How to Turn a YouTube Video Into an Animated GIF

    Turn Youtube into GIF : Who doesn’t like animated GIFs? There might be a few but most of us like those funny animated messages that are full of information and laughter as well.

    How about if you can Turn Youtube into GIF or can master the art of creating animated GIFs using your own YouTube? Before we move on this, let me tell you that not all are capable of making animated GIFs especially using the YouTube alone.

    In fact, not many even know that YouTube Videos can be converted in an Animated GIF. Anyway, the truth is you can convert YouTube into GIF within just a few fractions of seconds.

    These GIF thus created can be shared across multiple social media channels. You can also download them and use them whenever you find the best time.

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    Turn Youtube into GIF : 

    Are you eager to get started? Here are some tools that can be used to Turn Youtube into GIF image. A step by step guide to turning a YouTube Video into an Animated GIF is also followed:
    Turn Youtube into GIF

    # gifYouTub

    Step 1: Search and find a YouTube Video that you find interesting and would like to turn into an animated GIF.

    Step 2: Having found the YouTube Video now go to the URL and in front of it, type in “gif”. The URL will now look something like this –

    Step 3: Having added the “gif” in front of the URL, hit the enter key.

    Step 4: Having hit the enter key you will now be taken to the web page.convert youtube video into Animated GIF

    Step 5: Now, you will be required to select the duration for which you would like the GIF to last like for 5 seconds or 20 seconds. Select the time from the option provided.

    Step 6: Now the final step – click on “create GIF” and within a fraction of seconds the GIF will be created.

    Following the above mentioned mentioned steps can help you to Turn Youtube into GIF within a fraction of seconds. That was easy! Right?

    Once created, the animated GIF can be shared through gif on social networking sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or more.

    You can also embed the video on websites. It is just one of the easiest ways of created animated GIFs. This particular tool can be used on Android as well as the iOS device. So you don’t need to worry about the operating system for its proper functioning.

    Online Tools to Make a Youtube video into a GIF

    There are also tools available online that can be used to Turn Youtube into GIF animation image. Here is:

    1. YouTube to GIF Online Converter

    This online tool lets you convert a YouTube video into an animated GIF within a few seconds. You may spend some time searching for the YouTube video, but having found it you can easily convert the video into an animated GIF. Here is a step by step guide:how to make youtube video into gif

    Step 1: Find the YouTube that you would like to convert into an animated GIF.

    Step 2: Copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste it into the Video URL field. The video will automatically be loaded.

    Step 3: You will now be required to select the range or duration of the video. Wisely chose the range.

    Step 4: Once the segment has selected click on the generate button. The animated GIF will be created and stored on the server of the tool.

    Step 5: Download the animated GIF.

    2. Conv. : how to make youtube video into gif

    Another amazing online tool that can be used to turn a YouTube video into an animated GIF is Conv. Using this tool you can not only convert YouTube video into animated GIFs but also into MP3 and MP4. Here is how:Conv. Youtube feature

    Step 1: Log on to Conv.

    Step 2: Paste the URL of the YouTube video that you would like convert and hit the convert button.

    Step 3: Your video will be loaded and you will be asked to choose the right option – convert to MP3, Convert to GIF or Convert to MP4. Select Convert to GIF from the options.

    Step 4: A new tab will open; here you will be able to select the range of the animated GIF.

    Step 5: That’s it! The animated GIF is ready to be shared.

    There are many tools available online that can help you convert any YouTube video into an animated GIF. However, not all tools are as awesome as the first tool that we talked about it. I personally like it.

    I think it is the easiest way to Convert Youtube into GIF. But, I don’t know if the animated GIF can be downloaded or not, it can surely be shared over social networking site.

    There is a lot that can be done with the animated GIF:

    • You can create a funny animated GIF and share it with your friends to make them laugh.
    • You can create a business animated GIF and attract new customers or clients.
    • You can create an animated GIF and use it to promote something.
    • The animated GIF can be used to spread awareness about something such as ‘don’t waste water’ etc.
    • The animated GIFs can be used to send short, cute and catchy messages across multiple platforms.

    And the list can go on and on. It is up to you as for how you would like to use animated GIFs. If you are someone who just happens to visit this website not looking for this particular topic, you can still think and use the tools listed above and make a creative thing out of it.

    Creating a funny animated GIF is more interesting for me than to play some stupid online games that kill your time and doesn’t give you anything in return.

    Here, I am at least getting a piece of laughter that I can even share. So, try out how you can turn YouTube Video to animated GIFs and spread laughter.

    So guys if you like this article i.e Turn Youtube into GIF, then don’t forget to share it.

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