Fappening Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried,Intimate Photos Leaked

    On March 15, some mischievous hacker posted nude and intimate photographs of British actresses Emma Watson And Amanda Seyfried on the internet. Fappening Emma Watson pics on internet going viral.

    The photographs were first posted on a website known as Celeb Jihad. Attorneys of the actresses demanded the removal of photographs soon after the incidents.

    The photographs were stolen from the actresses’ personal devices before posting them on the internet.

    The whole incident has been framed as Fappening 2.0 (fappening emma watson), a reference to the celebrity hacking scandal that first took place in August 2014.

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    The nude photographs of Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried also appeared on Reddit and 4chan. Back in 2014, some random hackers leaked and posted the nude photographs of celebrities including Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, and others by hacking Apple’s iCloud account.

    fappening emma watson

    Commenting on the heinous act, Emma Watson stated that her leaked pictures were not nude. She further added that her photographs of fitted clothes with a stylist were stolen long time ago and were not recovered.

    There are also some photographs and videos in which Watson are reported filming herself naked in the bathtub and masturbating. The face of the actress is not clear in the photographs.

    However, not much of information was revealed about the alleged nude photographs of Amanda Seyfried. The photographs of the actresses ranged from selfies to intimate scenes.

    Her photographs appear with her former boyfriend Justin Long in an intimate action. Amanda is pregnant with her first child, expected with her fiancé, Thomas Sadoski.

    Fappening Emma Watson

    Amanda has also taken a serious action against the incident. Her lawyers have sent an intimidating takedown notice to the owner of the website Celeb Jihad.

    In the letter, the celebrity has asked the sites to takedown the photographs as they were obtained illegally and have been posted without taking the consent of the actress.

    The actress has also demanded the website owner to keep a trail record of the post so investigators could reach the culprits through electronic investigation.

    The celebrities didn’t comment on the leak immediately. It is believed that the photographs are real and not computerized.

    There are no evident to prove that the photographs are actually of the actresses. The attorney of Watson has reported that a legal action would be taken against the hackers behind defaming the actress on the internet.

    Many celebrities including Mischa Barton, Hilary Duff, and Ben Affleck have condemned the egregious and gross invasion of privacy. It is believed that some hacker broke into the iCloud account of the celebrities and stole images from there.

    Watson ignoring the hoax is continuing with her new movie – Beauty and the Beat. She has been a lot busy with her acting career lately. More could be coming in the future as the post alluded of posting more such photographs in the future.

    The celebrities have been subject to such heinous crime and have faced awkward situations.  Many celebrities are campaigning against this for Fappening Emma Watson, It might take a time to overcome such crimes, but a right step at the right time can help discourage hackers.

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