Top 10 Best Writing Apps For Android

    Best Writing Apps For Android : Android devices are most preferred devices when it comes to buying smartphones and tablets. Android has a friendly interface and is easy to explore when compared with its competitor iOS.

    Although the two operating systems are different in their own way there are few apps for writers that might not be available for iOS users. In short, Android has a lot more to offer to writers and students in its app store when compared to the iOS.

    Best Writing Apps For Android

    It would be difficult to elaborate as what Android app has to offer to writers without exploring the writing apps that are available to the Android users. Here is a list of top 10 Best Writing Apps For Android users:

    1. iA WriteriA Writer

      iA Writer is the preferred writings app among the Android users. The app has friendly navigation and can work across all Android devices.

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      The features of this particular writing app are a bit lagging behind the other writing apps available for Android; it is still a good writing platform. It is a simple text editor designed with the focus to enable business propels, essay, screenplays, and more writing.

      It provides a focused writing experience to its users.

    2. Google DocsGoogle Docs

      The idea of Google doc was struck when Google introduced cloud storage. The app available for Android users is the most convenient way of writing and storing something to assess from anywhere. The Doc is just like a word file.

      One can write down thoughts, information or ideas and get the doc stored in the cloud for free. Using Google doc one can also edit word documents and customize their layout as per the requirement.

    3. JotterPadJotterPad

      Jotterpad is the next generation plain text editor. The app can be a perfect choice for writing novels, essays and poems. It is an app designed for creative people.

      It has a very simple and clean interface allowing its users a distraction-free writing experience, The app features include a built-in dictionary, word and character count, phrase finding, extended keyboard, undo and redo and more.

      Jotterpad can be integrated with drop box and can highlight syntax. In short, using this app one can write and improve English as a language and even save the document in the dropbox.

    4. Microsoft Word(Best Writing Apps For Android)Microsoft Word

      Just like Windows office in the laptops and PCs, smartphone users can also edit ad create content and store it in the cloud for future reference using this app.

      One can choose from default templates and write as per one’s requirement. Using this app one can make a resume, write letter and notes in just one go. The app is compatible for reading, writing, editing, sharing and collaborating content with anyone.

      Using the Android app one can start making assignments without wasting time and can do all that one can do with MS Office Word file.

    5. ColorNote Notepad NotesColorNote Notepad Notes

      The ColorNote Notepad Notes as the name suggest is a simple notepad app. This app can be best utilized while noting or listing something.This is one of Best Writing Apps For Android.

      For example, the app can come handy for making a shopping list and things to do list. Using the app, one can organize work and divide them in different colors as per their priority.

      For example, high priority work can be written in red colored notepad. Whatever you write using the colornote can be stored in the cloud.

    6. EvernoteEvernote

      Evernote is one of Best Writing Apps For Android to keep your stuff organized. Using this app one can take notes, capture ideas, and make a checklist and to-do list and more.

      The app is a great tool for its features allow one to take notes in a variety of formats such as sketches, photos, text, PDFs and more. Using this app one cam also organize bills; attach Microsoft Office docs, PDFs and photos.

      The app also allows one to share the notes thus created by using it with friends.

    7. Monospace
      Best Writing Apps For Android

      Monospace is an app that allows minimal writing. It is the perfect app for formatting text with customized tools such as bold, italics, strikethrough, bullet, Quote and a lot more. The current version of Monospace supports Dropbox sync as well.

    8. Writer PlusWriter Plus

      The Writer Plus android app is perfect for jotting down quick notes for future reference. The app has simple to use interface and provide distraction-free It is a must to have app for creative minds.

      Using this app one can draft novels, poems and more and save in the device for future reference.

    9. INKredibleBest Writing Apps For Android

      INKredible as the name suggests enhances one’s writing experience. The app has been designed to provide a writing experience never felt with pen or paper. The app can be downloaded on an Android tablet and used for distraction free writing.

    10. MarkdownXMarkdownX

      MarkdownX is actually a markdown text editor. It is easy to use. Its features include: live preview, undo and redo, autosave, support sending long weibo, sync with dropbox, GFM support and more.

    The above mentioned apps are not just good for writers but also for students and shoppers. Using these apps one can do almost any kind of writing job while using mobile or tablet.These are Top 10 Best Writing Apps For Android.

    For example, a student can start working on an assignment while traveling and spending family time on the dinner table. Similarly, using these apps one can make to-do-list and a lot more.

    In the digital era, we might not need pen or paper to write, but we certainly cannot work without having an app downloaded on our devices for writing purpose. We need apps and tools to take notes and create a to-do list to remember important things.

    The digitalization has made things quite convenient for us. Today, we do not need to carry a notepad and not even a pen. We can write down on our smartphones, tablets and other such devices within friction of seconds and save it in the cloud forever and for future reference.

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    Whether you're working on your novel, or you're writing a report for office, these top writing apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devicesTop 10 Best Writing Apps For Android