6 Reasons to Install Kodi on Your Phone

    Reasons to Install Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, has been around since 2002 but didn’t become common in households all over until around 2014. Kodi is an open source media platform that gives you access to various content all on one device.

    Stream content such as movies, music, videos, and more with Kodi, across hundreds of devices. Because Kodi doesn’t come with any content when it’s downloaded to your device, it will need to be programmed to access all its features.

    However, there are lots of third-party add-ons that you can download to enhance your Kodi experience and get the most out of this platform. Kodi can be installed on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and TV.

    Read on to find out why you should install Kodi on your phone.

    Top Reasons to Install Kodi on your Phone : 

    #1 Watch Live TV Channels

    Gone are the days of having to pay an expensive cable or satellite TV bill. The prices wouldn’t be so bad if you could find something to watch! If you’re a TV junkie, the idea of having your favorite channels with you wherever you go is a no-brainer.

    Reasons to Install KodiWith Kodi, you’re able to cut the cord without missing any of the channels that you enjoy (or are used to) watching. Now, you can have access to your favorite TV channels right from your smartphone.

    Everything you need to watch live TV is the right Kodi add-on and a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Some of the common live TV add-ons are cCloudTV and IPTV Bonanza. With the live TV add-ons, you’re able to watch HGTV, Comedy Central, HSN, Cartoon Network, PBS, and many others.

    #2 Stream Any Movie or TV Show Ever Made

    With Kodi, watching your favorite movies and TV shows right from the palm of your hands has never been easier. Once you download Kodi, you don’t need to utilize Netflix, Hulu or Redbox ever again. And when movies hit the theaters, they’re available on Kodi to watch within a week. With the right add-ons, you can stream any movie or TV show ever made! The best add-ons for streaming movies and TV shows are Exodus and 1Channel. These add-ons get their streams from numerous sources, giving you the ability to choose the stream with the highest quality. Why would you resort to adding on those expensive, overrated movie channels to your already overpriced cable when you can watch any movie as much as you want right from your phone with Kodi?

    #3 Get Access to International News

    Have you noticed that cable companies bundle the international 24/7 news into their most expensive packages? That’s so wrong! News and sports channels are the number one reason why so many people are reluctant to get rid of their cable bill. Kodi solves that problem, making it easier than ever to access international headlines 24/7 with the best add-ons. NewsLook and BBC News are just two news add-ons to keep you updated right from your phone.

    #4 Play Your Favorite Games

    Kodi isn’t just for watching the news, TV shows and movies. It’s for all entertainment purposes, and that includes playing your favorite games.So you never miss out, we would recommend PIQO, the ultimate portable HD projector for streaming your movies, tv shows and games on the move!

    With Kodi, you’re able to play all the retro games that you used to enjoy as a child and the modern games that just came out. Advanced Launcher is an add-on that will allow you to play any retro game, such as Mario or Donkey Kong. This add-on gets the nostalgia going. Meanwhile, Kodi Blackjack is a popular add-on for those e-gaming lovers who want to take on the dealer and try getting close to 21 without busting. If you’re into puzzle and memory games, 2048 and Word Find puzzles are two add-ons that are super fun, and you’ll never get tired of playing.

    #5 Listen to Podcasts

    Podcasts are an excellent way to stay informed and learn new, interesting facts on lots of different hobbies and interests. Simply put, a podcast is a regular audio show (like a radio show) that discusses a specific topic each week.

    Whether you want to listen to your favorite podcast or find new ones to listen to, the Podcast add-on has got you covered. You’ll find hundreds, maybe even thousands, of podcasts on various topics, from business and personal development to cooking, and much more. By default, Kodi allows you to add podcast feeds automatically, so that you can view the newly released podcasts but you can also install third-party add-ons, such as Apple iTunes podcasts, to discover new ones. The best part is you’re not required to have iTunes.

    #6 Keep Photos in One Place

    Nowadays, the smartphone has replaced the traditional camera and is the chosen method to take photos. But few people take the time to manage their smartphone’s photo library. It can easily become cluttered with family photos, selfies, screenshots and memes. Kodi is an excellent solution to this problem.

    With the photo app add-on, you can use Kodi to create slideshows of all your favorite moments, and those slideshows will stay separate from the other photos on your phone. You also have the option of sharing the slideshows on your network, so that you can access them on your desktop computer. You’re even able to set them as your screensaver on your desktop Kodi app or TV Kodi app.

    Here are the top 6 Reasons to Install Kodi on yout phone.

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