10 Best Applock for Android

    Privacy is something so rare and hard to find in this digital world, don’t you agree with me?

    Even with passwords and device lock settings, you still feel uncomfortable when your phone is being used by someone else or is stolen.

    Every smartphone irrespective of iOS or Android has a certain type of security set up to unlock the device.

    The need for further security for certain apps arose when people started to share confidential information over these channels.

    This led to something call app-locking mechanism, in laymen terms, an application that provides the option to password protect every App that you have on your phone.

    Best Applock for Android

    Today, we will discuss the best Applock for Android that provides excellent security to the sensitive information stored on your smartphones, in specific – Android phones.

    Everyone has their unique style when it comes to the locking mechanism and they tend to stick to one type rather than changing it very often.

    The main reason being, we tend to forget the password or even the accessing lines to unlock the App.

    It is better to stick to the same unlocking pattern to lessen the burden on your mind.

    Let’s now discuss the best App locker for Android:

    1. AppLock App Locker

    [appbox googleplay com.domobile.applock&hl=en]

    This is one of the best App locker for Android or say, privacy protection for all the Apps on your phone.

    AppLock App Locker has earned the title to be the best in the market.


    There are several reasons this App has earned the title, like:

    • After installing this best app locker for android, you can either choose pin, password or pattern to set as your password
    • Fingerprint password is also available for Android 6.0 or above users
    • Option to customize the background of your lock screen as you please
    • ‘Hide Photos and Videos’ option that allows you to hide photos and media in the Gallery, which can be accessed through the photo and video vault
    • Allows you to check on anyone who has tried to intrude your phone’s privacy

    2. Hex App Lock and Photo Vault

    [appbox googleplay com.liquidum.hexlock&hl=en]

    Hex App Lock is the next best App locker for Android, which is popular for its unique profile option.


    There are many features in this app that certainly will help protect the security of your device from any third party like:

    • Profiles like work, home, café, parental and school make sure you are protected in every circumstance
    • Similar to AppLock, this app also allows you to set up pin, password or pattern to protect all the important applications
    • Hide Photos and Video option is available in this App as well
    • If any third party tries to access your phone without your consent, a picture will be taken to notify you about the same

    3. Smart AppLock (App Protect)

    [appbox googleplay com.thinkyeah.smartlockfree&hl=en]

    Next on the list is the Smart AppLock.

    It is considered to be the best app lock for Android due to a number of reasons.

    This Smart AppLock is living up to its name by fulfilling its very purpose.


    • Pin, password or pattern options are available for all devices along with gesture and fingerprint only for Samsung devices so far
    • Along with locking Apps, you have an option to lock private data, incoming calls and settings too
    • You can disguise the Smart AppLock to look like a regular App instead of its original symbol
    • In case of unauthorized access to your phone, a picture will be e-mailed directly to your registered email address

    4. CM AppLock

    [appbox googleplay com.cleanmaster.applock&hl=en]

    A security App for not only human intruders but also digital intruders like virus and malware, CM AppLock makes to the list of best App lock for Android.


    A few of the best features of this App are:

    • The pin, password, and pattern is a common feature for any Applocker and the fingerprint option is available for supported devices only
    • Enhances the speed of your device by an instant clean up
    • Any intrusion will be snap captured for you to know who the intruder is
    • You have an option to lock every other feature and App on your phone
    • Multiple themes along with background settings are available for you to choose

    5. KeepSafe AppLock

    [appbox googleplay]

    KeepSafe Applock is known as the best App lock for Android Marshmallow or above only because it comes with these amazing features:


    • The common pin, pattern, password option is available for you to choose from and you could also have the fingerprint lock option for supported devices
    • The best part is that the application has no annoying advertising
    • It is compatible with all applications
    • You could also customize the options based on your preference
    • You have an option to organize your confidential documents like your Driver’s license, Passport, Credit Cards etc., too
    • Another excellent option available on this App is making your last used Apps invisible

    6. MaxLock

    [appbox googleplay de.Maxr1998.xposed.maxlock&hl=en]

    MaxLock is another ad-free protection App for your Android device that has many unique features for you to explore, which take this App to this best Applock for Android list.


    Few of the features are:

    • Your device has to be rooted to use this App since it is based on Xposed Framework
    • Pin, password and pattern options are available like rest of the similar Apps
    • It uses battery and performance recognition method
    • A notable feature is the ‘Fake Crash’ option, which helps fake crash all the locked Apps
    • For Android Marshmallow and above users, the fingerprint lock option is available
    • Multiple interface customization options are at your disposal

    7. Finger Security

    [appbox googleplay com.rickclephas.fingersecurity&hl=en]

    One of the first and oldest security App designed for Android users when the fingerprint option first appeared on the market.

    The list of the best Applocker for Android would be incomplete without the addition of this excellent App.


    Some of the exciting features that have improved over the years are:

    • The most basic feature is to hide media files and protect other Apps
    • With an added layer of security, you could block access to any individual App by drawing a pattern on the screen
    • You could unlock multiple Apps at once, which is both good and bad for many reasons
    • As a backup, you could set up a pin or password, just in case the fingerprint is not recognized
    • Customizable interface and background options available

    8. Knock Lock

    [appbox googleplay com.italiag.knocklock&hl=en]

    The name itself suggests how the App works, Knock Lock provides an exclusive feature to lock and unlock the phone.


    You have to knock on the phone with a set pattern to unlock it. And, with this unique feature, this App has made to our list of the best App locker for Android.

    Some of its major uses and features are:

    • Avoids accidental dialing
    • You have an option to set up the date and time along with a few inbuilt HD wallpapers as per your preference
    • Invisible path to unlock your phone is a much better option than pointers for pattern
    • You can also set your name on the lock screen with various font styles and colors to explore

    9. Privacy Knight Applock

    [appbox googleplay com.ali.babasecurity.privacyknight&hl=en]

    Coming from the developers of Alibaba group, Privacy Knight AppLock is another best Applock for Android that has been designed and released with some of the most amazing features.


    These features are:

    • Hide the App with a disguise with the Smart App hider option
    • Privacy vault option is another unique feature, which helps safeguard your videos and photos
    • Biometric locking mechanism has been added in this version to unlock your phone with facial recognition
    • Clean up with just a tap removing all the browser history
    • Multiple lock options with face, fingerprint, pin, pattern and password options applicable to the phones that are compatible

     10. Perfect App Lock

    [appbox googleplay com.morrison.applocklite&hl=en]

    As the name suggests, Perfect App Lock is one the best app lock for Android that has been built to help safeguard your confidential information and media files.

    The multiple features that made it climb to the top 10 list of best Applock for Android are:

    • Pin, gesture, and patterns are the unlocking options provided in this App
    • With 3 failed attempts to unlock, a selfie of the intruder will be taken automatically
    • An excellent feature of locking even the device Wi-Fi, mobile data, Sync and USB options too
    • Displays fake error messages to misguide the intruder trying to launch a locked App
    • You have an option to remote start AppLock via SMS


    So, these are the best of the best Applock for Android in the market at the moment.

    There are numerous other App lockers for Android that did not make it to this list of the 10 best Applock for Android.

    However, the ones that have made it are top notch and help you organize and protect your documents, photos, videos and messages including other Apps, which may contain any sensitive information.

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