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    While Bitcoin remains the industry’s big name, cryptocurrency is a highly competitive space with over 1,600 variants in existence at the time of writing. Without the offline institutions of traditional banks, cryptocurrency specialists are almost exclusively limited to digital marketing channels. This limited offline penetration is compounded by the decision of major search and social platforms alike to ban crypto advertising over the past couple of years.

    In a way, this hostile combination of competitive market and advertising constraints is good news for anyone who knows a bit about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search guru Neil Patel states that 75% of people won’t even scroll past the first page of a Google Search. If you can get yourself onto this, you’re more likely to cash in. Here are some of the most important aspects of SEO to focus on as a cryptocurrency provider.

    Research cryptocurrency keywords

    The cryptocurrency industry moves fast, and it pays to keep up with this rate of change. Search marketing tools like Ahrefs, SemRush and even Google Keyword Planner can provide you with insights into what people are searching for in the general area. Including these keywords in your on-site content, including alt image text, will mean you’ll start to rank for these searches when people input queries to Google. The best words to focus on to start with are specific phrases of at least two words that have low competition relative to overall search volumes.

    Create useful evergreen informational content

    Most cryptocurrency searches are informational. There’s been a lot of interest in Bitcoin with many commentators remarking on the unusually high numbers of “armchair investors”. This means there are a lot of opportunities for crypto providers to answer people’s search queries with content that responds to common Google searches.

    When it comes to content creation, there are three main aims: to showcase your credentials, to attract people to your site, and to encourage other people to link to your content. Link building is a particularly important aspect of SEO and one which can help you leapfrog the crypto competition if done right.

    While certain powerful SEO techniques are off the table to many cryptocurrency providers (press releasing can be difficult from a legal perspective), you should look into guest-posting opportunities on other high-authority domains. These might not necessarily be in your immediate niche. If you have the budget, spending money on a quality backlinking service can generate serious ROI.

    Leverage influencers via social networks

    Social media won’t directly increase your SEO score, but best practice across the major platforms should help you get more attention to your site and your content. A good SEO strategy for crypto providers on social media is to try to generate a significant industry following. This starts with you positively engaging with industry influencers and ends with them promoting your cryptocurrency on social media. These things will help with visibility. If they share your content, they lend their credibility to it and increase the likelihood of natural links. You can also form a more concerted link building partnership with them, offering each other valuable inbound links to your respective websites.

    Remain patient if you don’t see an immediate rankings boost with everything you do; the world of search engines grinds along much more slowly than the frenetic cryptocurrency market. SEO is its own art form; these are just a few tried and tested techniques that will help you break open the cryptocurrency space.

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