15 Best Artificial Intelligence Software

    Artificial Intelligence software is becoming one of the most used technologies in different sectors like health care research, employment, technology, education, and even business. There are different types of Artificial intelligence software that offers various features. 

    But what is AI? It is a computer program that can imitate human behaviour like intuitive thinking, instant reaction, cognitive functions, etc. Some of the main features of AI software are machine learning, virtual assistant, speech and voice recognition, etc.

    Which are services that run on physical equipment that requires good technical support, like Brocade Networks Maintenance services with 100% sparing methodology; a must in order to meet SLA requirements

    With Artificial intelligence and machine learning, a user can make any task easier. With AI software, you can develop an intelligent application with its machine learning or ML and deep learning capabilities.

    There are Different Types of Artificial Intelligence Software.

    • Artificial Intelligence Platform: Artificial intelligence platforms are known for designing intelligent applications with programming. Developers often use such Ai platforms to design an intelligent app or API from scratch. Such artificial intelligence has built-in algorithms and programs and drag and drop features to help the developers.
    • Deep Learning software: These are artificial intelligence platforms that can do tasks like image recognition, identity recognition from videos, speech identification, etc.
    • Machine learning software: Machine learning software and also a type of special artificial intelligence platform where the computer can learn new things with the help of the data.

    Here are the top fifteen artificial intelligence software that is going to be in main focus in 2020-

    Best Artificial Intelligence Software

    1. Google AI platform

    Google’s AI platform tops this list of the best artificial intelligence software.  The search engine giant offers its unique AI. Anyone, a developer, data scientist, or data engineer can use this platform for their machine learning works. The biggest benefit of the Google AI platform is that it is fast and cost-effective software.

    It has an integrated toolchain that allows you to design a machine learning application and run your application. It also supports Kube Flow, an open-source platform from Google. That means you can easily design any ML pipeline in the Google platform and run it on Google cloud without making changes to its code.

    artificial intelligence software
    Google AI platform

    Moreover, in this platform, you can use advanced Google AI techs like TPUs, Tensor Flow wt to deploy your AI applications for production. It also offers components like Google Cloud Console, gcloud, Rest API, etc. 

    It is also great for learners who want to learn API or ML. The platform offers great support to the developers and comes with an advanced security system, including spam detection. Google AI platform is a paid service that comes with many packages with convenient charges.

    2. Deep Vision

    Deep Vision comes second. It is the best AI software for security and safety intelligence. The software offers great and advanced facial analysis features. It can also supervise any area to identify anyone by their facial features and categories like age, gender, etc. 

    Deep Vision has a Demographic Model to get a clear understanding of the demographic variation in a certain area. So, it is one of the best tools to monitor customer patterns by image or videos. Its AI and machine learning ability is so strong that it can find the identity of a person from an image or a video within a few minutes. 

    artificial intelligence software
    Deep Vision

    Deep Vision can track individuals with facial matches and monitor the designated zones even during high traffic. Moreover, the software can determine the location with a unique matching ability. It matches the targets with facial matches and estimates their identity. With deep Vision, advertisers and brands can easily connect with their targeted audience for advertising and other fruitful engagements.  

    3. Tensor Flow

    Tensor flow is an open-source ai software. It is a software library for numerical computation. The program was developed by experts who are working with Google’s Brain team for designing Google AI.  So, you get assured service from this AI.

    TensorFlow uses data flow graphs, and the nodes in these graphs represent the mathematical equations. It is a flexible AI that comes with great portability features. It is also a fast AI that offers great service. With Tensor Flows Cloud TPUs, you can train and run your machine learning models. 

    Due to its flexibility, you can use it to deploy your ML projects in more than one CPUs or GPUs or one desktop or a server. It also supports mobile devices and comes with a special API for mobile devices. Beginner and even expert developers can use Tensor Flow APIs for ML development. It also comes with great community support. 

    Tensor Flow

    Since it is for detailed machine learning and neural networks research, It can be a little complicated, and you may need to get used to its complicated features. You can also customize the artificial intelligence platform so that it can identify new images. A user can import images and videos from their gallery or database and use them as references. As a result, Deep Vision can identify even custom faces. 

    So, if you are searching for an artificial intelligence platform that can help you to get human identification and demographic data collection, Deep Vision needs to be your top option. It is also user-friendly. Hence, there will be no issues while using it. 

    4. Microsoft Azure

    The list of top artificial intelligence software remains incomplete without mentioning the artificial intelligence software Azure from Microsoft. It is another cloud-based AI software that helps to get simplified M for business. Business users like digital marketing experts, eCommerce experts, and use Azure for different tables.

    It also offers to share APIs and finished ML projects. Any business user can model any ML with advanced algorithms like Bing,  R, Python packages, Xbox, etc. It also supports custom R and Python code. 

    artificial intelligence software
    Microsoft Azure

    In azure, you can find LOB applications SAP, DevOps, Business intelligence, etc. It also offers services like big data and analytics, Data Warehouse, Business SaaS apps, VCould migration, Internet of Things, Mainframe Migration, and other advanced features. 

    Azure is popular because it supports almost every operating system, tool, framework, and language. The app service is available free of cost. But the Virtual machines and SQL database are paid services.

    5. Rain Bird

    Rainbird is another AI program aimed at the business sector. It is an acclaimed artificial intelligence platform that allows brands and organizations to build intelligent systems with advanced decision-making abilities.

    Hence, chatbots or APIs become advanced and offer better efficiency. Rain Bird comes with a Visual User Interface. It has RBLang, the intuitive programming language, and also supports Controlled Learning Algorithms. 

    artificial intelligence software
    Rain Bird

    Furthermore, it features Smart Data Import and Natural language processing. It is also a great software for re-engineering works and automation related works. 

    It can effectively turn insights into action and also offers a sustainable and flexible platform for innovation. For companies that need to use automation tech to get the best performance from their employees, can rely on Rain Bird.

    6. Wipro HOLMES

    The sixth contender in this list of the best AI  is Wipro Holmes.  Wipro HOLMES comes with advanced cognitive computing features. One can use this AI to design cognitive process automation, visual computing applications, robotics, drones, Digital visual assistants, predictive systems, etc.

    Wipro developers used simple languages, generic and deep learning algorithm semantic ontologies and knowledge modelling techs, deep learning algorithms to design this software. Hence, it offers great performance and also increases cognitive enhancement to increase productivity.

    artificial intelligence software
    Wipro HOLMES

    With Wipro HOLMES, a developer can reach the peak stage of automation. It is for the IT and business process areas. Moreover, AI supports speech recognition, pattern recognition, and natural language understanding. Hence, it is a delight to any developer who wants to create something new. 

    7. Dialog Flow

    If a developer wants to build chatbots, applications, services, and devices that are exclusive for a brand, Dialog Flow is the best artificial intelligence platform. It offers different types of natural language understanding tools.

    Hence, you can design exclusive conversations and scenarios, and can also design corresponding actions for a certain question or reply. With Dialog Flow, you can also analyze interactions with the users. 

    artificial intelligence software
    Dialogue Flow

    The Ai also supports collected knowledge like weather updates, news, booking, flight schedules, encyclopedic data from the past years. The platform is intuitive. Hence, it can use the conversation with the developers and the conversations to improve the user experience. 

    It also offers conversation support, and the users and developers can easily switch between conversational topics. Due to the unique cross-platform support, the user experience improves a lot. Dialog Flow is also accessible on any platform and through a remote location. 

    8. Engati

    Next comes Engati. It is another user-friendly AI for chatbots. It can help with designing different types of chatbots- from simple to complex and intuitive. The platform comes with more than 150 pre-designed templates. So you do not need to start over from scratch.

    You can choose any template and get a chatbot in a few minutes. Furthermore, Engati also supports advanced and intuitive conversation builders. So, you can prepare the chatbot for complex questions and better thinking. Hence, designing automated chatbots becomes a small task with this platform. 


    With its advanced integration ability and fast bot deploying feature, you can deploy the bots to any website or any available channel. You can design a chatbot that offers better customer engagement to your customer.

    In addition to that, this artificial intelligence software can do background checks of peoples and check through real-time data. Therefore, it can also be helpful for a Human Resource department and go for employee background checks. 

    9. Infosys Nia

    Infosys Nia is knowledge-based artificial intelligence software.  It effortlessly combines machine learning with deep knowledge from Infosys. Hence, you get the best realization for automation and innovation.

    With Nia from Infosys, you can always redesign and modify the system landscape for any business. It also offers the AiKiDo service, which can decrease the overall maintenance cost for physical and digital assets.  It can effortlessly collect knowledge from fragmented and complex systems to simplify that for core business purposes. 

    Infosys Nia
    Infosys Nia

    Furthermore, Nia offers an Order-to-activation process and also supports incident automation with its advanced technology. The biggest benefit of NIA is state-of-the-art automate, redesigning, and amplification through machine learning. 

    10. Premonition

    Premonition is for the attorneys and law professionals. A lot of lawyers use Premonition to get the best services. With Premonition, you can track the record of the attorneys. Moreover, opt for Ci-counsel who can help you to win any legal battle. It can also help in analyzing the court, the legal matter, and the opposing lawyer and their win rates.

    artificial intelligence software

    The AI can read more than 50000 documents in a second and also allows you to ask questions related to any document. With this system, you can also find an expert and legal witnesses related to their past legal records. It is an intelligent artificial intelligence that can effectively rank any lawyer acceding to their past legal battles and records of winning. 

    11. H2O AI

    The H2O AI is an artificial intelligence software for the banking sector, health care and hospitality sector, telecom sector, and insurance sector. It uses R and Python to design ML models etc. The AI has an open-source platform and allows beginners to learn AI and ML at a better level. 

    H2O AI
    H2O AI

    It has AutoML functionality and also supports different algorithms like linear models, deep learning, gradient boosted machine learning, etc. H20 AI supports a scalable linear platform that has an intuitive in-memory stricture. H20 AI is user-friendly and offers great user support. Therefore, using it is bliss. 

    12. Ayasdi

    Ayasdi is known for being a user-friendly artificial intelligence platform. It helps the users to go for detailed research on a huge amount of data related to the client, product, market-based performance, etc. to get hidden details and better insides into any situation. Additionally, it helps in designing predictive and intuitive models. The models can help in business automation through intelligence APIs. 


    It offers Topological Data Analysis, clustering, Dimensionality reduction, and Big data analysis and modelling. In reality, Ayasdi is an enterprise-scale artificial intelligence platform for automation works. With this platform, you can design advanced automation from any complex data. It also supports a wide user-based- business analysis professionals, developers, OS developers, and other developers.  With Ayasdi, you can deploy scalable mathematical models and advanced analyses as per your convenience. 

    13. MindMeld

    MindMeld is a unique artificial intelligence software that is the true next-generation platform. It offers ss deep-domain conversational AI that offers advanced next-gen chat assistants and voice bots. You can use these bots for both personal and professional use. 

    The most striking feature is its different set of trolls. The tools are different for professional and personal use. So, with MindMeld, you are less prone to mistakes between the voice and chat assistants. So, there is no chance of hit-or-miss accuracy, and also preset rules break even if you go off-script. 

    artificial intelligence software

    You can get on-demand music and video and also offers in-store pickup and curbside pickup. Moreover, MindMeld also offers fast chat-based transactions. In case you want a good and sustainable artificial intelligence platform within a reasonable budget, MindMeld gets the winning title. It is really affordable.

    14. IBM Watson

    IBM offers an exclusive artificial intelligence-based computer system Watson. The company named this Ai after their First CEO, Sir Thomas J. Watson. IBM Watson is an ideal AI for those who need to get answers to their questions.

    This particular AI has an advanced and cognitive computing platform. It uses different types of techniques like reasoning, machine learning, natural language processing, AI, etc., for offering integrated computing. 

    artificial intelligence software
    IBM Watson

    IBM Watson offers software and tool integration and artificial intelligence for different types of tasks and business procedures. It can capture data in different forms like spoken data, paragraphs, written commands, etc.

    It helps a user to arrange and organize everything to get the proper information after data analysis. With its 80 teraflops processing rate, it is a fast artificial platform.  This product is great for re-imagining the workload of the users in different sectors like finance, education, transportation, etc. Furthermore, IBM offers strict and strong security to protect your data and encrypts everything for an extra layer of security. 

    15. Cortana

    Cortana, the virtual assistant, is now a revamped artificial intelligence platform. So, it deserves a place on this list of ai software. Cortana can help in many virtual tasks. It supports Xbox OS, iOS, Windows, and Android. So, using it becomes an effortless job. Moreover, it supports different languages like English French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, etc.


    Cortana supports voice command, and you can do a lot of tasks like managing your daily schedule, searching on the internet, playing movies or music, etc. It can also turn applications like search engines, Microsoft office for PowerPoint, etc. through the voice input method.


    In this article, you have found different types of artificial intelligence software. There is software for developing APIs and machine learning.  Then there are examples of AI platforms for designing chatbots and virtual assistants for any task.

    The list also features specialized Artificial intelligence platforms for business and digital marketing and even for those who need a virtual assistant. You can choose any of this artificial intelligence software as per your work preference.

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