Whatsapp have brought about highly advanced features

    More than millions of people make use of the Whatsapp messaging service all over the world. The application is more popular among people and it is easy to use. There are a lot of chances that the chat list gets loaded with the contacts and groups which are arduous to direct. Keeping all these things in mind Whatsapp has brought in a feature which lets you pin your favorite contacts to the top of the app.

    All these features can be found in beta versions of the app and are likely to add both the iOS and Android versions as soon as possible. If users press and hold on a chat, the pin option will pop up at the side of delete and mute features. Pressing that will establish the chat holds at the top of the list.

    Straight away, only three chats can be attached at any one time.The application is now brought by Facebook, is emerging a new feature to the app. This feature will let users pin essential chat on the top right of the screen. Particularly, to find valuable chats you will not have to roll on through tens of other chat threads as soon as the feature is facilitated. At present, the feature is part of Whatsapp beta with users likely to acquire it in the final form of Whatsapp soon.

    To use this feature user need to have an updated version of the application. Such a feature has been seen on Facebook and Twitter a while ago. The pin post feature on this application is made available for the beta users and users with the beta versions can make user of this feature. The feature is in its testing stage and will be soon made available on both Android and iOS.

    At the same time, as per a report appearing from Android Police, this new Whatsapp feature will be originally presented to the Android users and later on the iOS users will acquire it. This is how the Whatsapp application starts its new features. For frequent Facebook and Twitter user, this feature is not at all a new one.

    Facebook groups have the capacity to pin a highly essential post at the top of the page, but it isn’t made known to the particular Facebook users. Above all, the Twitter users can attach posts on their profiles.

    Android Police was the first one to brief about the Whatsapp pin feature. For the post feature on Whatsapp, users can able to pin at least three contacts.

    If the users attempt to pin more than three chats, Whatsapp will pop-up a message claiming that it is not feasible to pin more than three chats. By emerging this feature on Whatsapp, the application shortens the concern of scrolling down the long chat list for the users. Here are a few steps about how the feature works well with this application.

    All user need to do is to open the Whatsapp messenger on their smartphone and then long press on the most frequent chats. The pin option will expose right next to the delete icons at the top right corner of the screen. By clicking on the Pin icon, above which the chat will be fixed the top of the screen.

    After the testing process gets completed, Whatsapp is likely to initiate the feature to both the Android and iOS. Nevertheless, the no information on when the Pin feature might definitely release. The user will also be capable of unpinning the chat as per their needs.

    This will shorten the burden of categorizing long messages. The user’s need to speak out their messages bring about which Siri will certainly draft the message. After which the user need to name the contact and say “Send”. After this, Siri will send the message to the corresponding Whatsapp contact.

    Whatsapp has rapidly grown from an initial level to one of an essential messaging app in the world, with about one billion users. At the same time, you may use it each day; you might not be aware of the cool tricks and secret features masking in the app.

    Let’s Discuss some of the Whatsapp advanced features now:

    Send the same message to many people in their absence

    In the top left of the Whatsapp “Chats” screen, there is a used feature known as “Broadcast Lists”. This allows you send the same message to many contacts at once in their absence, a bit like the Blind carbon Copy buttons on emails.

    Rather than changing to other social media applications to suggest people to a particular event, or querying multiple people whether they like to play football without building up a group conversation, you can do it with one message in Whatsapp.

    Find out whom you chat with the most

    To find out whom you talk with Whatsapp the most, if you have an iOS device, go to Settings, account and storage option. There you will find a list of people and groups you message on Whatsapp together with the total number of interplay you’ve had with that person or group. If you choose “Size” at the bottom right of the screen you can visualize who you have finished the most data through Whatsapp.

    Find the amount of data and then reduces it

    For a disruption of the total amount of data you are using on Whatsapp just go to Settings, Data Usage and then Network Usage. In the Data Usage menu, you can restrict the amount of data Whatsapp uses by acknowledging the app to auto-download files and documents when your phone is associated to Wi-Fi. You can also pick the Low Data Usage mode to lower the amount of data that’s used for Whatsapp making audio and video calls.

    Mute intrusive group chats

    If users have one or two group messages that are invariably a gossip, you can mute the chat for at least eight hours, a week or a year. Just go to the chat, and tap the name of the group, Mute and then select the extent of time. You can also mute notifications on one to one conversations.

    Limit personal information by which unknown users can see

    If you’ve ever been combined into a group chat with people you don’t know, or you’ve displaced a Tinder chat to Whatsapp but aren’t confident it’s going somewhere, you can limit what personal information those users know about you. Go to Privacy and then change the Profile Photo and Status to My Contacts.

    This means only users safeguarded in your phonebook can able to see your images, files and other documents when you were last appeared on online.

    Share documents and files

    Users can now share documents straight away from your Google Drive and iCloud drive into a Whatsapp conversation. Tap the above arrow which is to the left of the text window, Share Document and then select where to allow a document from, in addition to Google Drive and iCloud Drive.

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