10 Free Image Resizer Apps That You Should Be Using Now

    Visuals are an integral part of Digital Marketing today, everything from social media sites to even a brochure. Visual context attracts more consumers than any text-based information. Now with that said, the photos you use must be high-quality, beautiful. And of the right size for your website and social media platforms, or else it may not look sharp and clean.

    With that said, image resizer apps are a great tool for fitting your photos correctly. As not every one of us is well versed in graphic designing, this apps bridges the gap between your designing expertise and the requirements of your business. By and large, you can use image resizer apps for store listings, blog images, social media posts, and much more stuff. Given that, today we brought you a list of 10 Free Image Resizer Apps That You Should Be Using Now. So without any further, let’s dive in.

    Does Resizing images makes it lose quality?

    With free image resizing apps, there is always a possibility of photos getting reduced in quality. But we can assure you it is mostly due to quality check box is kept to lowest. If the settings are done correctly, the quality loss will not be a problem. Furthermore, each app on this list comes with the flexibility of controlling the quality. Hence you can proceed further without any doubts.

    Can we do resizing in Adobe Photoshop?

    It is actually a no-brainer that you can do it in Photoshop or not. With Photoshop you can do it in the best way possible, and here is how you do it.

    • Firstly open an image by clicking on File and then Open
    • Next, click Image and look for Image Size
    • Now adjust the Width and Height, according to your requirements
    • Lastly, Click on File and save it.

    10 Free Image Resizer Apps That You Should Be Using Now

    1. BeFunky

    Starting off the list, we got BeFunky. This image resizing app offers you a lot of options for your works. First and foremost, you can resize your image by width or height or even you can do it on a percentage scale. Alternatively, you can do it all manually by choosing width and height yourself by choosing the ” Lock Aspect ratio ” box.

    Furthermore, there is also an option for a premium version which comes at a nominal fee. And here you get a ton of fancy options like photo filters, effects, touch-ups, frames, text, and many more. Lastly, the User Interface is a very simple and easy one that anyone can use.

    2. B.I.R.M.E

    The name B.I.R.M.E actually stands for ‘Batch Image Resizing Made Easy’. And as the name suggests, you can process bulk images at a time. This feature alone makes it a fan favorite and you can also add borders to each photo with ease. Alternatively, one of the greatest features of B.I.R.M.E lies in its ability to preview photos before you are done.

    This feature makes workload very easy, as well as your editing process faster and easier. Overall, the batch image processing features make B.I.R.M.E different from other Image Resizer Apps.

    3. Online Image Resize

    Moving on we have, Online Image Resizer. The User Interface is not very attractive in comparison to others, but its simplicity gains much attraction. Many users find image resizer to be confusing but in this app, it is very simple. Talking about functionality, you get only one single option with this app. Choose one or more photos and select the width you want. It should be noted that the minimum is 16 pixels and the maximum is 1024 pixels.

    Last but not the least, you can edit individual files by basic adjustments like cropping, rotating, mirroring, and then download them through a ZIP file. This is probably the most simple image sizing app among all other Image Resizer Apps.

    4. Social Image Resizer Tool

    A great tool for all the Social media handlers out there, Social Image Resizer Tool is probably the greatest images resizer app on the list. Social media manager loves those apps which integrate with all social media, this app is no different. Social Image Resizer Tool allows you to upload your photo in its drop-down menu, where you can choose your desired social media account.

    It should be noted, with the Social Image Resizer Tool you get a lot of options like Facebook Cover photos, Cover and profile photos for LinkedIn, Twitter and Google, Pinterest and Instagram thumbnails, and lastly, YouTube Channel art and custom thumbnails.

    5. Photo Resizer

    Next on the list, we have Photo Resizer. This app is very much similar to the former resizer app on the list. In brief, you can resize images for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

    Given that, there are a lot of cool options with this app like transforming images, marque tool, the addition of text and colours, etc. All of these tools are also found in MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop, which ensures this app is competent for graphic designing.

    Lastly, the Photo Resizer app is more like an alternative to the former and can be used to increase your productivity.

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    6. Picasion

    If the keyword for the day is precision, look no further than Picasion. This image resizer app lets you enter the exact pixels you would like in the image. Moreover, you can enter the width manually or even choose from templates. You also get some basic features like image effects, output quality, and some more. But you only get to work with one image at a time.

    Once you are done with your work, you get the download link. Here you also get the option of sending the image to someone over email.


    Moving on we have, Among all other Image Resizer Apps on the list, this is probably the easiest one to use. The only things you need to do are resize your picture, select quality, and maximum pixel and height. Furthermore, you also get the option to select the values of quality. In simple words, Smaller photo size refers to low quality and bigger picture quality denotes high quality.

    You also get options to see the dimensions and file size of the original photo and the edited one. Thus assuring you of results.


    Probably the most popular image resizer app on the list, is the most convenient of all the apps on the list. With all the basic features inbuilt it takes little to no time in resizing a picture.

    Furthermore, you get crop tool cut-out parts in your image. This feature allows you to integrate the image into social media platforms. Alternatively, you can also enter the desired resolution to resize the picture, it can be further resized by cutting down the quality of the picture.

    Given these points, the app is also available as a chrome extension and you can save your photo in multiple formats such as PNG, JPEG, WEBP, BMP or TIFF. All these factors make Resizing app a user favourite among other Image Resizer Apps.

    9. Resize Now!

    Then we have, Resize Now! Here you can do batch resizing of your photos. And also you get some basic functionality like choosing over small, medium, or large size. It should be noted that there are some advanced options like choosing pixel sizes, sharpening tools, and even filters like Black and White. In addition to all these, you also get to post your resized photo directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    Conversely, there are some minor downsides to this app like you have no option to pick the format for saving pictures. Plus the download links to the resized photos are only available for 15 minutes, demanding you to act quickly.

    10. Web Resizer

    Winding up with the last app on the list, we have Web Resizer. A fairly nice image resizer app, Web Resizer shows you the preview of the photo before it gets downloaded. Along with these, you get some basic features like adjusting contrast, brightness, exposure, and saturation. Talking about how it works, it is quite simple. All you have to do is enter the new width or height of the picture and click apply changes.

    Lastly, there is also a minor drawback which we think you should know just in case. Every time you make a change in your photo might lead you to reset the photo entirely.

    Final Thoughts

    So here is the list of 10 Free Image Resizer Apps That You Should Be Using Now. Every Digital Marketer or a content creator knows how much image size differs in social media platforms. Now memorizing different sizes is not possible and here is when these Image Resizer Apps comes to play. We can guarantee it will make your workflow faster, and your photos will be more cohesive with respect to size in different platforms. We have many more articles on other topics which might interest you, so be sure to check them.

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