6 Practical Tips For Perfect Booklet Printing

    Corporate booklets and other company literature are an essential part of any business. They help to stand out from the competition while guiding the staff towards achieving the business goals. As such booklets consist of thousands of pages, it makes more sense to use Wire-O Bound book printing to print and bind them. It will ensure that all those pages stay together, and the reader doesn’t face any difficulties while using the booklet. 

    Though it’s pretty straightforward to use such simple solutions, many businesses still suffer from adequate business printing solutions. To help them out, here are six practical tips for flawless booklet printing.

    1. Know the Page Count

    Before you ask for print quotes or design the page layout, it’s essential to know the total number of pages your booklet has. The total number of pages should include the front and back outside covers too. People often forget to consider the outside covers into the total number of page counts and mess up the whole booklet. 

    Start with the front cover page and consider it as page no. 1. Now start labeling each page with the following numbers until you reach the last page.  

    2. Consider Premium Binding Options

    Regardless of the industry, company literature is a part of your brand identity. The literature like company vision book, plans, employee handbook, code of conduct, bear the brand identities of your company such as your logo, tagline, etc. That’s why it’s essential to produce high-quality booklets for your company.

    Whenever the readers pick up the booklet to read, they associate that booklet directly with your brand. That means it makes more sense to invest your time, money, and resources into producing high-quality booklets. To ensure that the readers get the premium reading experience, consider using premium and efficient binding options like Wire-O bound book printing. With this binding method, your booklets can hold thousands of pages together, and it also gets easier to flip through the pages without any hassle. 

    3. Check Page Orientation

    Once you figure your page count and binding, you need to go on to decide the page orientation. The page orientation might seem like a tedious task, but it is an important one. You don’t want your booklet pages to look all out of alignment and margins. Make sure all the pages have the same page layouts with the same margin indentations and text alignment. 

    It’s also vital to determine whether you will have a portrait layout or a landscape layout. Corporate booklets like business reports and handbooks have vertical orientation, while creative booklets like photography magazines or recipe books can have horizontal orientation due to their content and visual esthetic. Make sure what type of booklet you are going to produce and determine the orientation accordingly.

    4. Finalize Your Design

    The booklet design represents the whole visual appearance of your booklet. No matter how great your booklet content is, it will be worth nothing if the users do not feel like reading it because it looks dull and unattractive.

    The design phase of the booklet will ensure your booklet has the consistency of colors, font, font size, and other visual elements. It’s best to stick with a color scheme of a few colors throughout the booklet. Do not use a different design for each page. You should also continue the same page design throughout the booklet. If you are not good with design, it’s best to hire a professional designer to design your booklet.

    5. Get a Trial on a Printer

    You can use the printer at your office to print some sample pages to see how your pages will look. It’s best to use the same paper size that you want to have in your booklet. That way, you will clearly understand the size of your brochure or other stationery that you want to print.

    6. Choose the Right Printing Service Provider

    Corporate booklets need to have precise size and design. The readers can quickly notice even the slightest inconsistencies if the booklets are printed and bound precisely. Even if you decide to print the pages on your own, you will still need to figure out how you will bind the thousands of pages together with not a single page out of line. You don’t want your business stakeholders to see a poorly secured, out of alignment booklet. That’s why it makes more sense to hire a printing catalog service provider for your booklet needs.

    They can guide you through different process stages and suggest you the right binding solutions like Wire-O Bound book printing to bind your booklets effectively. 

    Whether you will use booklets for educational or corporate purposes, it’s essential to have the right content, design, print, and binding to ensure the reader has the best reading experience possible.

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