Our Top Orange Skins in CS:GO

    Did you know that most developers for shooter games prefer to model their weapons in bright orange before they texture them? It doesn’t only apply to models but to maps and elements as well. That’s because a clean, bright orange stands out among the crowd of colors, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the Counter-Strike franchise.

    Back in the olden days of CS 1.6, there was even an entirely orange map, the fan-favorite fy_orange. Valve, the developer of Counter-Strike, even released the popular “Orange Box”. Hence, it’s safe to say that the gaming world has a special and prominent affinity towards this fabulous color.

    Nevertheless, today, we’ll be talking about our favorite orange skins in CS:GO. CS:GO is known for its many skins, all of which make your playthrough that much more unique, provide a fantastic aesthetic value to your weapon, and can even be cashed in for real-life money. Below, we’ll talk a bit about our top 11 orange CS:GO skins.

    Valence FAMAS

    There has never been a gun so beloved yet so dreaded quite as much as the FAMAS, at least in the counter strike universe. The Famas is a long-standing fan favorite, and its Velence skin is one of the most popular out of the lot. Not only is it insanely cool looking with the lava-looking molten orange-black paint job, but it’s also insanely affordable on CS:GO trading sites as well.

    Orange DDPAT Galil

    The Galil has been hailed as the most popular alternative to the AK. People who’ve mastered the AK, or those who couldn’t get the hang of it, always turn to the humble Galil as their primary weapon. The Galil is much like the AK – it’s just a bit different when it comes to handling but is equally as deadly in the right hands.

    The Orange DDPAT Galil is a stunning combination of the classic gun black with orange camo. While it won’t let you hide in plain sight like most camo, it will announce your presence with every gunshot and then some.

    Blaze UMP45

    The UMP45 is a submachine gun favored by top-tier CS:GO players, and it’s easy to see why. If you know how to use it, there is practically nothing that can stop you. If you want to show off that you’re a UMP45 pro, you might want to get the Blaze skin.

    Remember when you were a kid watching those racing movies, and the coolest cars always had the flames painted on them? Well, the Blaze UMP45 is exactly like that, and it gives a Guy Fieri twist to the fan-favorite firearm.

    Chantico’s Fire M4A1

    The additions on our list today have been relatively tame, calm, and mildly colored. If you’re, on the other hand, looking for an absolute burst of fun and colors, you have to take a look at Chantico’s Fire M4A1.

    It features a total color burst formed in a full paint job over the old reliable M4A1 and is genuinely something you have to see for yourself. This skin is affordable, and it’s not all that common, so it’s great for adding a little personality to your playthrough.

    Trigon P90

    The Trigon P90 is perhaps the most aggressive-looking, frightening, and impressive P90 skin on the market. If you’re looking to radiate sheer power when you’re battling it out with the opposing team, as well as a thorough spray-and-pray mentality, there is no better way to do it than with the glorious Trigon P90.

    Bengal Tiger AUG

    The AUG was one of the most unpopular weapons in CS 1.6 because it was pretty hard to play with. These days, in CS:GO, it’s a community favorite. Not only can you master it with relative ease, but the weapon is also perfectly balanced and deadly when put against almost any other weapon.

    If you want to highlight the deadly aspect, think of the Apex Predator, the Bengal Tiger, and slap it onto the AUG.

    Splash P250

    All the entries on this list so far have been rifles, so what about pistols? Well, if you’re looking for an orange-ish pistol skin, take a look at the Splash P250. This skin is affordable, insanely simple, and stands out among the crowd with its dipped-in-paint aesthetic. Simple is always excellent, and the rhetoric applies here too.

    Orange Kimono G3SG1

    The G3SG1 is/was so good of a gun that it has been banned in more than a few competitions. The Orange Kimono G3SG1, however, should be embraced and used as much as possible – it’s without a doubt one of the most beautiful skins in the game. It’s a simple reskin of the standard G3SG1 with tasteful orange elements.

    Demolition Dual Berettas

    We’ve all seen John Wick battle it out with two guns blazing, and such heroic interpretations have made the humble Dual Berettas pop in popularity! The Dual Berettas’ Demolition skin gives your guns a screaming orange paint job with just enough black to make it look slick.

    Tiger Moth SG 553

    The tiger moth is one of the most fabulous looking animals globally, so cool in fact that it has inspired this flawless skin for the SG 553. The SG 553 is already something that you should worry about if you go up against, and the tiger moth skin only adds the terror of this terrific rifle.

    Asiimov M4A4

    The Asiimov M4A4 features a fantastic reimagined version of the classic M4A4, with a stunning cold steel white and a similarly palatable orange finish. It’s simply something that you can’t dislike, and that fact shows price-wise. This is a more costly skin than the rest, but it’s still pretty available on marketplaces.

    In Conclusion

    CS:GO, the fun game that it is, sure has quite many skins, and the list is getting bigger and bigger with every update. While there are more than a couple of orange skins floating around the market, the eleven featured on this list do stand out among the crowd.

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