How to install Remix OS on Windows PC, important steps to know

    Remix OS is a new version of Android OS which we can use to run on your computer in an optimized way. It gives you a good experience of using PC in a different way.  You can download 32 bit or 64-bit versions. Here are some requirements which you need to fulfill while installing Remix OS on Windows PC which is as mentioned below:-

    • You just need to have 64 bit CPU which may be of Intel or AMD Company.
    • There should be a torrent downloading client on your PC.
    • You must have USB 3.0
    • You also need 8 GB USB drive with the FAT32
    • Windows PC is also required.
    • There should be enabled BIOS which must have legacy boot mode.

    Steps to install Remix OS

    Now we will discuss how to install Remix OS on Windows PC. Following are the steps which one must take while installing it on PC which is mentioned below:-

    Step 1

    First of all, we need to download Remix OS for PC package. In this step, you just need to know about Remix OS package which comes in x86 and x64 systems. If you feel confused about choosing bit systems, just right click on Windows PC and then click on Properties.

    On clicking properties it will redirect, whether you choose 32 bit OS or 64 bit OS. For downloading 32 bit OS you have to download x86 and for 64 bit OS, you must have x64 download. You will see below image how we can choose Remix OS

    Step 2

    In this step, you have to open Remix OS installation tool. While extracting tool zipped file for Remix OS, you have to open installer for it. The installer will ask you for the version which you want to install and load ISO file for that.

    You can save your file to hard drive, for the further use you can save them in USB or pen drive. You must need USB of 8 GB memory with 3.0 USB which will support you in reading and writing options with the speed of 20mbps.

    If there are UEFI boot users, you have to disable Secure Boot.  Save them in your pen drive or in the C-partition of windows drive.  With the dual boot capabilities choose best OS for booting.

    Step 3

    Once you did with the installation process, Remix OS is installed on the operating This installing process will take 10-15 minutes to complete it. To switch on the Netflix by side it will kill the waiting time.


    Now reboot your system, and Remix OS is entered. The UEFI boot system has some special keys like F9 for HP, F12 for Lenovo and Option key for MAC.

    Step 4

    In this step, you have to enter the os in the system. Once again reboot your system and choose the OS into the boot and click Remix OS.

    Enter your first name and after the initial setup is over and it will take 10 minutes. You will complete the process and enter the OS and the rough time will set your things.

    Step 5

    Once you completed all the setup process, the system will ask you about the Gmail details and for your settings of Wi-Fi. It will not take more than 5 minutes for process and now Remix OS is ready to use it on your PC.

    Features of Remix OS

    Now we will talk about some of the features of Remix OS which are as mentioned below:-

    Easy handling of the taskbar

    It will have new taskbar view which you can easily view on your PC or tablet. While working on the taskbar you can save your time as well. Taskbar will make your work easier.

    Shortcuts in the keyboard

    There are available 15 types of hotkeys and shortcuts which will help in running Remix OS. For productivity reasons, you have to enhance the output and efficiency of devices.

    Stability through efficiency

    Remix OS is secure and steady because of its efficiency. For keeping the device stable, the apps will launch and wake lock mechanism.

    Access is easy on this Remix OS

    You can access notification panel on any screen’s portion. You can view your notifications in easier and quick manner.

    Multitasking OS

    You can manage different tasks on this OS. With the help of Remix OS, you can perform multitasking feature that means you can open and use several pass sides by side.

    Make it your own mobile office

    You can create and edit the documents like in word, PowerPoint, or spreadsheets. You can write emails on tablets while traveling

    File manager

    It can manage your files and will not create any mess while managing your files. You can source your images from this


    In the end, we can say that by using and reading above written steps you can install Remix OS on your Windows PC. Same can be done with MAC or Android devices. You must also go through some of the features while installing Remix OS on your devices.

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