How to Appeal to Gen Z and Millennial Voters and Donors

    As a political figure, party, organization, or campaign group, appealing to different audiences can be a little tricky. After all, people these days are constantly being bombarded with marketing messages, which makes it hard to distinguish yourself as authentic and worthwhile (particularly when you’re asking for votes and donations).

    Of all the different generations, Gen Z and millennials are – arguably – the most difficult to appeal to. However, it’s not impossible – in fact, it’s relatively straightforward providing you have an excellent strategy.

    For some helpful tips on how to appeal to Gen Z and millennial voters and donors, keep reading!

    Focus on mobile marketing

    Gen Z and millennials love their smartphones. At this stage, smartphones have become an extension of the human body – Gen Z and millennials can’t go anywhere without them.

    This is great for political organizations, as they now have a direct (and always available) point of contact. At any moment, you can send marketing messages and content to their smartphones. There are several popular ways you can do this:

    • SMS marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Paid ads (through websites)

    But when it comes to gaining appeal through your campaigns, SMS marketing should be your number one priority. To get access to the best SMS marketing software, check out Tatango. It will make your campaigns so much easier.

    Join in with current social trends

    Every month, a new social trend or challenge emerges (and usually gains huge popularity through social media). For example, this could be something light-hearted, such as a dance challenge, or something more serious, like a stance for a sensitive social cause. When it’s plausible, you should join in with these social trends to gain larger appeal and to modernize your organization and campaign.

    Post regular content to social media

    Love it or hate it, social media dominates the current political landscape.

    Nearly all political parties and party members are active on social media and regularly engage with their followers. If you want any chance of appealing to the younger generations, you must do this, too. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself at a major disadvantage.

    Be authentic

    Now, appeal is largely dependent on authenticity. Any hint or indication of deception will be met with a social media firestorm. Therefore, your campaigns need to be routed in authentic and clear messaging to help you appeal to the two generations who pride themselves on being socially in-touch with different issues. 

    Finally, avoid the dreaded cancel culture

    To conclude, let’s talk about ‘cancel culture’ (which Whoopi Goldberg recently criticized).

    Cancel culture is a hot topic and has been for several years. In particular, cancel culture is a big part of politics. If you say something controversial or have done something distasteful in the past (that gets dug up), then you’re at risk of condemnation by Gen Z and millennials.

    Therefore, you need ensure you and your team remain consciously aware of this and tread carefully around your actions and promises!

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