How To Create Undeletable & Unrenamable Folder In Windows

    Create Undeletable Folder In Windows : Created an important folder in Windows and deleted permanently accidently! How many of you have had this experience? It is a common mistake made by almost all.

    However, there is a way by which we can prevent the important folders from being accidently deleted or perpetually. This can be done by creating a Undeletable and Un-Removable folder in Windows.

    Not many are aware that there are a number of security tools available in Windows operating system. These tools are dedicated to safeguarding our folders and files against unauthorized access.

    The operating system provides us with an option to set a password for each folder by locking them in order to prevent unauthorized access.Create Undeletable Folder In Windows

    These folders can be stored in a hidden vault and thus people trying to extract files in an unethical manner will never be able to find them.

    How do these securities Tools Work?

    Well, the tools either hide the confidential files or lock the access of other users. In short, you are provided with the option to choose what type of security would you like to install in your Windows to ensure the safety and security of important files.

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    The best thing about these tools is that the tools unlike other security tools do not allow a view only or read the only option to the unknown user.

    Among the various security tools available in Windows the most popular and successful are the option to Create Undeletable Folder In Windows.

    Windows Have Undeletable Files Too

    Security is not only your concern. In fact, Windows are also concerned about certain files that are crucial for its proper running.

    Suppose any driver file is deleted accidentally, will you be able to run Windows? I afraid not! This is the reason why Window chooses its own security tool to have files and folders that can neither deleted nor renamed.

    The undeletable or unrenamable files and folders of Windows are commonly found with folder name  – con, aux, lpt1, lpt2, lpt3 up to lpt9.

    These folder names are restricted for Windows use and it doesn’t allow any of its users to have a file created with any of this name directly.

    If you don’t believe me then try creating a file with any of the above-mentioned names and you will get the below message:

    The specified device name is invalid

    The file names mentioned above are exclusively used by Windows for its own important folders and file. This file can neither be deleted nor be renamed. If you don’t believe, try locating a windows file and delete or rename it. You will be surprised too.

    Now, what if you can also save your files in the same manner? Won’t that be good? I am sure it will save you from worrying.Below are steps to Create Undeletable Folder In Windows.

    How to Create Undeletable Folder In Windows?Create Undeletable & Unrenamable Folder In Windows

    Trying to have a folder and file similar to the one that Windows have for its own security purpose?

    You can also create files and folders that cannot be deleted or renamed. However, these files can’t be made by using the simple method of creating files or folders. The procedure is bit different and may need you to have some tech knowledge.

    There are two methods by which you can Create Undeletable Folder In Windows:

    1. I call this method copy-paste. You might have guessed by know what I am about to tell you. Well, not all would like this method, there is no harm trying it.You can have your own secure folder and files by copying and pasting an already safe file and deleting its content. Tedious! Isn’t it? Yes, many don’t like this method, but it has been used and has proved successful. Your files would now be safe.
    2. This method is a bit long, but all of you will like it. Here is what all you need to do for Create Undeletable Folder In Windows:

    Step 1: Click the start menu and type run to open the Run dialogue box.

    Step 2: Type in CMD and press the enter key – Command Prompt will open up.CMD command

    Step 3: In the Command Prompt type in type D: or E: Remember that you cannot have a safe folder in the root drive, which means a drive where the Windows is installed.

    Step 4: Type md con\command to create a folder with name “con” or you can choose any name that Windows uses for it secure folders. These names usually include aux and lpt1.

    Step 5: Browse the drive D: and you will be able to locate a folder just created by you.

    Step 6: Safely add files and information that you would like to store in the folder.

    Step 7: Why not to check the security level of the folder? Try deleting or renaming the folder, I am sure you won’t be able to do so.

    Okay! So you have created a unique folder that cannot be deleted or renamed, but what if you require deleting them? What is the information stored in the folder poses threat to your own identity?

    Don’t worry these folders are not here to live forever. There is surely a way to get rid of them. Here is how to delete undeletable and unrenamable folders

    How to delete Undeletable/Unrenamable folder?

    The secure folders created by using the aforementioned steps cannot be deleted manually. But this doesn’t mean that they can never be deleted.

    They can be deleted by using the same method – command prompt. Follow the below steps to delete those safe files and folders:

    Step 1: Open the Command Prompt

    Step 2: Type the letter of the drive where you created the undeletable and unrenamable folder.

    Step 3: Now, in the command prompt – type rd. con\command to delete that folder from the director.

    Step 4: Cross check if the folder has been deleted by opening the drive where the folder was created. You should not see that folder there anymore.

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