Four Methods to See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

    Who viewed my Facebook Profile, everyone wants to know this secret. Have you ever tried out to find an answer to the question..??

    You are at the right place to get the answer. Let’s start.

    Facebook is the number one social media platform where people are connected to each other through the internet. There are billions of people who have joined Facebook to remain connected to their loved ones.

    Do you ever think that there are some people who had visited your facebook profile daily but don’t want to be on your friend list?

    Do you ever wonder who are they?

    Do you want to know who visits your profile secretly without your knowledge?

    We know your answer is yes because everyone is curious to check who viewed my Facebook profile.

    Who viewed my Facebook Profile – 5 Working methods

    #1. Find who visited my facebook profile using the browser only

    a) In This method firstly visit and open your news feed. Then go to your timeline and click the first name of yours given on the blue navigation bar.

    b) In this step, click right anywhere on the page to get the menu then click on view page or you can click on CTRL+U, both actions will give the same results.

    c) Now a long page will appear with some codes. Press Ctrl+F to get the search box. Now search for Initial Chat Friends List.

    d) After this you will see the bunch of numbers appeared, these numbers are the Facebook IDs of the persons who had visited your profile recently. To see whose Ids are they, enter the number after the into the address bar of your browser.

    Whoa… wasn’t that easy..?? I myself used these methods many times to know who viewed my facebook profile in order to find if it is my ex..!!

    Find who visited my facebook profile using the browser only

    #2. Using Google Chrome extension

    Google Chrome extension enables you to track who views my Facebook profile. But there is only one limitation that is it will track only those people who have already installed the Chrome extension.

    Using Google Chrome extension

    a) Download the browser extension from the Google Chrome web store. Then search for Facebook profile view notification there.

    b) There is also a direct link available in order to quickly start the tracking. Now after installing click the blue Add button to the Chrome as shown in an image.

    c) The extension installation notification will be added to the browser after this.

    d) Now Visit, you will spot a new thing there, you will see a new link called visitors on your Facebook profile.

    Visitors tab

    e) So whenever you want to check who visited my Facebook profile, simply click on the visitor’s link and you will be able to see the list of people visited your Facebook profile.

    #3. Using Social Fans App on your iPhone to find who viewed my Facebook profile

    The Social Fans App is a paid app for iPhone users to check who visit their Facebook profile. This application will allow IOS users to control their social accounts.

    Using this app, they will get a detailed analysis of their Facebook account. This is the best method for IOs users to see their profile visitors on Facebook.

    Using Social Fans App on your iPhone to find who viewed my Facebook profile

    #4. Android App for checking who viewed my Facebook profile

    This App “Who View My Profile” will help Android users to check who has visited their Facebook profile.

    Android App for checking who viewed my Facebook profilea) Download the app and install it on your android mobile.

    b) After installing the app, open it from the app drawer and then Click on connect to the Facebook button.

    c) In this step, Login to Facebook Account by entering your account credentials.

    d) After you log in successfully, give the required permission to the app.

    After this wait for a few seconds and it will show who had visited your Facebook profile recently

    So above were the 4 methods to check who viewed my Facebook profile. Although there are no official methods are available from Facebook to check who has visited my Facebook profile but still, you can use the above methods to check your profile visitors.

    If you had discovered any other method, you might let us know in comments. We will include that in our guide with proper credits.


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