Automated Boat Hatch: A Linear Electric Actuators for Boats

    Despite the fact that controlling the marine vessels is heavy and quite responsive, to some extent automatization succeeded to aim and be implemented even in this branch of engineering – marine vessels machine building.

    Electric linear actuators used for specific purposes of the construction of marine vessels require to possess several important specifications needed for durable on-board service.

    These electric linear actuators must have high-degree IP protection, preferably be made of aluminium alloy, suitable for harsh and difficult weather conditions, high humidity, constants vibrations, salt influence, etc.

    In recent decades linear actuators became an integral part of the construction of numerous models of watercraft: boats, ships, and cutters.

    This automatization technology helps to prevent sea accidents to a greater extent than any hydraulics used instead.

    Moreover, linear actuators systems became even more popular for marine shipbuilding than hydraulics thanks to its relatively small dimensions and high efficiency and capability to withstand heavy workloads under the most unfriendly conditions.

    When it comes to sea travelling everything should be comfortable and efficient. Doesn’t matter if this is a trip on a yacht with family or a large cargo sea passage.

    All hatches, lifting platforms or valve controls on balance systems must be carried out correctly.

    Here’s where the usage of boat hatch actuator is not just a matter of comfort but the matter of optimal and most efficient use of the limited onboard space which is necessary to be preserved wisely to the biggest possible extent.

    Systems suitable for long-swimming sea passages have to use only reliable electric linear actuators as humidity and especially salt water to the biggest extent affects equipment and fasters its corrosion.

    Work under the direct influence of the sun worsens the process even more. Corrosion and materials deterioration are constantly present when speaking about sea vessels.

    However, Progressive Automations linear actuators are always tested and all-the-time certified as equipment that withstands the most severe sea and ocean weather conditions like heavy storms and hurricanes.

    Electric linear actuators used for the construction of hatches for sea vessels are easy to install and usually easily integrated with other control systems. This technology needs nothing.

    You won’t see any hoses, pumps or oil spills, and after installation, the electric actuators require no regular maintenance. This makes Progressive Automations actuators an obvious economical solution for vessels automatization.

    In times when the motorboat is associated with luxury living, the one who enters on a board of any of these floating transportations means expects from them a certain automatization capable transforming the simple sea travel into the dream.

    The company offers a wide variety of products suitable for different sizes of vessels – from the smallest boats to cutters and even to the largest navy destroyers capable to withstand even small tsunamis.

    And it is logical that the bigger the vessel – the harder is to keep an eye on everything to be done precisely in time.

    Engine block on large vessels has to be checked regularly, however, the hatch which usually covers the direct way to it has to be isolated by the hatch according to the safety measurements.

    The same kind of hatches separates different compartments. Automatisation of these hatches and their connections to the electric relays manipulated by the captain from the command bridge makes sea passages much easier and safer for its passengers, especially during bad weather conditions in the sea.

    Variety of specially designed marine electric linear actuators with different specifications offer versatility both for internal comfort improvements and for external solutions where a certain level of automatization plays quite an important role for well functioning of the vessel in general.

    Automated boat hatch is really essential when many manipulations are done manually by one or two naval crew under the conditions when all actions must be clear and in time for the passengers’ safety.

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