The 6 Biggest Things unveiled by Apple

    The CEO of Apple Tim Cook has made six big announcements. He had a lot of discussions that he wanted to make it on the stage, but he focused only on the 6 big announcements which we are going to discuss in a detailed form which is mentioned below.

    Here are the 6 biggest things unveiled by Apple in WWDC

    watchOS 4

    On Monday, Apple released his latest and newest version of OS(operating system) for Apple watch. This new version of Apple watchOS 4 has following new features:-

    • Now, it has new watch faces which have to put Siri Cards front and center. This feature will remind you about when you can leave your office, the music you are playing and many more features.
    • watchOS 4 will provide you new user interface which will be used to support two-way data with workout machines and much more to do.

    watch os 4

    macOS High Sierra

    This is also part of one of the biggest announcements which have been made by Tim Cook. macOS High Sierra is the successor to Sierra which was announced last year. It provides following below written features:-

    • Apple has provided their customer’s virtual reality headsets
    • Has also taken care of security improvisations to Safari which helps in privacy
    • Added new photo search features and new Apple File System has been launched which will assure your security for storage.
    • It will be available soon in the market.

    macOS High Sierra

    New iMacs and MacBook Air / MacBook Pro

    The CEO of  Apple has finally brought his users a  new iMacs that have sharper and brighter display and new Intel It has some additional feature which is as follows:-

    • Thes e have designed with seventh-generation Intel processors which are over to MacBook
    • The biggest thing that Apple has announced is iMac Pro which will cost you approx. $4,999 which will have a 5K display and good design.

                          new imacs

    iOS 11

    Since iOS 11 was launched previously in September yet it has added some unique features for iPad and iPhone. iOS 11 has some following unique features:-

    • You can now synchronize your various iOS devices iPhones and iPad’s
    • Messages can be kept and safe into the cloud which will save your hard drive storage space.
    • Now, Apple can allow you to do peer-to-peer payments which can be compatible with Paypal, Square Cash, Venmo and others which will iOS users to send money to one another.
    • On iPads, users can now drag and drop the icons on the bottom dock of the screen.


    ios 11

    iPad Pro 10.5

    Apple also launched new iPad Pro 10.5. It has following awesome unique features:-

    • Brighter wide display which has a faster refreshing rate which allows you to watch movies and playing games.
    • Will also provide you new A10X processor which will improve your overall performance.
    • New chip and screen also have been added to Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9

    iPad Pro 10.5

    Apple HomePod Speaker

    If we talk about the announcement of a new product which Apple has launched is Apple HomePod speaker. It is a Siri-based smart speaker which gives you the pleasure of playing and streaming music. Apple HomePod speaker will provide you following written features:-

    • Allows you to play music on the iOS
    • Can be used to check traffic, controls smart lights can be queried about sports score.
    • It may costs you $349 when it will come in the markets in December.

    homepod speakers

    These were the 6 Biggest Things announced by Apple in WWDC. Let us know in comments what you liked the most.

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