Irrespective of the level of your experience with essay writing, whether you’re a first-year high school student or a seasoned professional writer, you’ll need to comprehend the principles of essay writing before you start composing your first phrase.

    An essay is a brief piece of nonfiction writing that focuses on a particular subject. Writers often use the essay style to defend a thesis or express their perspective on a topic.

    Essays are available in various formats, ranging from persuasive essays, which provide a point of view, to narrative essays, which convey a tale. Essays may be of any length, ranging from a single paragraph to many pages in length, and they can be academic or casual in style and tone.

    Expository essay: The most basic academic writing assignment is the expository essay. As opposed to argumentative essays, expository essays are prepared to explain a concept or clarify a subject. Expository essays, in general, are shorter pieces of writing that give a direct response to a subject.

    Analytical essay: Like an expository essay, it describes a concept; however, the analytical essay goes a step further by examining the topic’s benefits and downsides to provide an unbiased analysis of the subject matter. An expository essay would explain how the president is elected. In contrast, an analytical essay would detail how the president is elected and dive into the possible benefits and downsides of the election process.

    Persuasive Essay: A persuasive essay, often known as an argumentative essay, communicates an author’s viewpoint on a certain topic. A competent argumentative essay writer seeks to persuade readers to comprehend and embrace their distinct point of view on a topic by expressing their reasoning and providing evidence to back it up.

    Narrative Essay: In a narrative essay, a tale about one’s life is intertwined with an attempt to make a point in an academic setting. Using their personal experiences, the author might convey a point or teach an important lesson. A narrative essay is a piece of nonfiction written from the narrator’s perspective. In contrast to academic or journalistic writing, which tends to be more objective and fact-based, these pieces are written with a more artistic flair. A narrative essay may be structured to best demonstrate its primary argument in narrative-style writing. Personal essays, college essays, and scholarship essays may all be characterized under this category.

    Descriptive Essay: A descriptive essay aims to provide vivid descriptions of a certain event or thing. The style of a descriptive essay is similar to that of a narrative essay. However, unlike a narrative essay, one does not attempt to convey a tale or make an argument in a descriptive essay. Before beginning a narrative essay, many authors opt to practice their writing skills by composing descriptive essays.

    Compare & Contrast Essay: As the name suggests, this kind of essay compares and contrasts two items, often to draw attention to the similarities and differences between them. For the most part, the body paragraphs of compare and contrast essays are divided into two sections: the comparison portion and the contrast section.

    Cause & Effect Essay: This is similar to a compare and contrast essay. It aims to explain the relationship between things—specifically, how another influenced one item. These essays are often organized chronologically, with the cause discussed first and the outcome displayed after.

    Critical Analysis Essay: A critical analysis is written when a writer breaks down a small piece of literature to make a case regarding what the author wants to express in the work. Critical essays, like persuasive essays, often follow a traditional argument format—introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion. However, critical analysis essays also depend on textual evidence and the work of other critics to support their points of view.


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