How to Install and Run Kali Linux in Any Android Mobile

    The name Kali Linux Android sounds alarming to all those who have heard of the former WWE champion the Great Khali. Anyway, Kali is a Linux distribution that is used for testing by PC experts.

    Linux is an operating system that supports other operating systems as well but not necessarily supports them. For example, Android is a Linux-based operating system but the Android Apps can’t run on Linux programs.

    All the basic parts of Android can be found on Linux. Kali Linux is an important tool used for penetration testing and forensics. The penetration testing help detects any privacy or security issues. More and more of apps can now be found on Android, which makes it utmost important to have  Android.

    Kali Linux for Android makes it easier to test apps on Android for any defect, especially in privacy and security. Kali Linux on Android can be installed with the following easy steps:

    Steps to Install Kali Linux Android

    Step 1: As the first step you will have to download Linux Deploy App from the Google Play store app.

    kali linux android

    Step 2: Once installed, launch the app and click on the download option.

    Step 3: A menu will pop-up with some settings and configurations. Look for the distribution option and change it to Kali Linux.

    Step 4: Once you have changed the distribution to Kali Linux tap on the install icon on the top of the screen. The installation may take 5-10 minutes depending on the internet speed of the device.

    Step 5:  Following the installation, you may have to download yet another app from Google Play store – Android VNC Viewer App.

    kali linux android

    Step 6: Once installed open the app and make necessary changes in the settings to include Kali.

    Step 7: Now, you are all set to enjoy Kali Android. Simply tab on the Connect icon on the VNC app.

    Although you have learnt the ABC of how Linux deploy Kali and Kali Linux Android, there are still a few things that need to keep in mind before installing and running Kali Linux:

    1. Rooted Android Device: The Android device that is likely to get the Kali Linux should be rooted before the aforementioned steps are carried out. Rooting is necessary as it allows amendments in the software. If the Android device is not rooted its software will reject any changes and the device may just stop working all together.
    2. Android 2.1: To be able to run Kali Linux you need to have Android 2.1 or above.
    3. Loop device Supportive: The Android device on which Kali Linux is to be installed and run should support loop device.
    4. 5GB of Free Space: To install and run Kali Linux on AndroidMake sure that your Android device has a free space of 5GB either in the internal or external memory.
    5. Internet Connection: You will need error free internet connection throughout the installation process.

    Kali Linux Android isn’t something new. Kali Linux for Android can be run and installed on any Android device with certain modifications. However, once you have installed Kali Linux on Android you will be able to test and penetrate various apps for privacy and security.

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