What is a Virtual Private Server and How does it Work?

    If you are trying to decide what kind of hosting your website needs, you should be considering a virtual private server. Many website owners find this kind of hosting to meet their needs perfectly. 

    What is a Virtual Private Server?

    A virtual private server (VPS) is a powerful and versatile server option that provides many of the advantages of other types of servers combined. Like all servers, it stores the data that you need to run your website. When someone goes to your website, the server is what provides that information. 

    Rather than being hosted on a single server, the VPS divides data from various virtual servers. This means that it may cost less and be able to serve more areas than a single server. Finally, a VPS is distinct from other types of servers in that it offers a high level of privacy. Your virtual server will serve only your website. You don’t share CPU, data, or RAM with anybody else.

    How Does a Virtual Private Server Work?

    A VPS provides many of the advantages of a dedicated server even though you will be sharing the actual physical server with other users. You get the benefits of having your own physical dedicated server like privacy and no restrictions on data at a significantly reduced cost. 

    Your managed VPS Host creates a virtual separation in the shared server to provide you with an individual experience despite using the same server as other users. You can choose your own software and operating system and have total control over your own data and RAM. 

    What are the Other Options in Hosting?

    If you are trying to decide what kind of hosting is right for your business, you need to consider your options. Many people choose VPS hosting because it is a superb compromise between the other options. However, you probably want to know what those other options are:

    Dedicated Hosting

    With dedicated hosting, one server is entirely dedicated to your website. You have total control over the resources available on this server, and all software can be perfectly customized to what you need. 

    If you have an extremely large website or very specific needs, dedicated hosting may be a good option for you. For example, websites that get lots of traffic, need to install their own operating system, have huge amounts of data such as financial transactions, or need customized software all can benefit from dedicated hosting. 

    Make sure that you need dedicated hosting before you sign up. It is the most expensive kind of hosting and may cost significantly more than other types.

    Shared Hosting

    Sharing can be a great way to spread resources around to the benefit of all. Shared hosting is the most inexpensive kind of hosting and is best for small businesses and websites that are not making tremendous demands on their server. 

    When you utilize shared hosting, you share essential components such as RAM, hard drive, and CPU. If someone else on the server has a tremendous demand, they could draw resources away so that even if you don’t require much of the server, you don’t get what you need. For very small sites that want the cheapest available option, shared hosting can be a good choice.

    How to Know When to Switch to VPS Hosting?

    Many people start out with shared hosting since it is easy and cheap. However, as your website grows, you may decide that it is time to make the switch to VPS. Here are some indications that VPS may be a better option for you at this time:

    • You are experiencing a lot of traffic and potentially slowing down the server for other users.
    • Security is becoming an issue for your site, and you need to offer your customers the safeguards of VPS.
    • Your site is being slowed down by traffic on other sites on the shared server, causing delays and lost business.
    • You have decided to start an online store or install custom software, for which you need the added space and security of a VPS.

    Consider a Virtual Private Server for Your Website

    A VPS is a superb choice for many websites, thanks to its compromise between a dedicated server and shared hosting. Think carefully about your site’s needs to help you decide whether it’s time to make the switch.

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