What is NIMA CRM? – A Data-Driven Guide to CRM Strategy

    Various businesses all over the world are reliant on CRM more than ever. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. At present, CRM is one of the base points that can determine the base of a business. Hence, the importance of quality CRM software is unquestionable in these times. NIMA CRM is one of the finest options out there that can help a business bloom with the finest strategies.


    Having the interests of the customers on a priority list is the only philosophy of NIMA CRM. The strategies are precise and on-point. These will help a business to improve the profit and revenues. Furthermore, the loyalty of the customers can be increased, and the costs can be significantly reduced.

    Working of NINA CRM

    NIMA CRM uses the finest implementation of the technology with proper strategies. One of the main reasons for the success of NIMA CRM is the blend of business technology and strategy. The various working of NIMA CRM that plays a major role in the success of the business are given below.

    • Strategies are customer-centric

    The strategies of NIMA CRM consider the best interest of the customers. The goals are pretty clear, and the customer experience is always kept meaningful. All steps are taken such that the customer experience is always improved. Different types of customers means there will be lots of opinions. If the customer experiences are valuable, the brand value increases. That is what exactly NIMA CRM has done. With proper customer experience maintained at all times, customers will automatically become loyal. The new customers will then automatically feel obliged to contact the institution. That is what NIMA CRM delivers.

    • Easy to use

    The collaboration with Gmail is very simple and easy. Once you do that, you will be connected with your teammates easily. After that, contacts and messages can be easily shared with the whole group. Threads can be easily shared too. The address book that is accessible by the team can be easily updated with the contacts. The option to merge multiple threads into one for the betterment of the team is also present. Click here for knowing the signup flow of NIMA CRM.

    • Reduces time wastage

    With the working of NIMA CRM, a significant amount of time is saved, which would have been wasted otherwise. You do not have to search a particular email among hundreds of other mails. The proper emails are marked. You can access them at a very short time when searched. Consequently, you can share them with your teammates at a very short time as well.

    Still confused how to save time on Gmail? Watch the tutorial here.

    • Easily collects customer’s data

    It can be a pain to fill up the information of each of the customers. As a result, NIMA CRM uses smart technology like Clearbit API for better verification and searching of customer’s information. Therefore, the customer profiles are very easily updated by collecting the information from the company information, or from the social media accounts.

    • Customer’s data gets centralized

    The centralization of the customer’s data is one of the key aspects of NIMA CRM. The basic information that gets centralized includes the information regarding customer service, sales, and marketing. A single central database exists where all of these data are available. The data is mainly collected on the customer prospects. As a result, NIMA CRM attains customer centricity very easily. The most common type of customer data collected at NIMA CRM includes contact number, email addresses, and contacts. The discussion also gets recorded. The upcoming follow-up data is also stored. An open item status is also available. When it comes to being compliant with GDPR, these data have a very important role.

    This data is then skillfully used to improve the customer experience. This means the measurement and management of various customer service activities, which mainly include marketing and sales. Thus, customers get a better experience, and their loyalty increases.

    • The optimal processes are automated

    There are mainly two types of processes that concern most businesses. They are customer facing processes and business facing processes. Customer service, sales, and marketing mainly fall under the customer facing processes. The business facing processes include plans and budget. At NIMA CRM, customer facing processes are given a higher priority. Therefore, the customer needs are more accounted for. Once the system contains the lead, the sales process is taken care of by NIMA CRM. Here, the system will record the important details and provide reminders whenever needed.

    NIMA CRM charges

    The monthly subscription for getting the services of NIMA CRM is as low as 5 dollars per month for each member of the team. However, you can select a free trial period that lasts for 14 days.


    In any situation, NIMA CRM can help you with a specific business process and its automation. The interlinking of the various processes is done together very skillfully as well. As for desired results, it is imperative that efficient and proper business processes are planned into action. With getting new customers and retaining the old ones, NIMA CRM can help your business improve by a massive margin.

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