10 Best Bible Apps & Bible Study Apps for Android Smartphones

    With mobile devices becoming a very common use to all parts of the society, you could certainly see Apps being developed for spiritual and devotional purposes too. Prayer Apps, Bible Apps, Bible reader Apps, supporting Apps etc., help your faith get stronger on the go.

    Technology is penetrating even the churches today. Many churches are developing their own Apps to help people in a religious aspect.

    Today, we will discuss the best Bible App for Android developed over the last few years. Before I start with the list of best bible study Apps, I would like to say that any place and any time is always favourable to have a peek at a few verses in the bible.

    Worship is not the time or place restricted as long as your faith is intact.

    10 Best Bible Apps for Android

    1. Audiobooks

    Audiobooks are one the most popular and best Bible App for Android to listen since it is read by a human voice.

    Even though this App is not specific to just the Bible, you will know the difference when you start using it.

    Bible Apps

    Though it will not replace the physical copy of the book, it still acts as an e-book to hear to anywhere and anytime.

    The audiobook can be regarded as one of the best Bible Study Apps for Android devices.

    2. You Version – Bible App

    By far the most downloaded one and named as one the best Bible Study App, You Version has more than 86 million downloads all across the globe.

    There are two reasons for this popularity, one being the multi-lingual options with more than 40 languages to choose from and the 2nd being hundreds of versions of the Bible to choose from.

    [appbox googleplay]

    You have options to customize your Bible with public/private Notes, Bookmarks and download selected versions to read offline.Also, with options to share, you could certainly educate and enlighten your near and dear ones with it.

    No doubt this app is on the list of the 10 best Bible Apps for Android.

    3. Bible App for Kids

    This Bible Study App for kids is a new member of the You Version.

    A free app developed just for kids to understand the Bible through interactive adventures and animations for them to explore.

    [appbox googleplay]

    With features like easy navigation, touch-activated animations, colourful illustrations, fun facts and activities for the young minds to enjoy and learn the lessons in the Bible, this App is another best Bible App for Android.

    You have privacy options to hide what is not relevant to kids in the Bible to ensure that the kids learn lessons appropriate to their age.

    4. Bible.Is – Dramatized Audio Bibles

    Another free of cost and one of the best Bible Study App for Android, Bible. It is more of a scripture-oriented App.

    With options like more than 1800+ languages, you could listen to the dramatized storyline, download text and audio files for selected versions for offline App usage, bookmark, and highlight verses and also add notes.

    [appbox googleplay]

    Another notable option of this App is sharing what you like to all popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Message, and e-mail with just a single click.

    You have an option save your work, bookmarks, and notes with a free account provided by Bible.Is.

    5. Bible Trivia Quiz

    An ad-free Bible App that works offline as well. Bible Trivia Quiz is an App to learn about the Bible while you have fun. Once you finish answering a question, the App will provide the scripture reference based on it.

    [appbox googleplay bible.quiz.trivia.amaliadev]

    A free booklet via e-mail will be sent to you on – ‘How to Study the Bible’ with your consent. With questions ranging to a little over 1000, it will test both the knowledge and application of that knowledge on your daily lives.

    It is a fun Bible App for Android with questions solely based on the scripture with the Bible being the source. Yet another excellent App to the list of the best Bible Apps for Android.

    6. ESV Crossway

    With or without an active internet connection, you can still access and use the ESV Crossway Bible App for Android.

    It is, as they say, the entire Bible is at your fingertips when you have ESV Crossway App on your Android device.

    [appbox googleplay com.subsplash.esv]

    With an excellent user interface and fluidity to use the App, you are certainly in for a treat if you like to read the Bible. The options to search and return back to your verses or chapter is very easy, which can be done with just a click.

    With options to enlarge and shrink fonts as you desire, this is one of the Best Bible Study App for all in the family.

    7. Our Daily Bread

    Millions of people around the world have installed and using this App, which proves its worthiness.

    Our Daily Bread is a devotional app that encourages people to attain a spiritual connection with the divine.

    [appbox googleplay org.rbc.odb]

    Along with Multi-lingual options for your convenience, you have features to download a month’s daily readings for offline reading, read or listen since you have an inbuilt audio player, share your daily reading if you wish to with all your near and dear ones, private journal for your thoughts and notes and discuss with public comments section regarding the App and the daily readings.

    With so many options in a single App, this App is worthy of being mentioned in the list of best Bible Apps for Android,

    8. Bible Gateway

    With options to study, understand, listen and read the Bible, Bible Gateway App is a well-thought-out name for this best Bible Study App for Android.

    This App comes with multiple versions of the Bible, you have multiple languages to choose from too.

    [appbox googleplay]

    From easy to search any passage in the Bible to daily Bible verse of the day, reading plans to help you during your busy schedule, notes, bookmarks and highlighting your favourite verses in the Bible, I think this App has got all the features covered.

    One more feature worth mentioning would be sharing your Bible knowledge with the digital world.

    9. Bible Memory

    One of the very few audio-visual bible App supporting the Bible for Android, Bible Memory helps you memorize your favourite verses on a regular basis.

    The three options here:

    • Touch – the first letter of each verse helps you memorize it
    • Audio- Record the verse audio and reiterate along with the voice
    • Visual – illustrations and review of versus using flashcards to help you remember
    [appbox googleplay com.millennialsolutions.scripturetyper]

    helps a lot of people to memorize the Bible verses in no time.No doubt, this one another best Bible App for Android out there.

    10. The Study Bible

    Being devotional is proving to be quite expensive since time is an irreplaceable resource.

    The Study Bible App for Android helps you read or listen to the Bible at your convenience.

    [appbox googleplay com.gty.macarthurstudybible]

    The best feature here is John MacArthur answering bible questions, which definitely makes way for this App t get into the list of the best Bible Apps for Android.

    Other options include syncing data across multiple devices, guides, articles and highlighting bible passages with notes and many more.

    Final Thoughts

    I hope this list of the 10 best Bible Apps for Android will help you pick and choose the right App for yourself that suits your daily lifestyle and your religious views about the Bible.

    If there are any other Apps that you think should make to this list, then let us know in the comment’s section and we will add them up here.

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