New Ways To Make Some Extra Money In The 21st Century

    Making money is the cornerstone for living a successful life in most countries across the globe. Even when you have a full-time job, it always helps to find ways to make some extra cash.

    Some people among the current population will remember a time when you would get paid in cash on a Friday and that money had to last you until the next Friday’s payment. There was no using the ATM to get more money. However, as technology advances, so too must our economy. There are plenty of methods you can use to make extra money. Unfortunately, you can’t use these methods if you do not know what they are. Therefore, this article will explore some of the new ways you can make some extra money in the 21st century.

    Blog Writing

    Everyone has an opinion on something or some kind of inside knowledge about a topic that they would like to share. That is why a blog is a perfect place to put your thoughts and opinions on your favorite sports team, movie franchise, or the current political regime. If you feel passionate enough about something to write about it, then there are bound to be other people out there willing to read and interact with your material.

    Writing and interacting with people across the web in this way can be fun, but it can also be a way for you to earn some extra income. Businesses are always looking for new places to put their marketing materials on the internet, and your blog may just be the space they need. This means that you could be paid to advertise on your blog if you gain enough regular followers. It doesn’t take long to write down your thoughts and share them, so trying to make some extra money this way isn’t too time-consuming and won’t distract from your regular job.


    Not everyone has the innate skills to share and articulate their thoughts in written content. That is why you may prefer to upload content to YouTube or another video-sharing service.

    As with blog writing, you can film yourself dictating your views in a video format or choose to share funny or insightful videos. Again, businesses are always on the lookout for places on the web to put their marketing, and the audience you gain with your video content may provide them with a place to do just that. Unlike blog writing, creating video content will require you to learn some new skills like video editing or uploading content.

    Online Tutoring

    Whenever you learn a new skill, you gain something that another person may need. This is because new skills are valuable in the modern workplace. As such, you can use the internet to tutor other individuals online. 

    There are plenty of online services that you can use to reach an audience and teach them new skills, such as becoming a Maths and Physics tutor. These students will also pay you for your time. you can use video chat services, use a blog, or send out written work guides. Since online tutoring can cover a broad range of subjects, you are bound to find a skill or knowledge set that you have to share with others. Also, you can set up your tutoring hours to suit your schedule or the topic you want to teach.

    Data Monetization

    Every time you access the internet or connect with someone on your PC or smartphone, you leave behind a string of information that relates to these interactions. This information is known as data.

    This type of data is considered very valuable to certain companies. Therefore, you could sell your data or learn about other data monetization techniques with a course at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Either way, you will find this method of making some extra money on the side less time-consuming and easy to manage if you do it correctly.

    Online Surveys

    Another way that companies can obtain data is through online surveys. Online surveys are a great way for modern businesses to learn about customer demographics and current market trends. As such, they will post surveys online and pay people to complete them. This way, they can analyze this data to make the appropriate changes to their company to be more in line with current money-making trends.

    There are several ways to access paid online surveys, and they do not take long to complete. Obviously, you will earn more money the more surveys you complete. All you need is a bit of free time and a reliable internet connection to make this money-making trick work for you.


    Modern technology hasn’t only changed the ways in which you can make money online in the 21st century. It has also changed the way that we all consume media and entertainment.

    Print media is on the decline as most people are choosing to read using an e-reader. Studies have shown that the number of people choosing to buy e-books instead of printed books rose 8 percent at the start of the decade, and that number is expected to continue to rise in the future. As a result, many electronic book subscription services are always on the lookout for new content to provide their customers. This means that these services are always on the hunt for new authors and are willing to pay for written creative content. Therefore, you can make money by selling your ebooks to a publisher. Of course, writing a novel or series of short stories is incredibly time-consuming, and there is no guarantee that a publisher will enjoy your work or consider it suitable for the demographic they are trying to reach. However, it is still viable to make money with your creative projects in the 21st century.

    Start An E-Store

    Almost everyone has clutter that they no longer need. These items can take up space, and many of us choose to throw away these items but there is a better way to dispose of your unwanted items.

    The internet offers you plenty of ways to post ads about your unwanted goods so that someone in the local area can buy the things you no longer need. You can set up your own e-store or use the marketplace of social media sites to get in contact with potential customers. Just remember that you may need to pay a service charge when using third-party sites to sell your unwanted items. Also, this method of making some extra money is only viable so long as you have goods to sell. Therefore, this is only a temporary solution for earning some extra money. However, selling online is much more efficient than depositing large amounts of stuff at a charity shop or standing in the cold while hosting a yard sale.


    Since the internet has provided you with so many new ways to connect with other people, there are now plenty of new ways to make extra money in the 21st century. Some of these methods may require you to be creative or rethink an older way of making money using the online space. Either way, you are never short of new ways to make some extra income in the 21st century.

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