MailboxValidator Review: The Best Email Verification Software

    You are on the verge of something new and exciting, and now you want to share this news with all your subscribers or viewers.

    However, you are not sure about the validity of the e-mail addresses on the long e-mail list you have.

    How would you check the validity of the e-mail address?

    Many of the e-mail addresses may be stale or may have been entered with errors.

    And these kinds of e-mails will diminish the value of your e-mail campaign as you will not be reaching those contacts.

    The best thing to do to avoid this is to validate the email addresses on your list.


    This is the perfect time to get MailboxValidator which validates the e-mail addresses on multiple levels.

    There are multiple benefits to using this service such as email validation, removing outdated emails, ensuring a successful delivery rate and help in reducing the email bounce rate.

    By using this service, a clean email list will be available for you to start your email marketing campaigns.

    With the bulk e-mail and API options available, you have an option to check new emails instantly with verification integrations.

    Features of MailboxValidator

    Let’s talk about the excellent features that are offered by MailboxValidator, which will benefit you and your organization.

    • Multiple email address checks for syntax, connection and MX records
    • Check for emails in Do Not Mail Lists
    • Remove duplicate emails from a list
    • Check for servers using email greylisting or a disposable email provider
    • Check the type of email whether it is a role mail, catch-all buckets or for sales and support
    • Email checker through API and integrations
    • Free or trial plan available.

    Bulk Verification and API

    The two major and brilliant options that grab everyone’s attention here are Bulk verification and API.

    Let’s discuss both these features and their usefulness to improve and increase your email marketing.

    Before I talk about these two options, you need to know the search parameters used to determine the validity of an email address.

    Some the common criteria to provide accurate results are:

    • Domain – email address domain
    • is_syntax – Syntactically correct
    • is_smtp – MX records responding to connections
    • is_verified – server verifies the email address
    • is_greylisted – mail server employs greylisting
    • is_disposable – temporary or disposable email address
    • is_role – role-based email address
    • is_high_risk – email address contains high-risk words

    Bulk Verification

    Bulk Verification

    Bulk verification is useful to those who need email validation of a large quantity.

    It is a very simple process once you sign up for a free trial, which offers you a total of 100 queries and then you will have to use the paid service.

    There are 2 options for you to upload a file for verification, either in the plain text format or the CSV format.

    Check out the image below for the same:

    Once you upload a file and click on Upload & Process, you will be given a report just below the upload bar.

    With 25 entries to fit in the page, you could check for more by clicking on ‘Next’ option below.

    Bulk verification is basically a simplified process to remove all unwanted and stale emails from your list to make it more productive and efficient.

    MailboxValidator is one the best email verification tool available at your disposal at a very reasonable price.

    API Integrations

    API meaning Application Program Interface does validation on a single email address with the report in either JSON or XML format.

    All the parameters used here are of string type since email addresses will be tested on multiple levels for its validity.

    The image below shows the home page of the API plan offered by MailboxValidator as an email checker tool.

    As you can see, the plan reflects 300 credits meaning you have 300 free queries initially, past which you will need to pay to continue using their services.

    This is by far one of the best email validation and email verification tools that I have used that provides accurate results.

    API checks once done will be reported via CSV format file for you to export.

    API Integration

    Final Thoughts

    The email verification and validation are an integral part of marketing strategy and should be practiced by all businesses which conduct email campaigns.

    Keeping track of all the valid email addresses will certainly help to improve your business and build a better connection gateway between you and the clients.

    Similarly, those invalid or outdated emails will be a burden on your system and needs to be removed from the list.

    This can be easily achieved using a validator such as MailboxValidator.

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