped with notification bar system that shows your ongoing price rate of your favorite bitcoins. With its alarm features now you can quickly know the rise and downfall of your bitcoin. Remember this is not a widget app, this app shows you the real-time status of the cryptocurrency that is equipped with the widget features. Bitcoin Paranoid is the app that is attracting the people toward it with its fast and straightforward tracking cryptocurrency system.

    #8. Wallet

    [appbox googleplay]

    A Philippine-based created this Coins.Ph Wallet. This wallet has everything that one expects from every portfolio. This app lets you use two addresses, one to buy and sell another to convert your cryptocurrency into local currency through its open exchanges. Also, it gives you features like sending your funds to another, and it also lets you buy game credits and e-cards for shopping. This app enables you to experience the modern dashboard with easy access to every section. Coins.Ph Wallet is the app if you are always on or like to shop online.

    #9. Cryptonator

    [appbox googleplay com.aev.cryptonator&hl=en]

    Encrypt your cryptocurrency data online with Cryptonotor. This app comes with a bank-grade security system which keeps your privacy and anonymity secure. The apps UI design is very simplistic and easy to use with every section easily accessible. This app also features an additional two-step verification with which they claim that there every service’s run through a secure SSL connection handled by the cryptographic algorithm. This app provides an instant currency exchange and a direct pay to euro through the wallet.

    #10. zTrader

    [appbox googleplay co.bandicoot.ztrader&hl=en]

    zTrader is a lightweight app that lets you enjoy a secure exchange of the largest cryptocurrency. It offers a technical tool for analysis and safe API key storage. Also, this app has a chatroom for you to discuss and chat with other traders all across the globe. The exchange offers much different info in all of its feature. This app has a well-developed system UI that is easy to handle by almost everyone. This app is very reliable and is becoming popular among many users. Regular Feeds and notification alerts are also included in this app.

    Final words

    So, these were best Bitcoin Wallet Apps for Android. We hope that this list will help you to choose a best bitcoin wallet for your smartphone. This change in money is unstoppable so what are you waiting for? Download any of these wallets and enter the world of digital money.

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