Toshiba HDD Recovery Tips: Find Reliable Solutions to Recover Data

    Advanced computers and laptops of Toshiba come with some diagnostic tools to discover problems of your hard disk drive. Toshiba HDD recovery tools can help you when your disk encounters an issue. HDD Recovery Utility is a remarkable diagnostic tool to recover lost files. This utility is available in a specific partition of a hard disk drive. This utility is a suitable alternative to DVD and CD recovery.

    Causes of Data Loss in Toshiba HDD

    Toshiba HDD is susceptible to data loss. However, the disk drive of Toshiba looks durable, but it is a delicate storage device. Even a few minor issues like power outage and rough handling can damage this hard disk drive. You can experience a permanent loss of data.

    These are some prominent causes of data loss on Toshiba HDD:

        • Power surge and voltage fluctuation
        • Sudden disconnection of a drive from your system while reading or writing dat
        • Accidental removal of essential files
        • Unintentional formatting of HDD
        • Attack of malware, virus or similar threat
        • Wrong handling of HDD
        Unexpected shutdown of the system of app/software failure

    These factors can destroy your data permanently, and you will need a reliable system for recovery, such as wd data recovery.

    Reliable Solution to Recover Toshiba HDD

    The free edition of EaseUS Recovery Wizard supports you to restore your lost data in a few clicks. This software can be an excellent solution to recover important files. Sometimes, you have to delete a particular partition while reinstalling your operating system. During this process, you can wrongly delete or format a primary partition with precious data. The western digital disk recovery is better than time-consuming and complicated recovery services.
    EaseUS recovery software is a free and powerful software to retrieve precious data from Samsung, Western Digital, HP, Seagate, and Toshiba hard disk drive.

    Recovery Utility of Toshiba HDD

    Recovery utility is available in Toshiba notebooks in a particular partition on HDD. You can find recovery files on hard disk drive along with some system files.

    See these instructions to use this utility:

    Create HDD recovery DVDs
    Restore your HDD to the factory default state
    You have to restore your “C” drive without touching other drive partitions or volumes
    Restore an HDD to default factory state without a recovery partition
    Delete your HDD recovery partition without losing data of “C” drive
    You have to reinstall applications and drivers important for your notebook

    How to protect Toshiba HDD?

    Toshiba computers come with a utility driver for HDD protection. With this extra security measure, you can protect your drives from mechanical damages. HDD protection is useful for notebook and laptop users. In an active state, the head of hard disk drive is exposed. Accelerometers (internal sensors of acceleration) measure the vibration or acceleration of computer. If a computer exceeds a particular level of speed or vibration, the protection utility can unload the top of the disk to avoid damages because of vibrations. Once the danger is prevented, the hard drive is again reloaded by the utility.
    If HDD protection is not installed on your system, you can install it from the official website of Toshiba. Make sure to download its proper setup for your computer. After downloading files, install the recovery utility on your HDD. After installation, restart your computer for completion.


    You can access HDD protection in “Toshiba Assist” window. After opening this window on your laptop, click the “Protect and Fix” tab and choose HDD protection icon. It will give you access to properties screen of HDD protection. This screen allows you to turn on/off HDD protection, AC power level (between zero and three) and set the battery. For optimum performance, update your protection utility.

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