Selling Cars Remotely: Your Short Guide

    The car dealer industry is one that has suffered from the lack of consumer footfall in city centers and stores since the arrival of the coronavirus. Hundreds of thousands of cars have been left in car parks and store rooms across the country as consumers stay away from interactions with strangers. Of course, this has led to car dealers losing money and customers. Happily, there are ways around this complication in your business. This guide is all about selling your vehicle remotely in 2020 and further into 2021.

    Selling Online

    Selling cars remotely ultimately means selling them online. Whether or not you have a website for your dealership, now is the time to consider putting all your stock online for consumers to view from the comfort of their own home. If you have no website whatsoever, consider using the services of an online car dealership site – like or DealerOn – or other online platforms, such as AutoTrader and CarMax, to host your adverts. But if you do have a website, this is the place that you should slowly upload images and descriptions of your vehicles to sell to the online audience that coronavirus has created.

    360-Spin Displays

    Sharing a video of the car that you’re selling online will help your potential customer get a 360-degree view of the vehicle. Every part of the car that you’re able to show in this high-quality video – which will enable browsing customers to drag and spin the image of the car’s interior and exterior – will help customers get a feel for a vehicle. This gives them confidence that your vehicle is in good condition. It’s important to share photos, too, but the 360-degree spin shot should be included on your online listings page to give the fullest impression of how the car looks to curious consumers looking for a new car online.

    Live Showroom

    As a car dealer, you know how important it is to sell your car in person. The tricks of the trade in the salesman’s toolkit are all about persuading your customer that the car they’re looking at is good value. It’s also about being able to get the best deal for the vehicle you’re advertising by building rapport directly with your customers. Excitingly, there’s now an app to help you do this remotely. SnapCell allows you to livestream your vehicles in conversation with curious consumers to show them all of the features they’re interested in – all while giving you the time and space to use your salesman patter with new clients online.

    Closing the Deal

    Closing the deal is the most important part of a car salesman’s toolkit. You may be used to shaking hands, but in today’s world, that’s out of the question. Instead, you’ll be looking to close the deal online and this means securing a payment over the internet instead of in person. To achieve this closed sale, then, you should offer your customers easy payment services that they can trust, like PayPal, direct debits, or other online solutions. This will ensure that the deal you’ve made over a live stream is set in stone and paid for.

    There you have it: four tips to help you sell your vehicles online in the modern world.

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