Top 10 Games like Wizard101 You Should Play in 2020

    If you have come here to find out Games like Wizard101, you are in the right place.

    The Wizard101 game has become popular among kids these days. Wizard101 has plenty of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) that are designed for the kids to give them a great experience that is completely safe.

    This game has complete quests, learn spells, and collect equipment and much more. Not only with kids, but is this game also popular among adults too.

    These games are completely fun and accessible for every age.

    Many of you have enjoyed this game and must be looking alternatives for this game weather for a little more mature, just something different and many more reasons.

    So if you are among those who are looking for similar alternatives for your own specific reasons then you will be happy to know that, many such alternatives are there on the internet that are similar to wizard101.

    So, here we will list the top 10 games that are just like wizard101.

    Top 10 Online Games like Wizard101

    #1. Toontown Online

    This game is a Disney delight game that is quite similar to wizard 101, known as Toontown online. This game will allow you to make your cartoon characters fashionable. You can also give them unique names that match their personality.

    You can also plant your garden, can go fishing and can play golf without going anywhere. This game will also give you rewards like gags, jelly beans and much more.

    Toontown Online

    #2. Runescape

    This game is a 3D Action game with MMORPG, a browser-based game developed by Jagex. Run escape is simple as well as little strategy-based game.

    This game I am quite similar to wizard101 in all general tone.

    The developers of this game keep adding new content which will make it new always.

    It’s a fantasy game which will bring along with Kingdoms, castles, regions, and clans. When you are, done with your character you can also build your own home.

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    #3. Maple Story

    This 2D game will allow you to set epic adventures along with the players across the globe. you can take training on maple island after that you can head straight to Victoria island and can choose any one of 4 roles from the warrior, magician, the bowman, and thief.

    There are, many charming characters in the game. One can easily make new friends, can complete challenging quests.

    This game is free to play, so you can play it anytime whenever you feel adventurous.

    Maple Story

    #4. Pirate 101

    This game is one of the best when it comes to finding games like wizard101 but you will bandits wearing nifty boots and cool eye patches instead of magical individuals.

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    This game is particularly for those who are a fan of swashbuckling robbers.

    In this game you will be a pirate, will take part in board game combat, climb aboard the flying ship and discover distant worlds.

    Pirates 101 will also offer a challenging quest for all the players and this game can also be playing for free of cost.

    Pirate 101 : Games like wizard 101

    #5. Fusion Fall

    This game will take you to the world of your favourite cartoon characters. You will found yourself to the world of cartoon network universe which is packed with a lot of platforming challenges, missions, and loads of puzzles.

    You can also compete with familiar characters like Dexter and more. So put your game on and defend yourself from dangerous monsters and dark cartoon network icons that are known as fusions.

    This game is also available for free to play.

    Fusion Fall

    #6. Club Penguin

    This is also an option for wizard101 games. This game is a worthy alternative if you like playing in Habbo and fantage.

    You can also create cute cartoon characters avatars for yourself. Although this game is meant for kids adults can also play if they want to indulge in some penguin fun.

    Club Penguin

    #7. Fiesta

    This game will take you to the world of fantasy with its unbeatable beasts and guild wars. This game has brave players to embark on adventures in the land of Isya.

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    In this game, you can choose any random opponent to give them the challenge to build the items that you can further be sold in your personal store.

    Kids up to 15 players can come together and battle with scary monsters. This free game will help you to make new friends with good experience.

    fiesta : games like wizard 101

    #8. World of Warcraft

    WOW is game for those who are quite familiar with the genre and wants to go deep with as they possibly can. In this game, users can create characters from a huge variety of different races and classes.

    This game is not unique but it’s pretty much-pioneered everything that is of standard in an MMO. The quests are mostly story-based.

    This game is not popular like others but still has many efficient loyal players that are happy with this game.

    . World of War craft

    #9. Free Realms

    This game will take you in a 3D universe with a character that can be created by you. This game is like wizard101 arrays which will let you live an alternative virtual life.

    In this game you can search for gold mine, can look for hidden treasures, can race your car around the unique world, can cook tasty meals, and can decorate your house and much more such things with your friends that are invited for a small get-together.

    Free Realms : Games like Wizard 101

    #10. Synthetic world

    In this game, you can turn your all creative ideas into reality. In this game, you can turn all your creative ideas to anything you want.

    You can create your own unique world and also you can visit and explore other users world that created them from all over the world.

    You can also gather resources from wherever you want to create amazing large structures for free of cost.

    Synthetic world

    Wrapping Up

    There are many such games available on the internet that are just like wizard101 but here we have listed top 10 free games like wizard101.

    If you are looking for the complete package in all aspects then this is the perfect place for you to meet your all needs.

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