How to Master Web Design in 30 Minutes or Less

    When it comes to websites – design is everything. It determines how much time your visitors will spend there, how much will they interact with your content, and whether or not they’ll convert and return.

    Playing such a huge role in a website’s success, web design is made to be something unachievable and best left to professionals.

    And while it is true that an experienced web designer will definitely make all the difference for your business, it will cost money. A lot of money to be precise.

    Spending already limited and often depleted resources is something a lot of small businesses can’t achieve, but having a dysfunctional website (or even worse – not having one at all) can seriously slow their growth down.

    However, there’s a very simple and easy resolution to this seemingly unsolvable problem – creating a website on your own.

    By applying these basic principles of web design and web development, you’ll be able to making and designing a new website that speaks to your visitors and helps your business grow.

    So, how do you do it?

    1.Use a safe and reliable website building platform

    Building a website on an existing platform is a fantastic way to save time and money, as well as make sure your website is always safe and free of any bugs and errors.

    SITE123 is an incredible website builder that allows you to create completely free websites and customize them to your needs. With dozens of pre-made layouts you can choose from, as well as fantastic SEO and a myriad of third-party apps to install, it’s become a favorite among small business owners.

    A website builder gives you a basic layout that’s made according to design principles and rules, and your job is just to customize it to your liking.

    2.Choose a color palette that complements your brand

    If you’re running a construction company, going all pink and girly on your website probably isn’t a great idea.

    Choose colors that work well with your logo and overall branding. Pick a strong color like black, navy or dark green as a base, and work your way from there. Add a neutral palette of white and sand for the background, and a couple of bright, contrasting ones such as yellow, red or orange.

    Stick to the palette throughout the website.

    3.Keep everything important easily accessible

    Accessibility is the key factor that determines a website’s success. People’s attention spans are getting lower, they’re increasingly surfing the web while on the go, and the amount of information available has never been higher.

    It’s a competitive environment, and you need to give your reader the answers they were looking for, and you need to give them fast.

    Add your most important or most visited pages at the top navigation bar, and make sure all of your pages are internally linked so your visitors can seamlessly switch between them.

    4. Don’t go crazy with the media

    Craig Murphy, owner of Birmingham based web design agency ALT Agency, suggests when using media to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), The reason being is that media can slow your website speed down, harm your user experience and in turn your websites SEO. There are lots of CDNs on the market and many web hosts incorporate them as standard features, but cloudflare is a good choice.

    It might seem tempting to flaunt all of your assets and crowd your homepage with videos and slideshows.

    However, this will only distract your visitors from the genuinely useful content, so you should keep videos and images to a minimum. You can add as many images as you want to a separate gallery page, and declutter the pages with important info.



    Surprised we’re already done? Don’t worry – we were, too.

    It turns out that these 4 tips will give you all the insight you need to master the basics of web design. Website builders such as SITE123 make this much easier and much more accessible to everybody, so you really can create an amazing, responsive, and well-designed website in less than 30 minutes!

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